The Initiation: Chapter 15 – Road Games

Fifteenth Chapter of W.H. Collins’s dark erotic novel “The Initiation.”. All nineteen chapters are available from Amazon and All Romance

Note that this story is intended for mature audiences only and contains extremely graphic depictions of material that many audiences will find disturbing, including spanking and forced nudity. Nothing herein is intended to glorify or condone the horrific experiences which the protagonist endures, and the reader is strictly instructed not to take any prurient interest in this tale of violence and sexual exploitation.

When they were outside the store, Dylan dropped Jessica’s elbow and, with a smirking look to Matt, fastened the leash to her collar.

“Walkies?” he taunted her.

Matt glanced around the parking lot. He looked nervous to Jessica. Maybe, she thought, the scene in the back of the sex shop had finally crossed the line for one of the boys. Maybe he was beginning to get worried about being complicit in forcing an 18-year-old girl to suck two strangers’ penises and where that might land him.

The thought momentarily soothed Jessica, until she realized what telling on the boys would mean. Everyone at school would know. For the rest of her life, she’d be the girl who did those things. And all those pictures and videos would get out, pictures and video that now included her running her tongue up and down an older man’s cock, her shorts and underwear pulled down around her ankles, exposing a bottom blistered red from her spanking.

Her mental turmoil was cut short by a sharp yank on her leash. Apparently, Dylan did not share Matt’s qualms. The sight of Jessica’s mouth being raped seemed to only have increased his boldness as he roughly tugged at the dog collar around her neck.

The three of them started walking back to the car, with Jessica marching submissively behind, led by her tether like a dog. As they walked past the various storefronts located next to Red Hott Video, she tried to keep her eyes down, praying that nobody was looking.

As they crossed out into the parking lot, several yards from their vehicle, a big gray SUV drove by in front of them and slowed. The driver’s side window rolled down to reveal a middle-aged guy in a crew-cut and sunglasses. He looked at them with puzzlement.

“What is this, some kind of sorority initiation?” he asked.

“You got it, man,” Dylan told him.

“Wow. I don’t know what frat you’re in, but I want to join,” he said, looking Jessica over and letting out a little whistle. “Paddle her once for me.”

“Oh, we will,” Dylan assured him as the SUV drove off.

They led Jessica to the car, where Shannon was rummaging through the trunk. As they approached, Jessica saw her place a pinky to her nose and sniff before turning around.

“That was quick,” she said. “Where’s Nick?”

“He’s picking up a few things,” said Matt. “He know you’re . . . uh . . . going through his bag?”

“None of your fucking business, dickwad,” Shannon responded sharply before turning to Jessica, perhaps to change the subject.

“What happened in there, Rushie?” she asked her mockingly. “You let that big Indian guy stick it in you?”

“Nah,” said Dylan, still holding Jessica’s leash, “she sucked him off instead. That skinny guy too. Looked to me like she really got into it.”

“I knew it,” hissed Shannon. “I knew you were a little whore when I first saw you. How’d that cock taste, you fucking skank. You like that?”

Jessica tried to ignore her, examining the pavement by the Volvo’s rear tire.

“Hey, she asked you a question,” Dylan joined in, tugging at Jessica’s collar. “How was that cock you sucked?”

Jessica kept silent, her lip beginning to tremble slightly. Matt leaned nervously up against the car while Shannon stepped closer and gave Jessica a shove, sending her staggering towards Dylan,

Dylan grabbed her around the waist and held her tightly. His crotch pressed against Jessica’s hip, and she could feel his erection. Shannon approached and clutched Jessica’s chin roughly, squeezing her cheeks together and forcing her lips apart in an almost comical pucker.

“You snobby little cocktease… Think you’re better, don’t you?…” she hissed.

Dylan took this opportunity to run his hands up Jessica’s body, resting a hand on her right breast and giving it an eager feel. Shannon, meanwhile, dropped Jessica’s face and made a grab for the front of Jessica’s shorts, violently loosening the fly.

It was only when she felt the button of her pants pop open and the waistline slacken that Jessica began to mount any sort of struggle, suddenly fearful of where this was heading. She tried to reach down and block Shannon’s hands, but Shannon grabbed her wrist, and Dylan pinned her other arm, digging his erection deeper into her side in the process.

“Um, guys, I don’t know if Nick . . .” Matt was saying.

“Nick’s not the boss of me,” replied Shannon, “I bet you’re still all wet, aren’t you, you Rushie slut?”

With that, she gave Jessica’s shorts and underwear a harsh yank, pulling them down beneath her shaved pussy.

Shannon traced her fingernail down from Jessica’s bellybutton to the top of her slit. Then, to Jessica’s mounting horror, she dug her hand down between Jessica’s legs, giving her crotch a full-handed grope. Jessica let out a frightened squeal of protest.

Just as Shannon was beginning to dominate Jessica’s womanhood more aggressively, rubbing her fingers back and forth across the helpless girl’s plump pussy lips, Nick arrived, carrying a large paper shopping bag.

“Well, hey, what’s going on here?”

Shannon turned. Dylan reluctantly broke away and tried to act cool. Jessica managed to hobble a few steps and desperately pull her shorts back up.

“We thought I’d soften her up a bit before the drive, Nick.” said Dylan. “She seemed like she needed a little attention.”

“Is that right?” asked Nick. “Well, if you’ll recall, I promised Jess here I’d keep things under control if she continued to cooperate, and it doesn’t help when you start trying to get in her pants the minute I turn my back.”

“Hey, I was just–” Dylan tried to argue.

“Jesus, get your fucking dick under wraps.”

Nick turned to regard Shannon.

“You been partying out here without me, Shan?”

Shannon shrugged.

“Well, I’ll give you that last bump on credit. We can discuss how you’re going to pay for it when we get to the cabin.”

Cabin? Jessica scanned the faces of her tormentors in confusion. She had thought they weren’t going to the Theta cabin.

“Matt, you’ve got the wheel. Dylan shotgun. Jess, you’ll be sitting between me and Shan for the next leg. Let’s roll.”


Jessica felt a perverse sense of gratitude towards Nick for stopping the quickly escalating situation in the parking lot, and she began to feel a sense of hopefulness at the idea that they might be heading towards the Mt Greenwood cabin after all to join up with the other girls. Perhaps her torments had reached their peak, she allowed herself to think. Perhaps the end was in sight.

Her relief was short-lived. The car was out on the open highway, rolling along at a comfortable speed, when the demands started.

“Boy, nothing more boring than long car trips…” Nick mused. “Let’s play a road game, huh?”

Nick put a hand on her knee, and Jessica knew that something bad was coming.

“How about, every white car, Jessica gets her nipples pinched?”

Jessica involuntarily crossed her arms and looked down at the floor.

“Sound fun? Ok, Jess, first let’s have you open up your blouse.”

Nick didn’t even wait for Jessica to help. He reached over and began popping open the buttons of her white Walmart blouse. Almost by instinct, she started to interfere.

“Hands at your sides, Jess. Obedience.”

Jessica put her hands down on the car seat on either side of her. Shannon began to help with the buttons, popping open Jessica’s shirt until Nick could pull the blouse apart and expose Jessica’s huge breasts, covered only by the lacey red bra that Nick had bought for her. They were heaving up and down in trepidation. Jessica did her best to control her breathing, but she found that she was too nervous.

“Ok. Take it off, Jess.”

It was difficult from where she was sitting and with her seatbelt fastened around her waist, but Jessica tried awkwardly to take off the blouse. Nick helped slip it off her arms.

She looked out the window. They were out of town now, nothing but farms on either side of the highway, but any passing drivers could easily look through the windows and see Jessica riding topless with a car full of men.

“Bra too. Lean forward, Jess.”

Jessica leaned forward, and Nick unhooked her bra. As she leaned back, it slipped over her shoulders. She tried to clutch it to her chest for a few more moments, but Nick tore it away and placed it at his feet with her blouse and the shopping bag.

“Good. Now keep your arms at your sides.”

Jessica made brief eye contact with Dylan, who was twisted around in his seat, looking at her with fascination and hunger.

They drove for several minutes, and Jessica fought to keep her arms at her side as instructed, her naked boobs on flagrant display. The boys continued to stare, but nothing happened. Finally, they approached a huge diesel truck with a blue cab. Matt got into the passing lane.

“Hey, Jess, why don’t you flash your tits at this trucker as we pass. It’ll make his day.”

Matt pulled even with the cab. She felt Nick’s hand on her nude back, nudging her to lean over Shannon closer to the window.

“Lean up really close to window and jiggle them around for him,” Nick instructed.

Jessica shuddered but offered no resistance as Nick guided her torso closer to the window. She looked up to see a dark-skinned man with a moustache in the driver’s seat of the truck, looking down at her in surprise.

“Jiggle, Jessica,” repeated Nick.

Nick guided Jessica’s shoulders, and her breasts bounced around beneath her, wobbling a few inches over Shannon’s lap. The truck driver grinned in astonishment.


The truck’s air horn bellowed its appreciation, and the boys all laughed. Matt picked up speed, and they drove on. Jessica sat back in her seat and bit her lip, telling herself to just hang on.

As they drove on, they encountered a glut of cars, half a dozen or so vehicles keeping a tight single file. Matt signaled his way over into the passing lane.

“White car!” Nick announced as they passed by an old white Ford Escort. “Get ready, Jessica.”

Nick reached over and grabbed Jessica’s left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He squeezed down on it and gave it a few tugs. Jessica closed her eyes and tried to remain motionless.

“There’s another one,” said Dylan, pointing at a white SUV two cars in front of the Escort.

Shannon fixed her with a long, cruel look before leaning over to pinch her right nipple. This time it was far more painful. Shannon squeezed down with all his might and twisted the nipple around clockwise. Jessica let out a gasp. From the front seat, Dylan snickered.

“How about that truck?” asked Matt.

At the head of this particular line of cars was a small pickup truck with gardening tools in the bed. Its paint was peeling badly, and its color was more rust than anything else.

“Yeah, that used to be white,” Nick replied, “That counts.”

Both Shannon and Nick grabbed the nipple that was closest and began to squeeze. Jessica was already sore, and this fresh assault was unbearable.

“Ah! Please… Ow!” she pleaded, her arms shaking from the pain and the effort to keep them at her sides.

Matt shifted back into the lane ahead of the truck. Meanwhile, Nick and Shannon continued to manipulate Jessica’s nipples. Shannon pinched and tugged, forcing Jessica’s left breast to follow the erratic path through which he guided the nipple. Nick began to gently roll her right nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“Heads up on the left,” said Dylan, grinning back at Jessica’s obvious humiliation.

The white Escort that they had passed before was now coming up quickly on their left side. Nick looked over without taking his hand off Jessica’s tit. Jessica also turned her head to look at the car.

As it approached, she could see that the small compact was full, with at least four passengers. As the Escort pulled alongside them, she could see that they were young, probably college students, two men and two women. The man in the front passenger’s seat was pointing at Nick’s car, and all four were peering in excitedly.

“Looks like you have an audience, Jessica,” said Nick.

Jessica wanted to die from shame. What must these people think of her, riding topless in the back of this car, letting two boys fondle her nipples while driving down a busy highway?

“It is a white car, though,” Nick continued, “I think it counts.”

With that, he leaned over and put his mouth over her nipple. After sucking experimentally on it for a few moments, he bit down, mashing the tender flesh between his incisors. Jessica let out a yelp.

One of the boys from the Escort was leaning out the window now.

“Yeah! Party on!” she heard him yell. The white car then peeled away ahead of them.

Before she even had time to be embarrassed about her compromising display, however, she was distracted by Shannon who had followed Nick’s lead and was now sinking his own teeth into her right nipple.

The pain was too great, and, in her surprise, Jessica unconsciously reached up to push Shannon away.

“What the fuck?” snarled Shannon.

“Naughty, naughty, Jessica,” admonished Nick, “You have to keep control of those arms of yours, otherwise we might have to use these again.”

Reaching into the paper sack at his feet, Nick produced the same set of handcuffs that had recently pinned Jessica’s wrists behind her back as she was forcibly given her first taste of semen. She could still feel the bite of the metal rings, and Jessica imagined she would do just about anything to avoid feeling that helpless again.

“Now, put your hands on the car seat and keep them there, Jessica.”

Jessica sniffled and complied as Nick reached back into large paper sack. After shuffling briefly through its contents, he produced what appeared to be thin metal chain.

“Nipple clamps, Jessica,” Nick explained, seeing the frightened look of apprehension on her face, “Hold very still.”

Nick manipulated the tiny rubber jaws and stretched them wide around Jessica’s left nipple. Gingerly, he released his grip, and the first clamp bit down on her already sensitive tit.

The pain was excruciating. Jessica’s breath came in violent gasps as she fought desperately to keep her arms at her sides. She closed her eyes and tried to settle herself.

Just as she began to get used to the sharp throbbing on her left side, however, Nick reached across her torso and affixed the right clamp.

“Unnnngh…” Jessica gasped.

It was as if she had jumped into ice cold water. Her body panted with the effort to master the pain as her watering eyes spilled over and dripped onto the chain that lay draped across her stomach, connecting her two nipples.

“Just take a deep breath, Jessica. You’re okay,” Nick assured her, “We’re going to play a new road game, alright? I’ll take the nipple clamps off if you can name me five different things you might call your vagina. Ready? Go.”

The pain clouded Jessica’s mind. What was Nick even asking her to do?

“Wh… What?” she panted. “B-but I…”

“It’s not a hard game, Jessica. Just give me five names for your vagina. ‘My pussy?’ ‘My snatch?’ Whatever.”

Jessica’s nipples were beginning to numb. She gulped and began to stammer.

“Muh- My… My… Puh…P-Puh…”

“Jesus, Jessica. We’ve all seen it. And you can’t even say it?”

Jessica reddened. She closed her eyes and steeled her nerves.

“My pussy…” she whispered.

“Good, Jessica. That’s one.”

“Muh… My snatch.”

Oh god. Jessica couldn’t believe what she had just said. She wanted to die.

“I gave you those two, Jessica. But I’ll let you have them because you said them with such conviction. Number three?”

Jessica’s mind was blank. She couldn’t think of anything but getting these horrible little metal things off her nipples, getting out of this car, and getting home to safety.


Several moments passed. Jessica looked up to see Jack leering back at her. In the rearview mirror, Matt’s eyes were staring as well.

“Muh-my… uh… my cunt,” spit Jessica at last, using a word she’d never before uttered.

“Your cunt. Very good. Two more. Be quick.”

But Jessica couldn’t be quick. Being forced to say these dirty words out loud was torment for her, almost as much as the stinging pain that burned her nipples. She couldn’t come up with another filthy way of describing her privates.

“M-My privates?” Jessica managed to say in a burst of inspiration.

Shannon laughed. Jessica looked away in humiliation.

“Okay, that counts,” said Nick, “one more.”

Many moments of agonizing silence passed before Nick began to prod her.

“Come on, Jessica. We’re getting impatient.”

Without warning, he reached over to the chain and gave it a succession of quick tugs. Jessica yelped in agony.

“One more, Jessica! What else do you call that thing between your legs?”

“Muh-my, uh… Muh-my, uh… uh… m-my…” she said, beginning to stammer uncontrollably.

“How about your fuckhole, Jessica? Say it. ‘My dirty fuckhole.’”

Jessica looked up and made eye contact with him, her huge bloodshot eyes looking at him in surprise.

“Muh-my… my…” she began, looking down again in utter humiliation, “my dirty f-fuckhole.”

The boys laughed again. Shannon started to clap.

“See? That wasn’t so hard,” said Nick, taking off the clamps and letting Jessica’s nipples slowly reclaim their former shape and color. Jessica gasped. The pain of the blood rushing back was even more painful than the pinching.

“Exit 284,” said Matt from the front seat.

“Did you hear that Jessica?” asked Nick, staring at her with an insufferable grin, “I’d say we’ve only got another 30 minutes or so to go. Now doesn’t the time pass so much faster in the car with a couple road games to keep you occupied?”

The Initiation: Chapter 13 – The Rough Cut

Only Matt was in the car that picked them up, and Jessica couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to Dylan.

She was still shaky from the humiliating incidents in the store. She couldn’t believe she’d been forced to draw so much unwanted attention upon herself. She reached up and felt the dog collar that was still fastened uncomfortably around her neck.

Matt had seemingly parked as far away as possible, and Jessica had been forced to walk through the Wal-Mart parking lot for dozens of agonizing feet.

Led by Nick, she and Shannon had stepped out into the crosswalk. Several cars had pulled to a stop in order to let the pedestrians pass. Jessica had crossed her arms in front of her, trying not to think about the revealing outfit she was parading.

“Slow down, Jessica,” Nick had warned. “Don’t get in front of me.”

Nick had slowed his own pace down to an agonizing crawl, forcing Jessica to shuffle slowly across the parking lot while several cars slowed down to get a look at her. One car had given her an appreciative honk.


Only a few miles up the road from the Wal-Mart, the car pulled into a seedy-looking strip mall. Jessica scanned the signs, wondering where they could possibly be going and why. Then, her eyes lit on a sign that made her heart skip a beat:

Red Hott Adult Book and Video.

A porno shop. Was that where they were going? She had never been inside such a place, but Jessica imagined a dark, smelly cave full of perverts and child molesters. She shivered. They were going to make her go into one of these seedy little places, make her look at all the smut, and… Jessica’s stomach knotted in on itself…  and who knew what else.

The car engine switched off.

“Ok, Jessica,” said Nick. “One last errand to run.”

He leaned over to her across the back seat and slipped a finger underneath the collar, putting uncomfortable pressure against her windpipe.

“You be good in here, and we’ll be out of here before you know it. You know what disobedience will get you.”

He opened the door. Jessica took a deep breath and followed him out of the car.


The interior of Red Hott was neither as dark nor as dirty as she’d imagined. The floors were vacuumed. The shelves were neat. She could almost imagine she was inside a Blockbuster Video store until she looked at the far wall and saw a poster advertising “Anal Cum Sluts III.”

Below the title, the poster featured a naked woman with enormous breasts. Her skin was damp. Her legs were spread. Though she was peering straight at the camera, a seductive expression plastered haphazardly across her face, her left hand was absent-mindedly stroking an absurdly large penis that poked in from off-frame. Jessica looked away with shame.

The store appeared empty until a discreet curtain near Anal Cum Sluts III parted and an employee emerged. He was big man, thick muscular arms criss-crossed with tatooing. He was young, probably under 30, with black hair and dark brownish skin. His long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, counterbalanced by a small tuft of facial hair on his chin.

“Sorry. We’re closing up, guys,” he told Nick, “If you want, we–”

The big guy stopped short when he caught sight of Jessica.

“Oh. It’s you. Your friends are back in the studio. Just head through that curtain there.”

Nick walked up to shake his hand.

“Mr. Erikson. I’m Nick. We talked on the phone.”

“Hey, what’s up, my man. Call me Bear.”

Bear broke out into a big grin as he looked from Nick to Shannon to Jessica to Jessica’s breasts.

“Lemme just lock this door here, and we’ll head back,” Bear offered. “They’ve been showing me some raw footage, but Dylan says you’ve got a rough cut ready, too.”

With growing trepidation, Jessica followed Nick, Shannon and Bear back to the “studio.”

The back room of Red Hott was much larger than expected. The hardwood floor was covered with an expansive oriental rug. Lighting and camera equipment were stacked in one corner, and next to this pile was a big wood table cluttered with video tapes, paperwork, and, to Jessica’s alarm, an array of sex toys: dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, and many other objects that she could not hope to recognize.

At the other end of the studio was a leather couch, where Matt and a skinny older man with a graying moustache and thick eyeglasses were sitting. Matt was standing by a large screen television, attempting to hook something up.

“You guys know Tony,” said Bear, opening up a closet and producing several folding chairs.

“Ah. Niccolai. So good to see you again,” greeted Tony, in a strange, possibly affected, Slavic accent. “And pleased to meet you in person, young lady. Such a gorgeous figure.”

Jessica was offered a spot on the couch, between Tony and Nick. She didn’t dare refuse. The rest of the room’s males arranged themselves, either standing or sitting on folding chairs, so that they could see the television. Nick asked Matt if everything was ready, and Matt nodded.

“Now, this is only a rough cut,” Matt muttered as he clicked away at a laptop that was apparently connected to the big plasma screen.

Jessica dug her nails into her thigh, trying not to tremble at what she feared was coming. She felt as if her chest were about to cave in.

The film started up. As feared, Jessica’s face popped up on the screen. It was at the truck stop, and she was posing against the stucco wall. The smile that Nick had ordered her to maintain seemed surprisingly realistic. As the camera zoomed out, it was revealed that the smiling girl had her shirt off and was standing around next to some old propane tanks, flashing her bra-clad breasts around for the benefit of several onlookers.

Jessica watched with horror as her video-self bent over and puckered her lips coquettishly. The video cut to another scene moments later: Jessica was reaching behind her to unhook her bra. The camera panned over to catch the wide-eyed reaction of the truck stop cashier and then back to Jessica as her beautiful nude tits popped into view.

“Best jugs I’ve seen in a while. First class.” commented Bear.

“Dee nipples have good form. Dark rose coloring. Perfect,” corroborated Tony.

On the screen, two men were now weighing and fondling Jessica’s first class jugs and tugging on her perfect rose-colored nipples. A close-up revealed her nipples to be erect and aroused. In a wider shot, she was horrified to see that she had managed to maintain that same fake smile even while her breasts were mauled by these two strangers. The way it was cut together, it looked like she might be enjoying all the attention!

The scene changed once again, this time to Jessica bent over of Nick’s car, receiving a paddling. The video cut between her shocked face and her jean-clad bottom as she let Nick wallop her ass by the side of a busy highway.

Next, they were back at the truck stop, and Jessica was following Nick over to the picnic bench. When they cut to a shot of her facing Nick and unbuttoning her pants, she had to close her eyes. “Ready, Jessica?” she heard a voice on the video say. “Yes,” came her reply, then the furious flesh-slapping sound of Nick’s hand hitting her ass over and over.

“Open your eyes, Jessica,” Nick said, next to her, “or you’re going to be reenacting this scene sooner than you think.”

Jessica obediently opened her eyes, although her vision was now blurred with tears. On screen, she saw herself bent over Nick’s lap, and she watched as Nick grabbed her panties and yanked them down, revealing her rosy ass cheeks. She saw him continue the spanking on her naked bottom, the supple meat of her ass cheeks jiggling after each fresh blow.

Jessica grimaced as she watched herself waddle away from the bench, her panties around her knees to stand submissively facing the wall.

“M-may I pull up my puh . . . my pants, sir?” she heard herself say.

Suddenly, they were in the VFW. Jessica was on stage swaying to the music. In the dim light of the VFW basement, she seemed like she was a perfectly willing, if untalented, dancer. If there was any reluctance when Jessica took off her top and began fondling her breasts, it was not apparent from the video. Jessica cringed to see herself kneel down in front of a fat, middle-aged man and begin licking the beer bottle he held in front of his crotch.

Then, Jessica was in her panties, crawling up on top of the pool table on all fours where she was surrounded by almost a dozen men. The frame closed in on Jessica’s ass as Nick grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her knees.

“Great shots. Great shots,” raved Bear as, on screen, Jessica’s naked bottom was pummeled with the wooden paddle. Footage of her ass was interspersed with shots of her face, reacting to the spanking. In horrified silence, she watched herself receive ten hard slaps to her nude backside and then continue to kneel there obediently as one of the men slathered her ass with a gooey gel.

By the time the footage had gotten to her allowing three men to cum on her face, Jessica was overcome by despair. The way the video was edited together, it was impossible to tell that she wasn’t a willing participant in all this.

The scene shifted to the hotel room. Jessica was completely naked, laying across the skinny clerk’s lap, receiving another rough spanking.  Before long, the spanking dissolved into footage of Jessica facing the camera, grinding her naked butt into the old hotel manager’s crotch while the old man reached around and fondled her breasts.

“Mmmmm,” said Tony, and Jessica could feel him looking at her.

Now the pool: Jessica looking coquettishly at the camera, her tight black dress making her look both seductive and trampy. Jessica on all fours, her panties around her knees, sticking her exposed bottom into the air. Jessica lifting up her dress and spreading apart her shaved pussy.

Finally, the film cut to footage of Jessica sitting on the lounge chair, rubbing herself furiously. She began to arch her back, and little moans escaped her. It looked genuine. It looked as if Jessica, so turned on by everything that had happened to her, by the spankings and the poses and the lap dance, could no longer resist touching herself.

The film came to an abrupt end. It was worse, much worse, than Jessica could possibly have imagined. She knew that she must do whatever it took to ensure that no one ever saw it.

“That was some hot shit,” said Bear. “I think you could get top dollar for that.”

“Top dollar,” Tony echoed.

Jessica became instantly alarmed. Was Nick going to sell the videos of her? After he’d promised not to show them to anyone?

“If your interested,” Bear continued, scratching his goatee with one big paw, “I’ve got some connections. Help you with DVD distribution.”

Jessica turned to Nick, her eyes wild with fear. She knew she had to do something. Step in.

“N-no,” she whispered to Nick, although everyone in the room could hear her, “you promised. You can’t…”

“I think maybe you misunderstood me, Bear,” said Nick, “we’re not interested in selling the movie.”

“You’re not—” Bear was momentarily stunned. “Well, shit, that’s a goddam shame. This here’s a work of art. Be a shame to let is languish. Look, if you don’t want to go the video market route, let’s set up a website with a pay wall . . .”

“We’re not interested in selling the movie,” Nick interrupted him. “Not yet. Like I told Tony, we were just interested in your valuation. If the situation changes . . .” Nick gave Jessica a meaningful look, “You’ll be the first person we call. But for the moment, here’s a thought: We can’t sell you the movie, but maybe you might be interested in being a part of it? . . . Stand up, Jess.”

Oh god, thought Jessica. Nick had repeatedly promised not to let things get “out of hand,” but here in this small room, with five men and one psychotic woman, she felt very, very vulnerable.

Obediently, she rose from the couch. At first it felt as if her legs had turned to jelly, and she wobbled uncertainly as she tried to find a calm pose. She adjusted her chafing dog collar, trying not to think about what might be coming next.

“Shit, man. I don’t know…” said Bear, exchanging a look with Tony.

Nick seemed oblivious of Bear’s hesitation. He walked behind Jessica and put his hands on her shoulders.

“These two people have been very helpful in letting us use their set-up here to screen your film. Aren’t you glad to have had the chance to see it?”

Jessica’s lip trembled. She was mortified to have seen it.

“Don’t worry, that movie’s going to be our secret. But before we move on, I want you to do something, and it might be a little hard for you.”

Dylan snickered at this, but Nick flashed him a look.

“Remember how we taught you to give a blow job back in Millard?”

Jessica looked at him with horror, not knowing what to say.

“You know, with the beer bottle? That wasn’t so hard, right? You’re just going to do the same thing. Only instead of a bottle, I want you to suck on our new friend’s penis.

Jessica’s mind reeled. She looked over to see Bear watching this odd exchange with curiosity. He was a huge man, perhaps a full foot taller than Jessica and several times her weight.

“Obedience, Jess. This is important test. You’re going to walk over to our good friend Bear here, and you’re going to drop down to your knees. Then, you’re going to ask if you can put his cock in your mouth.”

Jessica didn’t protest. She didn’t argue. She just did nothing.

She couldn’t. Her body wouldn’t move, wouldn’t voluntarily place itself in that degrading position. So she just stood, as if waiting for something to save her.

Several agonizing moments of silence passed.

Nick sighed.

“Close your eyes, Jessica.”


“Just close your eyes, Jessica.”

Nick’s voice did not sound angry, but Jessica knew she had made a terrible error. Yet, she couldn’t imagine anything more terrifying that having to put this gargantuan stranger’s penis in her mouth and do… do god knows what with it.

When she’d shut her eyes tight, she heard Nick move away from her and begin whispering with Bear, whose murmurs of assent were the only bits of dialogue she could make out.

“Put your arms behind your back. And open your mouth wide,” Nick ordered.

Jessica began shaking, but she did her best to comply. She heard bodies moving all around her, and it was difficult to keep her eyes shut.

“Wider, Jessica.”

Jessica tried to force her jaw to open wider. She felt Nick reach up and touch her face. He gently pushed her mouth open even further and placed some sort of rubber ball between her teeth. Jessica was confused.

All of a sudden, someone grabbed her wrists from behind and snapped on a set of handcuffs. Jessica opened her eyes in surprise and began to struggle, but two more sets of hands held her steady.

At the same moment that the handcuffs locked into place, Nick forced the ball deeper into her mouth while someone else strapped it around her head. Jessica looked around wildly. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Shannon back away and disappear behind the curtain. Matt had a camera in his hand and was dodging around trying to get a longer shot.

Jessica tried to scream, a high-pitched “Mmmmmmphhhh!” muffled by the ball gag.

“Is this what you want, Jessica?” Nick said to her, his voice suddenly menacing. “Because this is what you’re going to get when you don’t cooperate!”

Jessica had become a scared animal, no longer thinking about the tapes or the pictures or the sorority, simply struggling out of pure instinct. On either side of her, Dylan and Nick held her shoulders firm.

“Over to the table,” Nick ordered.

They dragged her over to table. Bear cleared some of the papers and equipment to make room for her. Roughly, Dylan grabbed her handcuffed wrists and forced her torso down onto the varnished wood surface.

The wind momentarily knocked out of her from being slammed down against the table, Jessica stopped struggling. Her position, her arms wrenched uncomfortably behind her, her breasts crushed against the table by Dylan’s downward pressure on her back, her jaws forced apart by the rubber ball, was painful.

“So you won’t give our friend a blowjob…”

Nick strode to the side of the table, so that Jessica could see him. In his hands, he was carrying what appeared to be a wide strip of leather with a wooden handle.

“Well, we’ll see how long it takes for you to change your mind. Cameras rolling?”

The Initiation: Chapter 12 – The Wal-Mart

The hours passed more quickly than Jessica expected, and much more quickly than she could have wished. She had barely had time to settle herself, to stop her tears and to wash the makeup off her face, before Nick was knocking on the door: “Time to head out, Jess!”

Jessica’s jeans still had a wet spot in the seat from where the Vaseline had seeped through. Her only other option was a pair of cut-off shorts she’d stuffed into her suitcase at the last minute. These showed off her long, shapely legs more than she might have desired, but it was better than going out in public looking like she’d wet herself.

She completed the ensemble with a bra and t-shirt, gathered her belongings into her bag, and walked out to the motel parking lot to meet whatever new cruelty fate had in store for her.


On Nick’s instruction, Jessica threw her bag into the trunk and got into the back seat between Dylan and Nick. Shannon had finally emerged from her room, wearing a thick pair of dark sunglasses and cradling her head as she slumped into the passenger’s seat. Matt took the wheel, and they pulled onto the highway once again.

Jessica tried to keep her eyes locked firmly on the road ahead of her, ignoring the fixated way Dylan kept staring at her bare legs. After they had been on the road fifteen minutes or so, Nick leaned forward to speak to Matt.

“Next exit. There oughtta be a shopping center on your left. The place is only like two miles up the road from there. After you meet up with our guy, one of you just head back and pick us up. Shan, you’re with us, right?”

A huge blue Wal-Mart signed loomed ahead.

“Yeah. Whatever,” Shannon sighed.

“See? What did I tell you, Jess?” Nick said, slapping Jessica on her thigh, “Girls love shopping.”


“Blow the old guy a kiss, Jess,” Nick whispered to her as they passed the Wal-Mart greeter.

Embarrassed to make eye contact, Jessica self-consciously blew a half-hearted kiss in the greeter’s direction.

“Why thanks, little lady,” she heard blue-aproned senior say, “I’ll keep that someplace special.”

Shannon had pulled an energy drink from someplace which she was guzzling as she walked. At one point, she turned to give Jessica a glower over the rims of her shades.

“Nick told me the nasty shit you got up to at the pool this morning, Rushie,” she said. “Jesus, what a little slut. I really hope you wash out this weekend so I can tell everybody at school what a horny skank you are.”

Jessica said nothing and continued following Nick and Shannon, eyes fixed downwards. Eventually, the three of them reached the lingerie department. Jessica shifted her weight nervously as Nick perused the racks of sensual undergarments nonchalantly.

“Jess, you’re… what? A 36 D?” Nick asked

Jessica blushed. Did he have to talk so loud?

“Hey, he asked you for your fucking bra size, Rushie.” Shannon joined in.

“Your tits,” Nick persisted. “You’re rocking like a 36-D, right?”

A woman at an adjacent rack turned her head.

“Four,” Jessica mumbled, looking down at the floor.

“What’s that?”

“Th-thirty four. Thirty four D.”

“Okay. Let’s see here…”

Nick began hunting around the racks. Jessica looked around her nervously. The store did not seem terribly crowded, but there were still customers strolling by at a steady rate. Suddenly, Shannon pulled something off the rack.

“Here we go,” Shannon said. “What about this hot little number?”

“Ahhh . . .” said Nick. “Good pull, Shan. I think that will work.”

Jessica looked in dismay at the red, lacey atrocity that Shannon held up to her. It was a matching set, bra and panties, both clipped together on a single hanger with a trashy flair fitting of the Wal-Mart lingerie department. She couldn’t imagine herself wearing something like that.

“Go ahead and try ‘em on.” said Nick.

Jessica gulped but knew better than to argue. She took the hanger from Nick and started off towards the changing room.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Shannon demanded. “You think we’ve got all day? Just throw it on right here.”

Jessica stopped in her tracks.

“You mean… o… over my clothes?”

“Are you fucking stupid?” Shannon said. “No, not fucking over your clothes. You know better than that. Come on, there’s no one around. Just be quick.”

“B-but somebody could. . . Please. I mean… We’ll get kicked out of the store…”

“Then you better hurry, Jess,” Nick said. “Are you forgetting your lessons already? Just think how much attention a bare-bottom spanking is going to draw to us. I’m sure Wal-Mart would not approve.”

Terrified, Jessica arranged herself so that a rack of discount panties was between herself and the aisle. Frantically, she sprang into action. Just like she did changing for gym class in middle school, Jessica tried to minimize the amount of time she was nude while finishing the job as quickly as possible.

She unhooked her bra underneath her shirt and then pulled both shirt and bra off in one gesture. However, this still left her in the middle of a public shopping area with her big naked tits on display for several agonizing moments while she tried to figure out how to put on her bra’s sexier replacement.

At last, she managed to get it on. This did not make her feel any less self-conscious, however, since the loud color of the bra drew all attention straight to her chest. Furthermore, it pushed her breasts up so that they stuck out straight in front of her, and the delicate lacey cups barely concealed her nipples.

“Can I- Can I take it off, now?”

Nick strolled up to her. Desperately, she looked around her. Someone was going to come, she knew it.

“Hands at your sides, Jess.”

She complied. Nick reached a hand out and gave one of her breasts a squeeze. Then, he snapped a covert picture and quickly concealed the camera.

“Yeah, this is real sexy, don’t you think? We’ll buy it. A little present for you after all your hard work. Put the panties on, too.”

“Oh god…”

Jessica hurried to pull off her shorts and white panties, not even bothering to take off her tennis shoes. She hunched over, completely nude from her tits down before finally slipping on the skimpy red panties and pulling them up to cover up her shaved crotch. It was a thong, and Jessica shuffled awkwardly as it lodged its way between her ass cheeks.

“Oh god… Can I please get dressed now? Someone’s gonna come…”

“Just put your shorts on over. We’ll wear them out of the store.”

How was that going to work? Were they planning to shoplift this underwear? What if they got caught? Yet, Jessica, desperate to cover herself, made no argument. She simply put her shorts back on as quickly as she could possibly manage. As she reached for her shirt, however, Nick stopped her.

“I think you could use a new top, too, Jessica. Stay right there.”

Nick disappeared around a corner, and she was forced to stand there, still wearing nothing over her torso but that gaudy and revealing brassiere, as Shannon regarded her with a haughty sneer, taking one last swig from the energy drink in her hand.

“You ever been fucked in the ass, Rushie?”

Jessica didn’t know what to say. She just stood there, her stomach reeling, avoiding Shannon’s smirking gaze.

“No? Well, first time for everything. Maybe a second and a third too? Who knows what the night’s got in store . . .”

Before Shannon could go on, the sound of someone coming around the corner made Jessica jump. Jessica did her best to crouch behind the panty rack, folding her arms across her chest.

It was Nick. In his hands, he was carrying a sheer white blouse. He tossed it to Jessica.

“See if this top fits. It was on sale.”

Jessica gratefully grabbed the blouse, eager to cover herself. Before she could slip her arms through the holes, however, a large woman in a blue apron rounded the corner with a stack of merchandise. When she saw Jessica, standing in the middle of the store wearing nothing but a gaudy red bra over her enormous tits, the flustered employee nearly toppled over backwards.

“Oh! Oh my, I do apologize, Miss,” she stammered, trying her best to look away, “I didn’t mean—Excuse me. I’ll- uh- I’ll find someone to let you into the fitting rooms.”

The woman tripped over herself backing away and out of sight. Jessica watched her go, mortified at the scene she had just made. Meanwhile, Nick began helping her with the blouse.

“You two better hurry up and finish our shopping before you have to talk to a manager, Rushie,” Shannon laughed.

Jessica began to frantically help Nick button the blouse all the way up. She dreaded having to explain to Wal-Mart management why she had chosen to disrobe in the middle of the store. Couldn’t she be arrested for something like that? Public indecency? Wasn’t that a law? Nervously, she glanced overhead and saw an abundance of security cameras, many of which would have picked up perfect footage of her nudity. What had she done?

Finally, she managed to close the blouse, several sizes too small, around her chest and to button the final button.

“Come on. Just one last thing to complete the ensemble, then we can check out. Shan, grab Jessica’s panties, will you?”

With Nick’s hand pressing her back, Jessica scurried briskly away from the lingerie section, stealing a brief look behind her to see Shannon picking up her shirt and underwear as Nick instructed.

As they walked, the other customers they passed stared at Jessica. Some flashed her looks of disgust, some curiosity. Most of the men, however, gazed at her with hunger and transparent lust. Jessica blushed deep red and avoided all these eyes.

Before leaving Wal-Mart’s vast clothing wing, Jessica caught a brief glimpse of herself in a full-length mirror. Immediately, she understood the way people were looking at her. Her appearance was ridiculous, although tormentingly sexual. The blouse was completely inappropriate for her shorts and tennis shoes, and, while it was too tight, it nevertheless hung down low enough to make it look like she was wearing no pants at all. Worse, though, it was nearly see-through. The red brassiere displayed itself underneath the white material in full glory, available to even the most casual observer.

Blushing worse than ever, Jessica concentrated on the linoleum floor as she continued to let Nick parade her through the store. Finally, they turned down an aisle. Jessica looked up to see where they were and was puzzled to find that the sign overhead read “Pet Supplies.” Nick began to browse.

“Hmmmm… Let’s see,” pondered Nick, “This looks like a good one.”

From off the shelf, Nick selected a red, plastic dog collar and detachable leash.

“Let’s see if this works. Hold still, Jess.”

Jessica tensed but did not move. Nick adjusted the collar and then slipped it around Jessica’s neck. The front fastened with a snap. He attached the leash.

Nick stepped back to admire the effect, the leash trailing from Jessica’s collarbone to his right hand. Over Nick’s shoulder, Shannon gave her a tiny smirk.

“Is she trained?” Shannon said.

Nick grinned and tugged on the leash.

“Sit,” he commanded.

Jessica looked down the aisle, desperately. No one was around. But for how long?

“Sit,” said Nick again.

Knowing she had no choice, Jessica did her best to do as she hoped Nick wanted. Trembling, she lowered herself to the ground, attempting to sit Indian-style on the shiny plastic floor.

“No, Jessica. All fours. Like a doggy”

Jessica gulped and adjusted herself. She knelt down facing Nick and put her hands down on the floor in front of her, causing her ass to stick out and her breasts to dangle beneath her.

“Good puppy. Now, walk towards me.”

Nick tugged the leash again, and Jessica hesitatingly began to crawl towards him on all fours. The effect was humiliating. Please, don’t let anyone see me doing this, she thought. Please—

“What the HELL is going on here?” a voice boomed from behind her.

Jessica looked behind her to see a man in a security guard uniform.

“You kids needa quit screwing around and get the hell outta this store. This issa place of business!”

The guard seemed to be mostly addressing Nick, but Jessica saw his eyes drifting down frequently towards her bottom, which was still sticking up into the air.

“Jeez, we’re really sorry, sir,” Nick said cheerfully as he strolled over to shake hands with the guard, “See, my girlfriend here, she sometimes likes…”

Jessica got up from the ground and tried to listen to their conversation, but she was distracted when Shannon leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“Don’t say a goddamn word, or you’ll be sorry,” she hissed.

“Man, I don’t want to know nothing ‘bout none of that!” the guard was bellowing, “You three just gotta get outta this here store NOW, before I call the cops!”

“Alright. Alright. We’re going,” Nick said. “C’mon, Jess. I told you your little games would get us kicked out. Let’s pay for our purchases and go.”

Nick detached the leash but kept the collar around her neck. As he led her out of the Pet Supplies aisle, she heard the security guard muttering half to himself.

“Man, gettin’ all nekkid in the middle of the store then lettin’ yourself get drug around like a dog? What the hell’s wrong with you, Girl?”

Nick ignored him as he marched Jessica up to the front of the store, Shannon skulking close behind. There were few people checking out, and Jessica found herself pushed immediately in front of a cashier, a bewildered-looking teenager with a mop of shaggy dark hair. The boy looked at Jessica’s dog collar with puzzlement, then his eyes drifted downward towards her chest, and his puzzlement turned to fascination.

“Um…” he muttered, unsure of how to proceed. Luckily, Nick was there to remind him of his duties.

“Hi. Sorry. We’re kind of wearing all our merchandise. Sorry about that. Jessica here just couldn’t wait to try it all on.”

“Oh. Ah… What would you… um… what should I… that is… ring up?”

“It’s just the dog leash. The collar. That blouse that Jessica’s wearing. Oh, and also the little red number she’s got on underneath.”

The checker gulped and nodded. Nick found the tag sticking out from Jessica’s blouse and told her to lean in.

She complied, raising herself to her tiptoes and leaning over the register so that the cashier could swipe the tag with his barcode reader.

“Thanks… um… your… uh… collar, too.”

Jessica winced and leaned further over, craning her neck out so that the young attendant could read the barcode sticker. As she did, she felt her breasts pushing up against the register painfully. The machine beeped, acknowledging the dog collar.

“Right. And for the… um… the other items? You want me to… uh… you want me to call in a… like, a price check or what?” the cashier asked, shifting his weight with uncertainty.

“That won’t be necessary,” replied Nick. “There’s a barcode on the bra. Show him, Jessica.”

Jessica took a deep breath before replying simply: “Where?”

“Try under the left cup. Open up your shirt and let’s get out of here.”

Jessica looked around. The store was by no means empty. The man at the adjacent checkout line was helping a customer, but every so often he looked over his shoulder to observe the scene at his coworker’s register. People continued to walk by, both in front and behind, and many of them were looking right at her. Jessica bit her lip, trying to steady her nerves, as she reached up to undo the buttons of her blouse.

She worked quickly, and her chest soon popped free of its confine. Many people were now watching her, she was sure. She opened the blouse wide open and thrust her breasts up to cashier.

“Please do it quickly,” she pleaded softly.

However, between the cashier’s nervousness and Jessica’s, it was difficult to steady the shaking barcode reader long enough to scan the tag on the underside of Jessica’s also-shaking tits.

“Um… uh…” the young man fumbled, “uh… Here. May I?”

The cashier finally grabbed Jessica’s breast and, lifting it up, held it steady long enough to perform the scan. The machine beeped, and he was just about to reluctantly relinquish the enticing globe of flesh when a shout from behind made them both stop and turn.

“Hey! What the hell did I tell you? This ain’t that kinda store!”

The security guard was advancing on them. Jessica tore herself away from the cashier and tried to cover herself. Nick took a fifty dollar bill from his pocket and set it on the counter.

“Keep the change. Let’s move, Jessica.”

They began to run, Shannon sauntering close behind, Jessica trying desperately to button up the blouse.

“Hey! Hey, you! Stop! I’m callin’ the cops!”

Jessica ran furiously. It seemed that dozens of faces were watching her. She imagined the scene that these customers must have witnessed: her running her own breasts through the WalMart checkout. She couldn’t imagine anything more cheap and trashy, and her eyes welled up with tears. They ran past the old greeter and out through the automatic doors.

Despite the guard’s apparent anger, once outside it did not appear as though they were in danger of further pursuit, and they stopped to catch their breath. Nick let out a laugh, as Shannon caught up with them.

“Wasn’t that fun, Jessica?” Nick asked.

Jessica sniffed back her tears and said nothing. In response to a gesture from Nick, she looked up to see the silver Volvo pulling into the other end of the parking lot.

“Let’s go, Jessica,” Nick said, beckoning her to follow. “We’ve got one more stop to make.”

The Initiation: Chapter 10 – The Morning

Inevitably, Jessica had trouble getting to sleep.

She had heard Nick and his friends leave, but for many minutes she could do nothing but sit dazed on the floor, their fresh cum still smeared across her face. Finally, she felt her body tip to the side as if purely by force of gravity, and she collapsed into the carpet.  Tears began to flow beneath her blindfold, and for several minutes, she allowed herself to sob, curled up in a fetal position on the hotel floor.

Eventually, though, she rose. Pinching the blindfold between thumb and forefinger, as if worried she might accidentally touch one of the globs of semen that dotted her face, she pulled it over her head and hurled it almost fearfully to the ground. Making sure no one was lurking under the bed or staring through the windows or waiting to burst in through the door, she stumbled into the bathroom.

She grabbed a hand towel off the rack and, after running it momentarily under the faucet, began to desperately wipe the revolting white goo off her face. After numerous forceful passes with the damp towel, she wadded it up with disgust and let it drop to the floor. Then, after several deep breaths, she began to peel off the horrors of the day.

First, she took off her damaged blouse, which due to its missing button exposed her cleavage to a scandalous degree even when she wasn’t being forced to take it off completely in order to show her breasts to strangers. Then, she peeled away her jeans and finally her greasy panties. She inspected her bottom in the bathroom mirror. It was still pink from the numerous spankings she had been subjected to that day and still slick from the Vaseline that the man at the VFW had rubbed all over it.

She considered taking a shower, but instead, suddenly exhausted, she merely pulled on a clean pair of panties and a long t-shirt that came down to mid-thigh. Checking to make sure the door was still locked, she climbed into bed.

Once under the covers, though, she found herself tormented by her predicament: humiliation about what had already transpired and fear about what the morning would bring.

Haunting scenes kept playing themselves over and over in Jessica’s mind, keeping her wide awake: The men at the truck stop rubbing their hands all over her bare breasts. Being bent over Nick’s knee on that park bench, having her jeans and panties pulled down in front of everyone. Kneeling down topless and licking that beer bottle while that fat slob held it against his crotch. Being forced to strip practically naked and kneel down on all fours on the VFW pool table. The wooden paddle pounding her bare ass over and over while a roomful of men cheered. The sickly feeling of Koons’ greasy hand sliding between her butt cheeks and brushing against her asshole.

She imagined she could still feel her anus tingling from the violation, and she burst into fresh tears at the thought.

What would they force her to do next? How far would they go? Half-formed plans of escape would periodically rise to the surface of her insomniac mind before giving way one after the other to despair and new fits of sobbing.

Jessica tossed and turned in this state for many hours before, somehow, physical and emotional exhaustion overcame the frantic cacophony of her thoughts, and she fell asleep.


“Wakey wakey, Jess.”

Jessica let out a gentle “mmmm,” drifting gently into wakefulness, drowsily thinking herself back in her own bed at home.

This blissful ignorance was brought to an abrupt and cruel end with the first sight her sleep-crusted eyes encountered: Nick’s face was suspended not three inches from her own. Jessica let out a scream and nearly fell off the bed. Nick simply laughed.

“Just a little joke, Jess. Don’t take it the wrong way.”

He inched towards her and put his hand on her thigh. She shivered in revulsion. How long had he been sitting there, watching her sleep? How long had she lay there, unconscious, while her tormentor silently gazed at her helpless body?

“Time to get up. The sun’s almost up, and I want you to get a shower in before we start the morning’s shoot. I left a couple things on the dresser for you. I convinced Shannon to let you borrow some of her makeup, so make sure you get your face done up nice and pretty. And don’t forget to blow dry your hair. We want to get some glamour shots.”

She nodded silently. Yesterday, the thought of having to pose for “glamour shots” would have filled the shy girl with anxiety. After all that had happened, though, this seemed like an innocuous way to spend the morning.

“Shannon’s also going to lend you a dress, since we didn’t think you had anything appropriate. It’s there next to the makeup.”

Jessica glanced at the dresser. A ribbon of black material spilled over the lip. Even from where she sat, Jessica could see that the outfit Shannon had picked for her was a slutty little number. What’s more, she failed to see how she was going to fit into a dress made for a girl of Shannon’s measurements. Anything fitted for Shannon’s thin, heroin-chic figure would have difficulty accommodating Jessica’s voluptuous curves.

“So get yourself cleaned up, get your face on or whatever, and come join us by the pool,” Nick said.

He turned to go. Jessica started to breathe again.

“Oh, I almost forgot. See that bag next to the makeup kit? We picked you up a razor and some shaving lotion. I want you to shave.”

Jessica’s heart skipped a beat, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“And I mean everything, Jess. Pits, legs . . . that cute blonde bush. Completely hairless. From the neck down. Remember: what’s our key word for this weekend?”

There was a terrible pause before she managed to croak out: “O… Obedience.”

“Good. Now, you’ve got 30 minutes to be at the pool. Or there will be consequences.”

She was left alone once again. She wanted to get up and lock the door, but she’d learned this morning that it was useless. If Nick or any of his cronies wanted to stroll in and peer at her while she was showering, there was nothing she could do to stop them.

Her eyes settled on bag with the razor and lotion. What was she going to do? Shaving her legs and her armpits was one thing, but the thought of taking a razor to her sensitive pubic region made Jessica’s mind reel. She wasn’t even entirely sure how to go about it. Trembling, she walked over to the dresser and peered inside the brown paper bag that Nick had indicated: a can of shaving cream and several pink, women’s Gilletes.

Was she really going to shave her pussy bare like a porn star? Let Nick and his friends take pictures of her naked, hairless crotch? What would people say if those pictures got out? What would her mother say? But Jessica didn’t know what else to do. The blackmail material that Nick had already collected was staggering: photos of her dancing topless at the VFW, videos of her submitting to a public bare bottom spanking. She picked up a razor. What choice did she have?

She gritted her teeth and stepped into the bathroom. After turning on the hot water, pulling her t-shirt over her head and pulling her panties down under her feet, she stood in front of the mirror to inspect the dark blonde colored bush that covered her crotch. It was not very thick, or very long, but it was still going to present a technical hurdle to remove, to say nothing of the emotional hurdle of being forced to style her genitals for the viewing pleasure of these frat boys and their cameras.

Jessica finished up her legs before even considering moving farther north. When she did, she took a handful of the shaving cream and lathered it over her privates.

Several times, Jessica had experimented with pleasuring herself in the shower, a fact of which she was deathly ashamed, and the process of caressing her nether regions with this moist goo brought back these same feelings of guilt and shame. Of course, such sensations were only exacerbated by the knowledge that she would soon undoubtedly be forced to expose her newly-bare womanhood to the leering gazes of her captors.

Her hands were trembling, and she had trouble holding the razor, but Jessica somehow managed to press the blade against her pubic mound, just above the top of her slit, and drag it upward, painfully yanking clumps of hair out in the process. Still shaking, she repeated this procedure many times, shaving closer and closer to the skin and taking her strokes closer and closer to the sensitive folds of her vagina.

Despite her reluctance, Jessica’s work ethic asserted itself. It was a thorough job. When she was finished, she ran her palm across the bare surface of her vagina, distracted for a brief moment by the foreign sensation of hairlessness.


Jessica took one step out of the steamy bathroom and stopped dead.

All three guys were lounging around the hotel room, staring at her. Shannon was nowhere to be seen. Nick, who was seated at the desk, rose to confront her, arms crossed.

“I said 30 minutes, Jess. It’s been nearly an hour. That’s not good.”

Terror shot down Jessica’s spine like an electric shock. Dylan shot her an evil smile.

“I- I- I’m sorry,” she tried to explain, wrapping her towel more tightly around her body.

“She was probably playing with herself in the shower,” muttered Dylan, his eyes roving across her naked, still-damp shoulders. Jessica flushed.

“Is that true, Jessica?” asked Nick. “Did you keep us waiting just so you could fiddle yourself a little bit?”

Her heart had sunk into her stomach. “Please . . . it t- takes time . . . shaving,” she began to stammer.

“Ah, that’s right. You had a little hair removal project to attend to. Let’s see how that turned out. Put your hands on your head.”

Jessica opened her mouth to speak, but no sounds came out. Alone in this small room with these three boys, this towel the only thing keeping her from standing before them in total nakedness, she had never felt so vulnerable. If Nick stripped her of this towel, what would they do to her next?

“Obedience, Jessica.”

No choice, she told herself, no choice. Shakily, Jessica relaxed her grip on her towel and slowly placed her hands on top of her head, all the while looking at Nick with her big, watery eyes, silently begging him not to strip her.

Nick walked over to her. He paced in a slow circle around her while Jessica flinched. Then, he reached under her lofted arms and gently loosened her towel. As it unraveled and fell to the floor, Jessica let out a sob, but kept her position. There she stood before them in abject nudity, her hands folded subserviently on the top of her head. Her large breasts rose and fell with her panicked intakes of breath.

Nick knelt down and put his face level with her pussy. Jessica’s plump labia kept the darker pink folds of her vagina almost entirely hidden, giving her exposed vulva the appearance of a pudgy child’s knuckle.

“Say, this isn’t a half bad job, Jess. You must have done this before.”

The boys all snickered. Then, to Jessica’s horror, Nick reached out his hand and began to feel the smooth skin of her hairless crotch.

“Spread your legs apart,” he ordered.

As Jessica complied, he began to stroke her inner thighs while the other boys sat silently, shifting in their seats.

“Now, I want you to make sure not to move, Jess. Ok?”

Nick’s tongue snaked out of his mouth, and the tip brushed lightly against her clit. She shivered uncontrollably.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Nick rose to his feet. Matt checked to see who it was.

“It’s the hotel guy,” he called back.

Nick smirked.

“Let him in.”

“Oh god. Please, no… Please…” Jessica begged.

But it was too late. The door had already swung open, and the gangly old clerk stood there stunned, staring at beautiful naked figure in front of him.

“Uh… Someone rang. Did you guys… uh… need…?” He couldn’t even finish his sentence. He could do nothing but gawk at the 18-year-old co-ed standing completely nude with her hands above her head, her skin still glistening from the shower.

“I’m glad you stopped by, Mr. O’Reilly. See, Jessica here’s been having some trouble with punctuality, and I was hoping you could help us teach her a little discipline.”

“Well now… huh huh huh…” panted Mr. O’Reilly.

“Step on in, Mr. O. Close the door if you wouldn’t mind. Now, just as a reminder, how is it that you usually get punished, Jessica?”

It seemed that all the blood in her body rushed to her face. “A spanking,” she whispered.

“That’s right, Jess. So if you do exactly what you’re told and cooperate, you’ll get another couple of slaps to that pretty little peach of yours. No big deal. Hell, you’re used to it. If you make it tough, though, things may get a lot uglier.

Jessica gulped, trying to swallow her fear and humiliation. This couldn’t be happening. Having Nick give her a spanking was almost too much to bear. Now, she was supposed to let some crusty old hotel worker give her a “punishment”? Let him hit her on her naked bottom?

“Mr. O’Reilly, why don’t you have a seat on the edge of the bed right there?” Nick said. “Jessica, lay down across his lap.”

Jessica looked down at her naked body. She was paralyzed by the thought of lying down in this condition across this stranger’s lap. But once again she could think of no way out. She looked up into the firm, commanding look in Nick’s eyes. If she had kept better track of time, could she have avoided this nightmare? If she showed that she was being cooperative, maybe Nick would keep things under control. These desperate thoughts racing through her mind, she somehow managed to walk over to the bed.

“Good job, Jessica. Now just lean all the way over his lap.”

Jessica complied. She rested her body across the hotel manager’s lap and inched forward. Her feet dangled off the bed, but could not quite touch the floor. Her torso lay across the covers, and her ass was lifted into the air, the highest point on her body, on top of this man’s lap. Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

“Now, Mr. O’Reilly’s being very good to help you out here, Jessica. So I want you to thank him.”

“Th- thank you,” Jessica choked out between sobs.

“Oh, it’s … huh… it’s my pleasure, sweetheart…. Huh… god damn you’ve got a nice ass.”

“Let ‘er rip, Mr. O.” Nick instructed.

O’Reilly brought his hand back and gave Jessica’s left cheek a nice, resounding SLAP! Jessica lurched forward in shock.

“Now, come on. You can do better than that,” Nick urged.

This time, O’Reilly brought his palm down much harder, twice in a row, right in the center of Jessica’s bottom. SMACK! SMACK!

Jessica let out a cry, and her hand instinctively reached back to protect herself. O’Reilly was having none of this, however. He grabbed Jessica’s wrist and pinned it to her back. He then commenced to let forth a volley of spanks. SLAP! SMACK! SLAP!

Jessica’s legs kicked up into the air. SLAP! SMACK! SMACK! SLAP! Her crying became quite vocal with the violence of the assault, but even through the loud percussion coming from her ass and her own wailing, she heard the faint electronic noises of the cameras and looked up to see, once again, that her humiliating ordeal was being recorded for posterity.

SMACK! SLAP! SMACK! SMACK! The relentlessness of this over-the-knee hand spanking was beginning to cause more physical pain than even the paddle had inflicted. Even worse than the pain, though, was the sickening sensation from underneath that Jessica was becoming more and more conscious of: she could feel the bulge of the old man’s raging erection bumping up and down against her naked crotch.

“Please,” Jessica pleaded, “please, please, stop.”

“That’s probably enough for now, Mr. O”

SLAP! SMACK! SMACK! O’Reilly gave her a last couple of good hard slaps and then stopped.

“Good. Now, there’s one last thing. Stand up, Jess.”

O’Reilly release her wrist, and she did as she was told. Her bottom was bright red.

“Now I want you to sit in his lap, like he was Santa Claus.”

Jessica gulped back another sob. What was she going to have to do now? The thought of sitting nude on this man’s lap, having to feel his erection against her naked ass repulsed her. No choice, she told herself bitterly, no choice. Stealing a quick glance at Matt and his camcorder, she gingerly lowered herself down, the pain from her bottom making it difficult.

“Now, as a little thank you to Mr. O’Reilly for your lesson, I think you should give him one of your famous lap dances.”

Jessica stared at him, uncomprehendingly.

“Wh- what? I don’t . . . I don’t know how.”

“Bullshit! You’re going to grind your ass against his cock! You want me to draw you a blueprint, you dumb little whore?”

Nick’s sudden fury frightened her speechless. Still, she didn’t move.

“You just gonna sit there? This bashful virgin routine is getting pretty fucking tedious. Maybe it’s time to start uploading some pictures so everyone can see what you’ve been up to this weekend.”

Trembling all over, Jessica began to rock back and forth on O’Reilly’s lap. The old man groaned and leaned back slightly. She could feel his cock rubbing against her through his pants.

Suddenly, O’Reilly grew much more confident. He leaned forward and grabbed Jessica around her naked torso, hugging her to him. She yelped in surprise and tried to pull away, but his grip was stronger than it looked.

One arm was wrapped around her stomach and his hand clutched her right hip. With the other hand he reached around and began fondling her left breast. She could hear him panting in her ear as he forcibly mashed her body into his.

They were now bouncing up and down on the bed, his crotch humping her ass and his hand squeezing her breast tightly. She squirmed, trying to get away, but this only made their dance more erotic.

She looked up at Nick, begging him to intervene, but he was busy directing his cameramen.

Finally, after several violent thrusts, O’Reilly stopped, and Jessica realized with growing nausea what must have happened. He allowed her to roll off his lap, and she lay face down on the bed sobbing into her hands.

Clearly embarrassed, O’Reilly stumbled over to Nick and they exchanged a few words. Some panted remarks of gratitude were all that Jessica could make out, but suddenly Nick laughed and said, “sure, sure.”

“Don’t move a muscle, Jess,” Nick warned as she felt the hotel man walk up behind her.

“Thanks for that, honey. I’ll settle up with your boss later, but here’s a little tip for you,” O’Reilly told her.

He reached into his wallet, pulled out a twenty dollar bill, and stuffed it in between Jessica’s ass cheeks. She let out a groan of shame.

“You’re one of the best damn hookers I’ve ever seen.” And with that, he walked carefully out of the room, no doubt to find a change of pants.

“You can keep that, Jessica,” Nick laughed. “Now get into that black dress, put on some makeup and meet us out by the pool.”

All three guys filed out, leaving Jessica alone, face down on the bed with a twenty dollar bill protruding from her ass, like the cheapest of tramps.

The Initiation: Chapter 9 – The Motel

Jessica’s butt cheeks slipped frictionlessly against one another as she climbed out of the back seat of the Volvo. The slick sensation on her backside, caused by the handfuls of petroleum jelly that an hour earlier she had let a stranger smear all around and inside her ass, caused Jessica to adopt an awkward, bow-legged gait as she followed her kidnappers (for this was how she was beginning to think of Shannon and the three frat boys who had driven her out to the middle of nowhere and subjected her to repeated degradations) towards the run-down reception building of the seedy motel.

Jessica was still reeling from the revelation that Nick and his pals were not driving her to the cabin owned by the Theta Theta Psi sorority, that she was instead trapped with them all weekend, subject to who-knew-what further torments.

So far that day, Jessica had been forced to submit to three public spankings. She had allowed two strange men at a gas station to fondle her naked breasts. She had taken off all her clothes in front of a roomful war veterans and entertained them by simulating oral sex on an empty beer bottle. What would tomorrow bring? How far would Shannon let these boys take this supposed initiation?

The reception desk was manned by a crusty-looking old man with thick glasses and a thin grey moustache. He looked startled when the five of them crowded in and quickly folded away a magazine that he had been pursuing. Nick approached the desk. He had apparently called ahead, and the hotel manager—O’Reilly Nick was calling him—found their reservation and was shuffling through some paperwork when Jessica noticed that Nick was gesturing towards her.

“ . . . kind of a sorority initiation trip,” Nick was telling the manager. “I just wanted to make sure we could use some of the common areas in case we need to perform some, you know, rituals . . .”

Jessica had gotten so used to the sight of the wooden Theta paddle in Nick’s hand that she had barely noticed that he’d taken it with him to check into the motel. But Mr. O’Reilly noticed, and his eyes wandered from the wooden implement across to where Jessica’s voluptuous figure shuffled nervously by the door. The manager cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Urm, now just what . . . what kind of ‘rituals’ that’d be?” he asked.

“Well, Jessica loves to show off, so we’ve been mainly doing some photo shoots. Couple of live performances. Tell Mr. O’Reilly about the show you put on in Millard, Jess.”

Jessica glanced around the room. Everyone looked at her expectantly. Her first instinct was to shrug silently and look away, but she was terrified that Nick was going to turn this into another scene. What did he want her to say?

“I. . . I danced . . .” she choked out finally.

“What kind of dance, Jess?” Nick coaxed.

“S-strip dance?” Jessica squeaked, hoping this was the answer Nick was fishing for.

Nick laughed.

“Alright. Yeah. A ‘strip dance.’ As you can probably tell, Jessica has some killer tits. Just incredible. You should have seen this roomful of guys go crazy when she took off her shirt and started wiggling them around. Sometimes, though, Jessica gets a little bratty and needs some punishment. Isn’t that right, Jess?”

Jessica looked at the floor. She nodded hesitantly.

“I said ‘isn’t that right, Jess?’”

“Yes . . . sir,” she whispered, hoping not to give Nick any excuse to say she was being uncooperative.

“And how did you get punished after your strip tease?”

“A spanking, sir,” she muttered, her cheeks burning in humiliation.

“Where did you receive this spanking?”

“On the pool table . . .”

Dylan chuckled. Nick grinned too, but then said “no” in a firm voice. Jessica hurriedly corrected herself.

“I mean, on my . . . on my b-bottom, my bare b-bottom?”

“That’s right. Jessica’s naked ass took quite a paddling about an hour ago. You want to see how it’s healing up, Mr. O’Reilly?”

The hotel manager appeared flustered.

“Well, I . . . you know . . .”

“Jessica turn around and pull down your pants and panties,” Nick instructed.

Jessica looked up into the hotel manager’s eyes, pleadingly, hoping for some sign of sympathy, some hint of rescue. But Mr. O’Reilly was busily running his eyes down the contours of the beautiful co-ed’s body, his jaw hanging open.

Not finding any avenue of escape and desperate not to endure another of Nick’s chastisements, Jessica slowly turned around. She looked out the window nervously, but the darkened parking lot appeared to be empty. Choking back a sob, she reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. She slid the zipper down, and, taking a deep breath, she hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and pulled both her jeans and underwear over her ass and down to mid-thigh. Her panties made a soft slurping sound as they were peeled away from the Vaseline that had glued them firmly to Jessica’s skin.

“Hoo . . . hoo, that’s nice . . .” Jessica heard the hotel manager say under his breath.

“Hold your shirt up,” Nick ordered her. “It’s covering some of your behind.”

Wincing, Jessica complied, tugging her blouse up to her belly button and holding it there, letting the old man behind the counter and the rest of the room drink in a long look at her naked bottom. With the faint pink marks that were still visible from her paddling at the VFW and the shiny film of the Vaseline that still coated her cheeks, Jessica’s full, round ass appeared to glow in the motel’s fluorescent light.

“Still looks like you might be a little tender back there, Jess,” Nick said, walking up behind her and, to her dismay, placing a hand on one of her nude butt cheeks and giving it a squeeze.

“Urm, yes . . .” Mr. O’Reilly said, clearing his throat, “I think we can find a place for you folks to do your, urm, rituals . . . shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Thanks, Mr. O’Reilly,” said Nick. “I’d love to do a photo shoot out by the pool tomorrow. That’ll be fun, right, Jess? Say, before you pull your pants back up, I wanted to ask this gentleman’s opinion on something. Keep your hands where they are, and I want you to turn around.”

Jessica shuddered, but after a momentary hesitation, she began to shuffle her feet, her jeans, bunched around her knees, restricting the movement of her legs. She shuffled in in a clumsy semi-circle until she was facing the reception desk. Her hands continued to hold the bottom of her blouse around her mid-torso in a white-knuckle grip, making it seem as if she was showing off her naked crotch to the room.

“Now, don’t get me wrong,” said Nick, “I’ve seen thicker jungles around a chick’s pubic area. I think this blonde bush of Jessica’s is actually kind of cute . . .”

Then, to Jessica’s horror, Nick reached a hand out towards her exposed vagina. She recoiled, shuffling backwards a step, but at the last moment she fought off the instinct to drop her blouse, to slap his hand away and cover herself. Instead, she steadied herself and froze stock still, unable to process the humiliating invasion that was about to occur.

Nick made no comment about Jessica’s aborted attempt to dodge his touch. He reached out and gave her pubic hair an exploratory brush with his hand, as if testing its softness, before grabbing ahold of a tuft of hair and giving it a light, demonstrative tug.

“. . . But this isn’t the 1970’s, you know what I mean? I think Jessica ought to trim down before we do her modeling shots. What do you think, Mr. O’Reilly? Brazilian? Landing strip? Or maybe just totally shaved?”

“Well, urm . . . that’s a, uh . . . I think- Well, I think she’d look awful sexy just bare, I guess.”

“I like the way you think, sir,” said Nick. “Bare pussy it is, Jess. We’ll pick you up some shaving stuff first thing tomorrow.”

With that, he relinquished his grip on Jessica’s pubes and allowed her to pull her pants back up. Grabbing the room keys from the stunned hotel manager, Nick took Jessica by the elbow and led her out the door.


Nick pointed out the rooms. He and Shannon would take 104. Dylan and Matt in 105. Jessica in 106.

Jessica was surprised, grateful even. Since she’d learned the group would be stopping for the night, she’d been speculating with acute trepidation about the sleeping arrangements. That she’d be getting her own room was a relief. Perhaps Nick felt that he couldn’t guarantee her safety for an entire night in a room with the other guys? Her insides convulsed at the thought: was Nick—her tormentor-in-chief—the only thing keeping her from being raped by one of the other two frat boys?

Shannon, looking increasingly unsteady on her feet, retired immediately to her room. The boys walked Jessica over to Room 106, Matt chivalrously carrying her suitcase.

After they’d escorted her into her room and Matt had set her suitcase down, Jessica regarded the three young men awkwardly, desperately hoping that they would now leave her alone for the night, allowing her some time to think over her situation. Instead, Matt and Dylan hung around expectantly in the doorway while Nick strolled around the hotel room, flipping on lights and generally taking in the space as if evaluating the quality of the establishment.

“Not the Ritz, but it’ll do for the night, right Jess?” he said.

“Y-yes, sir,” Jessica said, fixing her eyes on the shag carpeting at her feet.

“Well, we’ll let you get some rest. We want you looking your best for your modeling shots tomorrow,” Nick said.

Jessica nodded, her heart racing at the thought that the solitude she craved might be within sight. Nick turned and appeared to be heading for the door. He picked up the TV remote as he passed it, and casually turned on the television sitting on the dresser. The speakers kicked in at a jarring volume, but. Nick set the remote down without adjusting the sound.

“Before you go to bed, though, I wanted to give you one more test of obedience. Just to see what you’ve learned today. Don’t worry. It’ll be quick.”

Jessica gulped, keeping her eyes on the floor. What was he going to make her do? Pull out her tits again for the private viewing pleasure of his horny friends? Bend over so he could spank her again? Whatever it was, she prayed it really would be over quickly.

“All I want you to do is put your blindfold back on and just kneel down on the floor right where you are,” Nick told her, raising his voice slightly to be heard over the blaring television.

From out of his pocket, Nick pulled the cloth blindfold that Jessica had been forced to wear when they first set out on this terrible road trip. Jessica just stood frozen in place as Nick walked up behind her and placed the blindfold over her eyes, tying it firmly behind her head. She heard the door creak and slam shut, and she knew that she was alone, completely blind and helpless, in this tiny hotel room with three men.

“Ok, kneel down right there.”

Nick pressed down on Jessica’s shoulders, guiding her gently to the floor. Trembling, she kneeled down on the carpet, her butt coming to rest on her calves. Nick placed a hand under her chin and guided her face upwards so that she was looking blindly up towards the ceiling.

“There you go. Now that’s all you have to do. Just hold that position for a minute or two. Don’t move. I’ll tell you when you can stand up.”

She could feel someone step up next to her, and she heard some rustling around, though it was tough to figure out what was going on against the noise of the television. Jessica braced herself for something awful to happen, for someone to grab her or tear at her clothes. But nothing happened.

Jessica’s fear started to give way to confusion. What seemed like a minute or two passed, while Jessica simply knelt on the floor expectantly, staring into the blackness of the blindfold and listening to the sounds from the television. Her legs began to fall asleep, but she forced herself to maintain the position that Nick had instructed.

Then, suddenly, something wet struck Jessica’s cheek. One drop, then two, then a third hitting her on the side of her nose. She heard someone let out a short grunt.

“Don’t move, Jessica,” Nick was telling her, “Don’t move an inch out of that position if you don’t want to be punished.”

Jessica felt something ooze its way off of her nose and roll down her face towards the side of her mouth. Her stomach dropped. What had just happened? Then a sickening thought occurred to her. Was this substance . . . was it semen? Had she just let one of these boys cum on her face?

Even if she hadn’t been afraid to disobey Nick’s instructions, Jessica would have been too shocked to move. She maintained her kneeling position on the floor, looking upwards, nauseatingly aware of the sticky substance clinging to the side of her pretty face.

Jessica’s ears honed in on a faint, rhythmic sound of which she’d only been dimly conscious before, and she was suddenly certain that one of the other boys had begun masturbating next to her, his naked penis probably hovering right next to her face. A moment later removed all doubt, as suddenly a new glob of wetness, this one much more voluminous than the last, struck Jessica on her forehead. Another drop hit her just below the blindfold and began to run down her cheek, only to be joined by yet another massive splotch splattering goo across her upper lip.

The scent of the ejaculate assaulted Jessica’s nostrils, making her stomach heave. She worried she might simply vomit right there, but, aside from some mild trembling, she maintained her position, knowing that there was still one more unseen man who expected to relieve himself across her face.

It seemed like a lifetime that Jessica knelt there, feeling the semen congeal on her cheeks, staring upwards as if waiting eagerly for her innocent visage to be despoiled once more. Finally, though, the third wave of cum rained down on her, this time hitting her square in the mouth. Jessica squeezed her lips tight, desperate to keep any of the noxious fluid from seeping inside. Another glob struck her mouth. Then another on the chin. Then a long, sticky string that hit the corner of her mouth and stretched down to her jaw.

There was a moment of terrible stillness. Jessica maintained her subservient position, her blindfolded, cum-splattered face staring mutely upwards, her jaw trembling beneath her fiercely pinched lips. Jessica imagined the boys zipping themselves up, perhaps smirking to one another and pointing at her shameful, semen-stained appearance, perhaps . . . oh god . . . perhaps taking pictures of her, preserving her humiliation on film.

Finally, the television was switched off, plunging the room into silence.  The door creaked open.

“Hope you enjoyed your nightcap, Jess,” she heard Nick say from the doorway, “Get some sleep. You’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

The door slammed shut. Jessica sat frozen in place, unable to process, as the cum crawled down her cheeks.