The Initiation Chapter 2 – The Paddle

First Chapter of W.H. Collins’s dark erotic novel “The Initiation.”. All nineteen chapters are available from Amazon and All Romance

Note that this story is intended for mature audiences only and contains extremely graphic depictions of material that many audiences will find disturbing, including spanking and forced nudity. Nothing herein is intended to glorify or condone the horrific experiences which the protagonist endures, and the reader is strictly instructed not to take any prurient interest in this tale of violence and sexual exploitation.

During the course of the next week, Jessica’s paddle passed around between the Theta sisters. The pledges had all written down their cell numbers so that they could be called to duty at any time.

Jessica spent one evening with another pledge wiping down all the counters in the sorority kitchen while several of the upperclassmen looked on, paddles in hand, sipping white wine and barking orders. She was sent to pick up one girl’s dry cleaning, requiring Jessica to bring the massive pile of bagged clothes onto the public bus, since she did not have a car, and causing her to be late for class much to her embarrassment.

Michelle even made good on her foot-massage threat. Jessica was called into the library Wednesday evening, where her pudgy sister ordered her to kneel down beside the carroll where the older girl’s books were stacked. Jessica hesitated, looking around at the crowded library, but, when Michelle pulled the paddle out of her bookbag with the words “Jessica Johnston” clearly visible, Jessica lowered herself to the floor where Michelle was already kicking off her slippers and wriggling her bare toes in anticipation.

Jessica took a fat, slightly pungent foot in both hands and began to knead, as Michelle let out a theatrical sigh. Jessica glanced hesitantly over her shoulder to see who was taking a break from their studies to watch this humiliating scene. Some students seemed to be consciously averting their eyes as if to spare her the shame. A few grinned at her or snickered to their neighbor, but for the most part everyone was aware of the rituals of pledge week and paid her no mind. Just as she was about to turn her attention back to Michelle’s calloused soles, though, she noticed the red-headed boy from her Intro to Econ class, on whom Jessica was developing a preliminary crush, sitting several seats over. They briefly made eye contact. Jessica blushed deeply and ducked her head down.

The worst came Thursday night, however. It was past 10, and Jessica was already in her pajamas, sweat pants and an oversized, old T-Shirt with the logo of an insurance company, when there was a rough pounding on her dorm room door. “What now?” Jessica thought wearily as she sat up in bed and walked slowly to door, glancing over her shoulder at her roommate who was consumed with some task at her computer, a pair of massive, studio-style headphones enveloping both her ears.

Jessica opened the door to find Shannon and two other Thetas.  One of them was carrying what appeared to be a gift basket, a cellophane-wrapped bundle about the size of a bag of groceries. Another was clutching some sort of clothing item at her side, and a turquoise-green strap dangling down conspicuously by her knees. But it was the object in Shannon’s hands on which Jessica’s eyes came to rest: the paddle carved with Jessica’s name.

Shannon regarded her for a moment with a pursed-lipped scowl and twirled the paddle in her open palm. The wooden face spun around and around. JESSICA ♥ JOHNSTON – θθΨ –JESSICA ♥ JOHNSTON – θθΨ – JESSICA ♥ JOHNSTON – θθΨ – JESSICA ♥ JOHNSTON. Finally, she spoke.

“Nice sweats, Rushie. I hope you’re not thinking it’s bedtime yet because we’ve got an important mission for you.”

Jessica just nodded, self-consciously adjusting the waistband of her pants. The two girls standing behind Shannon gave each other a look, and one let out a derisive chuckle.

“Listen up. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday next week, so I thought it would be fun to have one of my little Rushie servants deliver him a surprise present.”

Shannon nodded to the girl with the gift basket who thrust it over to Jessica. Jessica clumsily accepted the package, adjusting her hold as she haltingly tried to figure out how best to grasp the awkwardly shaped mass of cellophane.  Inside, she could make out what looked like a bottle of liquor and some small boxes that might contain chocolate.

“He’s Sigma Tau Phi,” continued Shannon, “so you’ll have to carry this over to the Sig House. Just knock on the door and ask for Nick.”

Jessica couldn’t exactly picture the Sigma Tau Phi fraternity house, but she knew that all the frat houses were located along a single street on the north end of campus, the opposite end of campus from her dormitory. It would be a thirty minute walk at least, she thought, frustrated that she would not be getting to bed for at least another hour. But there was nothing to do except obey. The rules of Rush Week were clear. If she wanted to be a Theta, she had to follow Shannon’s instructions.

“Ok,” Jessica said simply, looking down at the basket cradled in her arms.

“’Ok.’” Shannon imitated her in a mocking, idiot-voice. “’Ok, Ma’am’ I think you mean. But if you think your task is going to be that easy, you’re even more stupid than you look. And you look pretty retarded. See, I thought it would be fun to give those Sig boys a thrill. Me and Teresa were talking earlier about which Rushie I should make my delivery bitch, and I was like, what about that one blonde bimbo? She doesn’t look like she’s ever had one intelligent thought flash through that empty head of hers, but I bet that slutty porn-star body of hers would look great in a bikini.”

The girl at Shannon’s left held up the wad of blue-green material that had been bunched up in her fist. Jessica recognized it now as a swimsuit, apparently a two-piece. But she stared at it uncomprehendingly. What did a bikini have to do with this gift basket she was supposed to deliver to Nick at the Sigma House?

“Every delivery bitch needs a uniform. And we decided this would be more exciting that those brown UPS slacks. I hope you didn’t think you were going out in those grungy sweat pants.”

The three girls barged their way past Jessica and into her dorm room. Jessica backed away dumbfounded. They were going to make her walk across campus in a swimsuit? Knock on the door of a frat house where she didn’t know anybody wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini?

“Let’s go. Chop chop, Rushie. Put that down, and get changed.”

As soon as Jessica set down the gift basket, the swimsuit was stuffed into her hand, and Jessica noted with growing dread how insubstantial it felt. She unwadded it and held the two pieces up separatedly. It was even worse than she thought. Jessica had never owned swimwear like this. The cups of the top were triangular and connected by thin straps, the bottom tapered into tiny strings at the sides, not a thong exactly but clearly not designed to cover very much. It was something out of Sports Illustrated, the sort of immodest, impractical getup worn by girls begging for attention.

Behind her, one of the girls had shut the dorm-room door. Jessica’s roommate looked up briefly at the four sorority girls with a look mild and slightly disdainful curiosity but quickly went back to her computer screen.

“Well?” demanded Shannon. “Let’s get going, Rushie. Get those gross sweat pants off and get into your delivery bitch uniform. I don’t have a lot of patience for bullshit tonight.”

Jessica looked up from the swimsuit to the three girls, her stomach tied in knots. Were they going to just stand there and watch her change? Jessica had always been very shy about dressing in public. Even when she had been on the volleyball team, had always sought out the most sheltered corner of the locker room and timed the order of her dressing to leave as little exposed at a time as she could.

“Let’s go, Rushie!” Shannon shouted exasperated, “Or I’ll have Teresa and Vicky here pull down your pants for you, then I’m gonna paddle your bare ass bright red and send you out to make your delivery buck naked!”

Jessica’s heart quickened, and she began fumbling ineffectually with the swimsuit, her mind momentarily unable to grapple with anything except the terrifying thoughts of having these girls forcibly undress her, of them spanking her with that paddle in front of her roommate, of being sent outside naked. But she tried to remind herself that it was just to scare her. They wouldn’t do any of that. Would they?

Meanwhile, Jessica’s roomate’s attention had been attracted by Shannon’s raised voice. She looked over at them and popped one of the headphones discreetly off one ear. Shannon made eye contact with her.

“Hey you, if your roommate doesn’t start obeying instructions pretty quick. We’re gonna have to bend her over this bed right here and give her a thorough paddling. That’s not gonna disturb you, is it?”

Jessica’s roommate shrugged, clearly scornful of these humiliating hazing rituals but just wanting to keep out of it. “Whatever,” she said and went back to her computer.

Jolted by the sound of the paddle smacking against Shannon’s palm, Jessica quickly but shakily grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Prepared for bed, Jessica had not been wearing a bra, and her naked breasts, dragged upward by the motion of the shirt, bounced back down when the material was pulled free and jiggled momentarily before finding their equilibrium. Jessica, feeling the eyes of the three Thetas on her body, immediately reached up to shield herself with her free forearm. As she turned to toss her shirt down on her bed, she heard one of the girls grunt with a tone of gruding appreciation.

“Wow, you gotta admit, those are some nice boobs,” she muttered to her sister.

“Seriously. Did you see that bounce? Buh-dong-dong. Totally hot,” said the other.

There wasn’t much malice in the comments, but Jessica still blushed to hear her body discussed that way. She tried to focus on getting changed as quickly as possible. She grabbed the bikini top and slid it under her protective forearm, centering the triangles over her nipples and holding them in place while her free hand guided the straps over her shoulders. She faltered, and the top went momentarily slack, causing her right breast to pop obscenely into view.

“Aw, little Rushie can’t quite dress herself,” Shannon taunted, “Let me do it, or we’ll be here all night.”

Shannon stepped behind Jessica and took over. She reached around and grabbed Jessica’s exposed breast, more roughly than necessary, and stuffed it inside the bikini. Jessica let out a short gasp at the sudden, unexpected invasion but otherwise said nothing. Shannon pulled back on the strings, causing Jessica’s breasts to lift and pushing them together ever so slightly. Shannon pulled even tighter, and Jessica’s cleavage swelled, her spherical breasts hoisted up at a gravity-defying-angle by the taut blue-green material. Once Shannon had pulled the bikini top as tight as she could, she tied it off and stepped back.

Jessica caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror hanging from the inside of the dorm-room door. Her boobs spilled out on either side of their small, triangular harnesses, and Jessica even noted that the underside of her breasts were visible, bulging out from underneath the turquoise cradles that kept them suspended above their natural resting points. She couldn’t go outside wearing this. She just couldn’t.

At the sound of another slap of the paddle against Shannon’s palm, Jessica tore herself away from the mirror. The three girls were all looking at her expectantly. She looked down at the bikini bottoms lying next to her shirt on the bed. Suddenly, she regretted the decision to do her top first, since she now realized how exposed she was about to be once she took off her sweat pants. But it was too late now. She glanced briefly at her roommate to see if she was looking. Thankfully, she wasn’t. One less audience member, at least. Avoiding any eye contact, Jessica slipped her thumbs inside the waistband of her sweats and pulled them downwards, past her panty-clad crotch, over her white thighs and all the way down to the floor, where she had to bend down to ease the elastic over her ankles. She stood back up, acutely aware of how naked she was. With a deep breath, she grabbed her panties and began to peel those too down her legs.

Jessica turned slightly to the side as she slid her panties down, so that her bush would not be front and center towards the three girls who continued to stare at her with unapologetic directness. When her panties fell past her knees, she straightened up and covered her crotch with her hand, allowing her underwear to fall to the ground. Kicking the panties off, she grabbed for the bikini bottom as quickly as she could, nearly tripping over herself as she stepped into the leg holes and yanked it up over her naked crotch and ass.

It was as tight as the top. Almost certainly not her size. She had to tug to get the material high enough on her waist just to cover up her ass crack and the tops of her pubes, the latter of which she was horrified to see were still visible peeking out from behind the turquoise bikini bottom. Jessica tried to discreetly stuff the blonde hairs back down inside as best she could.

Again, she risked a glance towards the mirror. She was prepared for what she would see, but it was still disorienting to see herself in such a revealing bathing suit, so far from a beach and surrounded by these other fully clothed women. She looked like she should be preparing for a modeling shoot or about to don a sash for a beauty pageant swimsuit competition. Instead, she knew, she was about to be forced to travel across a college campus and knock on a frat house door.

Shannon let out a low whistle and began to walk slowly around behind Jessica, ostentatiously evaluating her body.

“Yeah, those Sigs are gonna hit the roof when they get a look at this slut,” Shannon said.

Slut? Jessica recoiled at the word. Yes, that’s what she would look like, showing up at the doorstep of this house full of boys practically naked. She felt her face flush at the thought. They wouldn’t make her do that, would they? They were just faking her out, right?

“Alright, delivery bitch, grab that basket and get your ass over to the Sig House.”

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