The Initiation: Chapter 3 – The Delivery

Jessica received a fleeting stay of sentence when one of Shannon’s henchgirls suggested that Jessica should put on some makeup before her mission.

“This Rushie’s body might be smoking but her face looks like garbage,” the girl had sneered.

In truth, Jessica’s face was pretty with or without makeup, with her petite nose, her striking blue eyes and her naturally full lips. Her cheeks were now bathed in a perpetual rosy glow, due to the continuing humiliation of her situation and moreover the dread of what was to come, but this served merely to complement the natural beauty of her features. But Jessica was not about to argue, as it would delay the moment when she was forced to step outside her dorm room wearing nothing but this skimpy bikini.

Rather than using Jessica’s own paltry cosmetics supply, one of the girls had pulled out her own makeup kit from her handbag. As the girls set to work applying eyeliner and foundation to Jessica’s face and letting Jessica’s hair down from the constraints of the ponytail into which it had been bundled, a part of Jessica even found herself enjoying the attention, forgetting the nature of the girls’ visit and letting her future sisters fawn over her as if this were a regular girls’ night makeover.

After what seemed like only a minute or two, however, the makeover was complete, and the sense of dread crept back into Jessica’s stomach.

“Alright, that’s more presentable,” said Shannon. “Now get the fuck out of here. Time’s wasting.”

Jessica stood up from the bed where she had been sitting during the beautification procedure. She saw that her roommate had turned from her computer screen and was watching her. The mousey, bespectacled girl looked Jessica up and down, and Jessica saw herself through her eyes:  tarted-up like a beauty-pageant contestant, boobs pushed lewdly upwards by her scanty bikini top, her long, smooth legs completely exposed. The girl wrinkled her nose with a look of utter disgust. Jessica opened her mouth as if to say something, but the words were choked back by embarrassment.

Suddenly, the gift basket was thrust once more back into Jessica’s arms, and Shannon was opening the door out into the dorm hallway. One of the other girls placed a hand on Jessica’s shoulder and gave her a not-so-gentle nudge towards the door.

Legs stiff with trepidation, Jessica stumbled awkwardly the doorway, hugging the gift basket to her chest. She paused at the doorway and looked out into the hall. It was empty, and, with a deep breath, Jessica made the intimidating step from the sanctuary of her room and out into public. The three girls followed her out, crowding her further away from her line of retreat and shutting the door behind them. Jessica hesitated. She looked at the girls expectantly.

“Well?” demanded Shannon. “Don’t fucking look at us. You know where to go. We’ll be following behind to make sure you don’t pussy out, but this is a solo mission. Don’t think we’re gonna hold your hand or some shit. Get moving.”

“Move it, Rushie,” said another girl, “the sooner you make your delivery, the sooner it’ll all be done with.”

Jessica’s heart sank. Having the other sorority girls alongside her would at least give some context to why she was wandering around campus late on a Thursday evening in the middle of Fall wearing a bikini. She looked down the hall, and, steeling herself for what she knew lay ahead, started towards the dorm stairwell at as quick a pace as she could manage, while the Thetas lingered behind.

No sooner had she started than a dorm room door was flung open just as Jessica passed. A girl stepped out into the hall and stopped in surprise at seeing Jessica speed-walk by in her revealing getup.

“Hey, Jessica,” the girl called after her in puzzlement, “uh, going for a swim?”

“No. I just- . . .” Jessica stammered over her shoulder, not wanting to break her momentum, “I just- . . . It’s just a . . . thing.”

To her relief, Jessica reached the stairs before her hallmate could call back to her. As Jessica flew down the stairs, she passed one of the boys from the men’s hall downstairs, who stopped his climb and stared. He said nothing, but Jessica could feel his eyes on her, following her nearly naked back and pert, bikini clad ass on its descent. As she rounded the corner to the next flight down, Jessica heard a whispered “whoa” from above. Jessica shook her head in shame, imagining the story he was about to bring back to his friends.

Finally, Jessica reached the bottom of the stairs and exit door leading outside. She paused to calm her nerves before pressing the door’s cold, metallic push bar with her bare torso (her arms being encumbered by her package).

As soon as she eased the door open, the September air greeted her near-nakedness with a chilly slap. Jessica felt her nipples harden into rigid knobs behind the protective shield of the gift basket, and she knew that they must be sticking out flamboyantly against the thin material of the bikini top. She hugged the basket tighter still.

The campus was quiet, but not as empty as Jessica would have liked. Students with their bookbags trudged back to their dorms from the library, here and there a couple strolled arm-in-arm, and, every so often, the more raucous sound of groups of students heading out to a Thursday night party could be heard ricocheting off the brick walls. Jessica hurried along the path towards the north end of campus, trying to keep to the shadows as much as possible.

For a while, Jessica managed to avoid passing too closely by anyone else. She couldn’t help noticing a few students staring from a distance at the half-naked blonde walking briskly over the grass just outside the range of the streetlights that illuminated the main footpath, and at one point a group of boys hanging out by a park bench yelled some “woo!’s” and “yeah!’s” in her direction, making her quicken her pace, but she felt sure at least her face was hidden by the relative darkness.

As she hurried across the uneven turf with her bundle, her firm, ample bottom bobbing rhythmically side to side with her stride, she felt the bikini bottoms begin to creep their way up her butt, the material becoming ever more wedged in her crack, exposing more and more of the white flesh of her ass cheeks to the night air. With her hands full, she could not reach down to adjust them, and, not wanting to stop, she allowed the wedgie to continue its upward climb.

While rounding a corner and looking behind her nervously, Jessica ran headlong into a male student who had just exited one of the academic buildings. Jessica gasped in surprise, and the boy seemed equally startled as he began to take in Jessica’s outfit.

Jessica muttered an almost inaudible “excuse me” and tried to push her way around but the boy stepped to the side, blocking her path momentarily. They performed an awkward little dance for a few seconds, while the boy tried to engage her in conversation, all the while drinking in the sight of her body.

“Hey, I hope that present’s for me . . . What’s your name, huh? . . .  And what’s with the swimsuit?”

“It’s just a . . . thing,” Jessica feebly explained, before finally managing to push her way past.

The boy did not follow her, but Jessica was acutely aware of his eyes on her exposed butt cheeks as they bobbled seductively away.

Jessica had almost reached the north end of campus when she was stopped in her tracks by an authoritative shout.

“Stop right there please, Miss!”

Jessica froze as a narrow beam of light fluttered around the spot where she stood, sending her shadow skipping across the ivy and concrete façade of the Social Sciences building, the side of which Jessica had been hugging closely for cover. Turning to squint in the direction of the light, Jessica saw that she was being approached by a campus security guard, a middle-aged man with a greying moustache and saggy eyes.

She was seized by an urge to simply drop the basket and run, but instead she found herself frozen in place, gaping at the guard as he came closer, his flashlight slowly tracing its way down from her face, to her bare shoulders, to the cellophane-wrapped package clutched tightly against her tits, down to stomach and hips and finally her naked thighs. Her bottom jaw began to tremble.

“Alright, you mind telling me what this is about?” the security guard asked, after caressing her body up and down with his flashlight beam for a few more passes.

“I, uh–. . . it’s just a . . .” Jessica consciously willed herself not to say “thing” but in her nervous state could not think of any other word and so simply trailed off.

“What do you have in there? Is that liquor?” asked the guard, shining his beam through the cellophane and into the basket.  “Are you twenty one, Miss?” he demanded before Jessica could finish stammering and answer.

“Put the basket down on the ground.” The security guard’s tone was stern, but Jessica noticed him wet his lips as he made the demand. “I may need to write you a ticket,” he explained, almost defensively.

Jessica had always exercised a kneejerk obedience to authority figures, and, though reluctant to give up whatever slim modesty the basket provided, she immediately complied, bending forward  to set the basket down beside her. As she straightened back up, she was mortified to see the guard’s flashlight beam dance directly across her breasts. She reflexively crossed her arms and looked up at the guard pleadingly.

“Please, I’m just . . .” she began.

The sound of laughter from just a few feet away made her stop cold. A group of five student, three boys and two girls, were walking past on the path nearby, all grinning at the humiliating scene of this busty blonde Freshman being interrogated in her bikini by campus security, the spotlight of the guard’s beam drawing attention to her state of public exposure. One of the girls whispered something in one of the boy’s ear, making him let out another guffaw. They slowed their walk so that they wouldn’t miss any action. Jessica wanted to crawl beneath the ground.

The guard ignored the audience which his detention of Jessica had attracted and continued to lecture her, even as his gaze wandered downward to where Jessica’s substantial tits, inadequately covered by her crossed forearms, shone beneath the flashlight’s stare like glowing orbs.

The guard was saying something about the school’s strict policy towards underage students carrying alcohol on campus when Jessica was suddenly rescued by the arrival of the Thetas. Shannon walked confidently up behind the guard and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Excuse me, Sir. I think I can explain . . .”

Shannon charmed the security guard out of issuing Jessica a citation, explaining how Jessica was a pledge and the bikini part of Rush Week and promising to escort her sister back to her dorm right away. Finally, he shrugged his shoulders and let Jessica go with a promise not to wander around campus at night without clothes on any more. With one last sweep of Jessica’s body, he switched his flashlight off and moved on.

“If you think we’re really walking you back home, think again,” hissed Shannon, “you’re making this delivery, and no more fuck ups.”


The Thetas followed more closely behind her this time, keeping about ten feet back. Eventually, Jessica came to the street that separated the campus from the residential neighborhood which contained the fraternity houses.

Jessica hurried across the street just as a car turned the corner, bathing her in its headlights. Jessica froze for moment, caught like the proverbial deer. To her alarm, the car let out a long, sustained honk, and a male voice called out to her from the passenger’s side. “Nice!”

Jessica sprinted the rest of the way to the other side and shuffled quickly along the sidewalk, ignoring the catcalls from the vehicle, which had now stopped in the middle of the street. She found herself wishing she had adjusted her bikini bottoms before picking the basket back up after the episode with campus security, since she was now agonizingly conscious of the way her retreating buttocks must look to the boys in the car.

Jessica began to examine the houses as she hurried past and remembered that she wasn’t entirely sure which one belonged to Sigma Tau Phi. She stopped and looked for the Thetas. They were still following, but they also stopped when they saw Jessica’s hesitation rather than closing the distance.

“What the fuck are you stopping for?” Shannon shouted to her.

“I don’t know which one it is!” Jessica called back, her voice rising to a shrill squeak as her desire not to draw attention fought her need to make herself heard.

“Ask that guy for directions!” Shannon shouted, gesturing with the paddle, and the two other girls cackled.

Jessica turned back to see a boy walking along the sidewalk in her direction, smoking a cigarette. Jessica gulped.

The boy politely averted his eyes as he drew closer, apparently content to ignore the bikini-clad girl in his path.

“E-Excuse me,” Jessica stammered. The boy stopped and regarded her. Inevitably, his eyes rested on her face for only a moment before being pulled irresistibly downward toward her bare torso and the flashes of boob peeking out coquettishly from behind the basket.

“Um, I’m looking for Sigma- Sigma Tau Ph-phi?” Jessica squeaked.

The boy took a drag on his cigarette while Jessica shuffled her feet in embarrassment, causing her bare thighs to rub alluringly against one another like a cricket’s.

“Two doors up,” the boy said finally, with an indicative nod.

“Thank you,” Jessica murmured and hurried along. She did not hear the boy move and knew that once again the lively movements of her departing ass were being closely monitored.

Jessica’s legs turned to jelly as she forced herself up the steps to the Sig House porch. She tried to tell herself that it would all be over soon. The noise from the other side of the imposing front door attested to the fact that the Sig House was still buzzing with activity even at this hour. Somehow, she forced herself to reach out and give a timid knock.


Jessica turned to look for the Thetas. The three girls were milling discreetly on the other side of the fence at the far edge of the Sig property. When Shannon saw her looking in her direction, she made a threatening gesture with the paddle. Jessica made a sound halfway between a sigh and a moan and turned to give the door a louder knock.

This time, the door swung open almost immediately. On the other side was a skinny, pimply boy in a baseball hat. He had the bleary-eyed look that Jessica recognized from the potheads at her high school. The dumb grin on his face faded immediately when he saw Jessica; his eyebrows rose up into the brim of his cap, and his jaw went slack.

The two simply stared at one another for a moment before Jessica remembered her instructions.

“Is- Is Nick here?”

“Nick? Uh, yeah. Yeah, Nick’s here.”

The slack-jawed boy didn’t move. He just continued to stare. Jessica squirmed, desperate to deliver her package. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed that the Thetas had been joined by several male observers, who sipped casually from beer bottles while gazing in admiration up at the girl in the tiny bikini, floundering in embarrassment under the porchlight.

“Uh, you want me to like go get him?” the boy finally asked, putting two and two together.

“I just need to give him this,” said Jessica quickly, thrusting the present out in the hopes that leaving the package with the doorman would fulfill her duty.

“Hold on, I’ll get him,” he replied to her disappointment. “Hey Nick!”

The boy disappeared behind the half-open door, but Jessica could hear him calling out to his fraternity brothers.

“Holy shit, dude, you gotta see this chick at the door. Did Nick order a stripper or something? Anyway, she’s fucking stacked. Nick! Door! Tight-ass little bikini, totally hot. I’m serious.”

The door swung open again to reveal a tall, athletic boy with short, jet-black hair and a square jaw covered in a neat glaze of stubble. He looked down coolly at Jessica, the side of his mouth rising into a knowing smirk. Behind him, the gangly stoner and several other frat boys crowded the foyer, craning their necks to get a look.

“Well, what do we have here?” the black-haired boy asked. “I’m guessing a Theta rush? Shan send you?”

Jessica nodded and cleared her throat.

“That’s for me, huh?” said Nick, reaching for the gift basket. Jessica hesitated but finally allowed it to be torn from her arms. As Nick lifted the cover away, Jessica’s bikini-clad tits came fully into view, and there were appreciative murmurs from the frat boys behind Nick. Jessica crossed her arms and turned to go.

“Wait,” said Nick, and there was something commanding in his voice that made Jessica pause. “What’s your name?”

“J-Jessica,” she said.

“Chill out, Jessica,” he said, “We’ve seen plenty of Rush Week stunts. It’s no big deal. You’re not the first girl to knock on our door dressed like you’re heading to the tanning salon.”

“Yeah, but she’s probably got the hottest boobies,” someone said behind him. Jessica flinched.

“Ok. Bye,” Jessica said simply and made to flee the porch as quickly as she could. But no sooner had she turned around than she ran headlong into Shannon barreling up the walk, paddle in hand.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going, Rushie? I don’t think I heard Nick dismiss you yet. That’s just rude!”

Nick leaned in behind her and whispered in her ear conspiratorially, “Don’t worry. She treats all the new girls this way. Just go along, and you’ll be fine.”

Despite everything, Jessica appreciated the kindness in Nick’s reassurances. She tried to calm her nervous breathing as Shannon stormed up the steps.

“You have got to be the most pathetic delivery girl I’ve ever seen!” Shannon snarled, placing her hands on her hips and leaning in towards Jessica threateningly.

Jessica kept her eyes firmly on the ground and tried not to notice that the other Thetas and their three male companions were ambling up the walk in Shannon’s wake. Meanwhile, Nick had taken a step out onto the porch, allowing the Sigs at his shoulder to ooze their way out into the doorway. Increasingly, Jessica was surrounded.

“I did everything you wanted,” Jessica finally mumbled to Shannon, “You said—”

“Do you want to be a Theta?” Shannon interrupted her.

Jessica nodded.

“What is the first word of the Theta Theta Psi motto?”

Jessica’s eyes rose to meet Shannon’s fleetingly before diving back floorwards.


“That’s right. That’s the Theta spirit. The Theta spirit isn’t you do the bare fucking minimum and then scoot off. Your mommy may have gotten you a bid but if you keep up this shitty attitude, there’s no way you’re ever gonna be a Theta. Legacy or no.”

Jessica flushed at the mention of her mother. She would be so disappointed if Jessica was cut from the sorority. It would confirm all the doubts she had ever had about her daughter’s fitness to belong to such an elite society. To her society. Jessica raised her eyes once again to meet Shannon’s. What were they going to make her do now? How far was this night going to go?

“Stand up straight, Rushie,” Shannon ordered, “and hands at your sides.”

Hesitantly, Jessica complied, uncrossing her arms and forcing them rigidly to her sides. As her forearms slid away from her breasts, there was some shuffling among the Sigs at the doorway angling for a better view, and it indeed took all the “determination “ Jessica had not to immediately cover herself again.

Standing at attention with her back straight and her arms at her sides, Jessica’s sumptuous tits seemed to stick straight out, the tightly tied straps of the bikini top hoisting them up even higher than their natural perkiness would have permitted. They rose and fell invitingly with Jessica’s nervous breathing, and she could feel a dozen sets of eyes following them as they bobbed up and down.

“Now you look straight at Nick and you repeat after me . . .” Shannon said.

Jessica pivoted slightly to face Nick, trying with all her might to keep her hands at her sides and to ignore the lewd way her boobs were being thrust out towards this handsome upperclassman.

“’It’s been a pleasure to serve you.’” Shannon modeled for Jessica.

“It’s been a pleasure to, um, serve you.” Jessica repeated meekly.

“It’s been a pleasure to be served by you, Jess,” Nick replied, grinning. Several of the Sigs chuckled and one slapped Nick’s shoulder.

“That’s how a dedicated, disciplined, obedient young lady delivers a package,” said Shannon, “Now give Nick a kiss and you can run back home.”

Jessica turned to look at Shannon to make sure she was serious, but there was no indication that the command was a joke. Instead, Shannon lifted the paddle and made an impatient gesture in Nick’s direction. Some of the bystanders giggled, but most watched expectantly.

Oh god, thought Jessica, better get it over with. She looked at Nick to gauge his reaction. With a grin and a just-go-with-it shrug, Nick bent forward towards Jessica, puckered his lips, and then gave them a playful tap with his forefinger.

In a way, Jessica appreciated Nick giving her this joking nudge. It made it much easier to work up the courage to take a step towards him, and, in front of all these onlookers, to raise herself up on tiptoes and plant a firm—though extremely chaste—kiss on the exaggerated pucker of Nick’s lips.

There were scattered applause and hoots of appreciation, and Jessica even found herself smiling sheepishly until Shannon’s harsh voice cut through the clapping and wiped the smile from Jessica’s face.

“That was bullshit. Bend over.”

What? Jessica turned to look at Shannon uncomprehendingly, genuinely failing to process the words. From one of the Sigs behind Nick came a rising “Ooooooooooo. . .” that Jessica recognized from when one of her classmates would get in trouble in grade school. The mantra was soon picked up by several of the other members of Jessica’s audience. The message was clear: Jessica had done something wrong and was about to be punished.

“What—what do you mean?” Jessica asked, her eyes flitting wildly to the oooo’ing members of the crowd around her, a crowd which appeared to be growing and closing in.

Shannon groaned theatrically.

“Why is every little instruction an ordeal with this bitch?”

Jessica was speechless. She looked at the paddle in Shannon’s hands, wide-eyed. Bend over? Did Shannon intend to paddle her? In front of all these people? Did she really intend to make her bend over right here on this porch and to spank her butt with that wooden paddle? Frantically, Jessica began to grope for some plan of escape, but she found herself frozen in place.

“Did you not hear me? I said Bend. The fuck. Over! Grab your knees. NOW!”

The violence of Shannon’s words frightened Jessica into sudden compliance. Her hands were shaking, but she managed to lift them from her sides and haltingly reach for her knees. Her torso curved gently downwards, following her grasp, causing her breasts to swing forward ever so slightly towards her chin, their pendular momentum constrained to an extent by their triangular blue harnesses.

“Back straight,” said Shannon and pressed down roughly on Jessica’s naked back with a cold hand.

Unsure of what to do except comply, Jessica did her best to straighten out her back as much as her position would allow. She bent her knees slightly and arched her spine, pushing her chest out towards the floor and her butt skywards. The pressure of sticking her ass out like this caused her bikini to creep further up her hips and to wedge itself even more firmly in her ass crack, and Jessica was painfully aware of how flagrantly she was displaying her bare ass cheeks to the frat boys gathered by the doorway.

Through her shame, Jessica heard Shannon say, “Hold that position, Rushie. If you don’t, this is going to last a lot longer and go a lot worse for you.”

Shannon walked around in front of Jessica and brushed the blonde hair out of her face. “Head up,” she demanded, as she pushed Jessica’s chin upwards. Jessica dared a glance at the handful of witnesses gathered on the steps of the porch. The handful of young men who had joined the Thetas were still there, sipping their beers, and now treated to a front row view of Jessica’s cleavage as it dangled in front of the trembling confluence of her hands and knees.

“That was the most half-assed kiss I’ve ever seen,” Shannon was saying, “Nick, how was that kiss?”

“Meh, I’ve had better,” Nick responded, a smirk in his voice. “Sorry, Jess. Just being honest.”

“Your call, then. How many?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Three?”

Shannon grunted derisively and she circled around Jessica.

“You’re damn lucky Nick’s so soft-hearted. Alright. Three swats. They’re gonna be good ones though.”

Jessica’s mouth went dry. Was this really about to happen? She began to straighten up, her mind forming some futile protest, but Shannon immediately halted her with a bark.

“Stay the fuck in position, bitch! Take your three licks like a grown-ass lady and you’ll get off easy. You get out of position or give me a bunch more of your lip, and three’s gonna turn into thirty real quick.”

Jessica gulped. She forced herself to resume the position that Shannon had commanded. Hands on her knees. Chin up, back arched, butt out. She bit her lower lip to stop it from quivering.

“Well, you clearly don’t have shit for dedication,” Shannon said, “so let’s see if we can teach you some discipline. Count these out, Rushie. And after every one, I want you to say ‘Thank you, Ma’am.’ Everybody ready to see this ass get paddled?”

A few cheers went up from the onlookers. Shannon pressed the paddle firmly against Jessica’s ass, gauging her target. She moved it around, almost caressing Jessica’s bottom with the wooden implement, and Jessica shivered as the flat surface pressed down on the pliable mounds of her backside. Then, suddenly, the paddle was pulled away, and Jessica braced herself.

She heard the paddle collide with her body almost before she felt it. There was a resounding SLAP of wood on supple flesh and Jessica rocked forward with the impact. She let out a gasp, more in surprise than pain, but she managed to keep her hands on her knees and to stay in position.

It was only after the paddle was withdrawn, and the cool air once again made contact with her exposed ass cheeks that she felt the sting, a sharp, burning sensation that spread across her bottom. Her eyes watered and her mouth hung open.

“Well?” demanded Shannon after a moment, “How many was that?”

“Wuh-un,” Jessica choked out.

“Aaaaand . . .?” Shannon prompted.

“Th- Thank you. Thank you, Ma’am,” Jessica murmured, keeping her eyes downward, trying to hold back the tears.

SLAP! Shannon brought the paddle down again on Jessica’s butt. This time, Jessica let out a short, involuntary yelp. Two of the boys on the porch steps laughed and clinked their bottles. The pain of the second blow was intense, though the sting was nothing compared to the shame of being forced to submit to this punishment in front of all these strangers.

One more and she could run home, Jessica thought. Run home and hide her head in her pillow.

“T-Two,” Jessica managed, “Thank you, Ma’am.”

Shannon raised the paddle once again and once again sent it careening into Jessica’s vulnerable bottom. SLAP!

Jessica stumbled forward slightly and her tits rocked back and forth from the impact, but she did not take her hands off her knees or try to stand up. If she wanted this to end quickly, she knew, she couldn’t do anything that Shannon might see as disobedience.

“Three. Thank you, Ma’am,” Jessica said softly.

Many of frat boys applauded. Even in the dim porchlight, it was apparent that a rosy glow was rising to Jessica’s ass cheeks, peeking out from behind the skimpy bikini bottoms. Jessica just stood there, bent over, not daring to rise from her humiliating pose until told to do so. She told herself fiercely not to cry.

“Ok, Rushie, now get the hell out of here.”

Jessica stood up, crossed her arms across her chest and pushed her way quickly past the boys on the porch steps, eyes firmly set on the ground.

She marched down the walk of the Sig House, fighting the urge to reach back and rub her still-burning ass. Once she turned the corner, she broke into a run. Sobs of shame began to rise in her throat as she sprinted back towards her dorm, tits bouncing furiously with her stride.

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