The Initiation: Chapter 9 – The Motel

Jessica’s butt cheeks slipped frictionlessly against one another as she climbed out of the back seat of the Volvo. The slick sensation on her backside, caused by the handfuls of petroleum jelly that an hour earlier she had let a stranger smear all around and inside her ass, caused Jessica to adopt an awkward, bow-legged gait as she followed her kidnappers (for this was how she was beginning to think of Shannon and the three frat boys who had driven her out to the middle of nowhere and subjected her to repeated degradations) towards the run-down reception building of the seedy motel.

Jessica was still reeling from the revelation that Nick and his pals were not driving her to the cabin owned by the Theta Theta Psi sorority, that she was instead trapped with them all weekend, subject to who-knew-what further torments.

So far that day, Jessica had been forced to submit to three public spankings. She had allowed two strange men at a gas station to fondle her naked breasts. She had taken off all her clothes in front of a roomful war veterans and entertained them by simulating oral sex on an empty beer bottle. What would tomorrow bring? How far would Shannon let these boys take this supposed initiation?

The reception desk was manned by a crusty-looking old man with thick glasses and a thin grey moustache. He looked startled when the five of them crowded in and quickly folded away a magazine that he had been pursuing. Nick approached the desk. He had apparently called ahead, and the hotel manager—O’Reilly Nick was calling him—found their reservation and was shuffling through some paperwork when Jessica noticed that Nick was gesturing towards her.

“ . . . kind of a sorority initiation trip,” Nick was telling the manager. “I just wanted to make sure we could use some of the common areas in case we need to perform some, you know, rituals . . .”

Jessica had gotten so used to the sight of the wooden Theta paddle in Nick’s hand that she had barely noticed that he’d taken it with him to check into the motel. But Mr. O’Reilly noticed, and his eyes wandered from the wooden implement across to where Jessica’s voluptuous figure shuffled nervously by the door. The manager cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Urm, now just what . . . what kind of ‘rituals’ that’d be?” he asked.

“Well, Jessica loves to show off, so we’ve been mainly doing some photo shoots. Couple of live performances. Tell Mr. O’Reilly about the show you put on in Millard, Jess.”

Jessica glanced around the room. Everyone looked at her expectantly. Her first instinct was to shrug silently and look away, but she was terrified that Nick was going to turn this into another scene. What did he want her to say?

“I. . . I danced . . .” she choked out finally.

“What kind of dance, Jess?” Nick coaxed.

“S-strip dance?” Jessica squeaked, hoping this was the answer Nick was fishing for.

Nick laughed.

“Alright. Yeah. A ‘strip dance.’ As you can probably tell, Jessica has some killer tits. Just incredible. You should have seen this roomful of guys go crazy when she took off her shirt and started wiggling them around. Sometimes, though, Jessica gets a little bratty and needs some punishment. Isn’t that right, Jess?”

Jessica looked at the floor. She nodded hesitantly.

“I said ‘isn’t that right, Jess?’”

“Yes . . . sir,” she whispered, hoping not to give Nick any excuse to say she was being uncooperative.

“And how did you get punished after your strip tease?”

“A spanking, sir,” she muttered, her cheeks burning in humiliation.

“Where did you receive this spanking?”

“On the pool table . . .”

Dylan chuckled. Nick grinned too, but then said “no” in a firm voice. Jessica hurriedly corrected herself.

“I mean, on my . . . on my b-bottom, my bare b-bottom?”

“That’s right. Jessica’s naked ass took quite a paddling about an hour ago. You want to see how it’s healing up, Mr. O’Reilly?”

The hotel manager appeared flustered.

“Well, I . . . you know . . .”

“Jessica turn around and pull down your pants and panties,” Nick instructed.

Jessica looked up into the hotel manager’s eyes, pleadingly, hoping for some sign of sympathy, some hint of rescue. But Mr. O’Reilly was busily running his eyes down the contours of the beautiful co-ed’s body, his jaw hanging open.

Not finding any avenue of escape and desperate not to endure another of Nick’s chastisements, Jessica slowly turned around. She looked out the window nervously, but the darkened parking lot appeared to be empty. Choking back a sob, she reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. She slid the zipper down, and, taking a deep breath, she hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and pulled both her jeans and underwear over her ass and down to mid-thigh. Her panties made a soft slurping sound as they were peeled away from the Vaseline that had glued them firmly to Jessica’s skin.

“Hoo . . . hoo, that’s nice . . .” Jessica heard the hotel manager say under his breath.

“Hold your shirt up,” Nick ordered her. “It’s covering some of your behind.”

Wincing, Jessica complied, tugging her blouse up to her belly button and holding it there, letting the old man behind the counter and the rest of the room drink in a long look at her naked bottom. With the faint pink marks that were still visible from her paddling at the VFW and the shiny film of the Vaseline that still coated her cheeks, Jessica’s full, round ass appeared to glow in the motel’s fluorescent light.

“Still looks like you might be a little tender back there, Jess,” Nick said, walking up behind her and, to her dismay, placing a hand on one of her nude butt cheeks and giving it a squeeze.

“Urm, yes . . .” Mr. O’Reilly said, clearing his throat, “I think we can find a place for you folks to do your, urm, rituals . . . shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Thanks, Mr. O’Reilly,” said Nick. “I’d love to do a photo shoot out by the pool tomorrow. That’ll be fun, right, Jess? Say, before you pull your pants back up, I wanted to ask this gentleman’s opinion on something. Keep your hands where they are, and I want you to turn around.”

Jessica shuddered, but after a momentary hesitation, she began to shuffle her feet, her jeans, bunched around her knees, restricting the movement of her legs. She shuffled in in a clumsy semi-circle until she was facing the reception desk. Her hands continued to hold the bottom of her blouse around her mid-torso in a white-knuckle grip, making it seem as if she was showing off her naked crotch to the room.

“Now, don’t get me wrong,” said Nick, “I’ve seen thicker jungles around a chick’s pubic area. I think this blonde bush of Jessica’s is actually kind of cute . . .”

Then, to Jessica’s horror, Nick reached a hand out towards her exposed vagina. She recoiled, shuffling backwards a step, but at the last moment she fought off the instinct to drop her blouse, to slap his hand away and cover herself. Instead, she steadied herself and froze stock still, unable to process the humiliating invasion that was about to occur.

Nick made no comment about Jessica’s aborted attempt to dodge his touch. He reached out and gave her pubic hair an exploratory brush with his hand, as if testing its softness, before grabbing ahold of a tuft of hair and giving it a light, demonstrative tug.

“. . . But this isn’t the 1970’s, you know what I mean? I think Jessica ought to trim down before we do her modeling shots. What do you think, Mr. O’Reilly? Brazilian? Landing strip? Or maybe just totally shaved?”

“Well, urm . . . that’s a, uh . . . I think- Well, I think she’d look awful sexy just bare, I guess.”

“I like the way you think, sir,” said Nick. “Bare pussy it is, Jess. We’ll pick you up some shaving stuff first thing tomorrow.”

With that, he relinquished his grip on Jessica’s pubes and allowed her to pull her pants back up. Grabbing the room keys from the stunned hotel manager, Nick took Jessica by the elbow and led her out the door.


Nick pointed out the rooms. He and Shannon would take 104. Dylan and Matt in 105. Jessica in 106.

Jessica was surprised, grateful even. Since she’d learned the group would be stopping for the night, she’d been speculating with acute trepidation about the sleeping arrangements. That she’d be getting her own room was a relief. Perhaps Nick felt that he couldn’t guarantee her safety for an entire night in a room with the other guys? Her insides convulsed at the thought: was Nick—her tormentor-in-chief—the only thing keeping her from being raped by one of the other two frat boys?

Shannon, looking increasingly unsteady on her feet, retired immediately to her room. The boys walked Jessica over to Room 106, Matt chivalrously carrying her suitcase.

After they’d escorted her into her room and Matt had set her suitcase down, Jessica regarded the three young men awkwardly, desperately hoping that they would now leave her alone for the night, allowing her some time to think over her situation. Instead, Matt and Dylan hung around expectantly in the doorway while Nick strolled around the hotel room, flipping on lights and generally taking in the space as if evaluating the quality of the establishment.

“Not the Ritz, but it’ll do for the night, right Jess?” he said.

“Y-yes, sir,” Jessica said, fixing her eyes on the shag carpeting at her feet.

“Well, we’ll let you get some rest. We want you looking your best for your modeling shots tomorrow,” Nick said.

Jessica nodded, her heart racing at the thought that the solitude she craved might be within sight. Nick turned and appeared to be heading for the door. He picked up the TV remote as he passed it, and casually turned on the television sitting on the dresser. The speakers kicked in at a jarring volume, but. Nick set the remote down without adjusting the sound.

“Before you go to bed, though, I wanted to give you one more test of obedience. Just to see what you’ve learned today. Don’t worry. It’ll be quick.”

Jessica gulped, keeping her eyes on the floor. What was he going to make her do? Pull out her tits again for the private viewing pleasure of his horny friends? Bend over so he could spank her again? Whatever it was, she prayed it really would be over quickly.

“All I want you to do is put your blindfold back on and just kneel down on the floor right where you are,” Nick told her, raising his voice slightly to be heard over the blaring television.

From out of his pocket, Nick pulled the cloth blindfold that Jessica had been forced to wear when they first set out on this terrible road trip. Jessica just stood frozen in place as Nick walked up behind her and placed the blindfold over her eyes, tying it firmly behind her head. She heard the door creak and slam shut, and she knew that she was alone, completely blind and helpless, in this tiny hotel room with three men.

“Ok, kneel down right there.”

Nick pressed down on Jessica’s shoulders, guiding her gently to the floor. Trembling, she kneeled down on the carpet, her butt coming to rest on her calves. Nick placed a hand under her chin and guided her face upwards so that she was looking blindly up towards the ceiling.

“There you go. Now that’s all you have to do. Just hold that position for a minute or two. Don’t move. I’ll tell you when you can stand up.”

She could feel someone step up next to her, and she heard some rustling around, though it was tough to figure out what was going on against the noise of the television. Jessica braced herself for something awful to happen, for someone to grab her or tear at her clothes. But nothing happened.

Jessica’s fear started to give way to confusion. What seemed like a minute or two passed, while Jessica simply knelt on the floor expectantly, staring into the blackness of the blindfold and listening to the sounds from the television. Her legs began to fall asleep, but she forced herself to maintain the position that Nick had instructed.

Then, suddenly, something wet struck Jessica’s cheek. One drop, then two, then a third hitting her on the side of her nose. She heard someone let out a short grunt.

“Don’t move, Jessica,” Nick was telling her, “Don’t move an inch out of that position if you don’t want to be punished.”

Jessica felt something ooze its way off of her nose and roll down her face towards the side of her mouth. Her stomach dropped. What had just happened? Then a sickening thought occurred to her. Was this substance . . . was it semen? Had she just let one of these boys cum on her face?

Even if she hadn’t been afraid to disobey Nick’s instructions, Jessica would have been too shocked to move. She maintained her kneeling position on the floor, looking upwards, nauseatingly aware of the sticky substance clinging to the side of her pretty face.

Jessica’s ears honed in on a faint, rhythmic sound of which she’d only been dimly conscious before, and she was suddenly certain that one of the other boys had begun masturbating next to her, his naked penis probably hovering right next to her face. A moment later removed all doubt, as suddenly a new glob of wetness, this one much more voluminous than the last, struck Jessica on her forehead. Another drop hit her just below the blindfold and began to run down her cheek, only to be joined by yet another massive splotch splattering goo across her upper lip.

The scent of the ejaculate assaulted Jessica’s nostrils, making her stomach heave. She worried she might simply vomit right there, but, aside from some mild trembling, she maintained her position, knowing that there was still one more unseen man who expected to relieve himself across her face.

It seemed like a lifetime that Jessica knelt there, feeling the semen congeal on her cheeks, staring upwards as if waiting eagerly for her innocent visage to be despoiled once more. Finally, though, the third wave of cum rained down on her, this time hitting her square in the mouth. Jessica squeezed her lips tight, desperate to keep any of the noxious fluid from seeping inside. Another glob struck her mouth. Then another on the chin. Then a long, sticky string that hit the corner of her mouth and stretched down to her jaw.

There was a moment of terrible stillness. Jessica maintained her subservient position, her blindfolded, cum-splattered face staring mutely upwards, her jaw trembling beneath her fiercely pinched lips. Jessica imagined the boys zipping themselves up, perhaps smirking to one another and pointing at her shameful, semen-stained appearance, perhaps . . . oh god . . . perhaps taking pictures of her, preserving her humiliation on film.

Finally, the television was switched off, plunging the room into silence.  The door creaked open.

“Hope you enjoyed your nightcap, Jess,” she heard Nick say from the doorway, “Get some sleep. You’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

The door slammed shut. Jessica sat frozen in place, unable to process, as the cum crawled down her cheeks.

The Initiation: Chapter 7 – The Restaurant

As the countryside flew by the Volvo’s rear windows, Jessica kept her gaze locked mutely on her hands clutching one another tensely in her lap, unable to think of anything beyond the horror of what had happened at the truck stop.

She played it over and over in her mind, wondering whether she should or could have done something differently. She had tried to enter this initiation weekend with an open attitude, prepared to do things she wouldn’t normally do, to suffer some embarrassment or discomfort as part of the Theta hazing ritual. But not this. Being forced to let strange men touch her naked boobs? Having her sorority sister’s boyfriend forcibly yank her across his knee, pull down her pants and underwear, and spank her bare ass while everyone watched and took pictures? No. This was too much.

Could it conceivably be that this was part of the Theta hazing? That all the girls went through this as Shannon and Nick insisted? It seemed impossible. Yet, as wrong as all this felt, as persistent as the voice in Jessica’s head had become, telling her that she needed to escape, abandon her ambitions of becoming a Theta, just get home, maybe even report what had happened to her, she couldn’t bring herself to contemplate that possibility.

Part of it was probably that she couldn’t let go of her mother’s dream of having her join the sorority, it was too deeply ingrained in her. If she stopped cooperating or demanded that they turn the car around immediately, then if nothing else her hopes of joining Theta Theta Psi were over, and despite everything, being part of that exclusive club still meant something to Jessica.

Part of it was also what Shannon had hissed to her just before shoving her back into the Volvo: “You wash out if you want to, Rushie, but if you ever tell anyone about any of this, I swear to god, no one will ever speak to you again. You will be a complete social outcast for the rest of your University career. And not only that but I will personally claw those pretty blue eyes out. Bet your worthless life on it, Rushie.”

Jessica looked up from her lap to sneak a look at the back of Shannon’s head. After the burst of manic energy at the beginning of the road trip, Shannon had become a relatively silent presence, deferring almost entirely to Nick. The whispered warning was practically the first thing she had directed towards Jessica in hours. She had also become increasingly nervous and twitchy, constantly rolling down the window to light up another cigarette.

This passivity did nothing to lessen Jessica’s fear of the black-haired girl, her silence no more an indication of harmlessness than a coiled snake. Yet Shannon’s threats were still only part of what kept Jessica frozen in her place, locked helplessly in the back seat of this moving vehicle between two sweaty  frat boys.

Part of it was also that she felt a strange sense of guilt at what had happened. Why didn’t she just say no when Nick asked her to open her shirt? Why didn’t she slap that creepy man’s hand away when he began to caress her breasts? Why didn’t she physically fight, scream for help, when Nick dragged her over to the bench for her spanking?

Is that what people would say if they found out? If Jessica told? Would they say she cooperated, that she must have been stupid to let things go as far as they did? Or maybe they would say that she liked it. That she welcomed the attention. Jessica shuddered.

And then there were the pictures. Thankfully, Nick had turned down Randal’s request for copies. Even when Randal offered to pay, Nick had just laughed and told him the photos weren’t for sale, giving Jessica some hope that he might keep his promise not to share them with the outside world. If she ran away or stopped cooperating, though, everyone at school would see them, not just photos of her flashing her tits, but video of her bent over the hood of Nick’s car getting her ass paddled, video of her sprawled across Nick’s lap bare-bottomed. How could she look anyone in the eye again, knowing they had all seen her in these humiliating positions?

Her only hope, she told herself, was to stick the weekend out and pray that these boys kept those videos to themselves, just as they had apparently kept secret the incriminating evidence of the other Theta girls’ hazings.

“Here, next exit.”

Jessica was pulled from her brooding by the realization that Shannon was apparently preparing to pull off the highway at Nick’s direction. They had turned off the Interstate several miles back and had been cruising up a two lane state highway approaching a town called Millard. Not for the first time on this trip, Jessica found herself wishing she had a better grasp of local geography. She had no idea where they were or how far they might be from the Theta’s cabin in Mount Greenwood.

“If you take Main up a few blocks, there’s this steakhouse kind of place,” Nick was telling Shannon as the Volvo paused momentarily at the stop sign at the end of the highway offramp, “we’ll grab some grub and I’m gonna give Jeff a call.”

What were they doing pulling off in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere?, Jessica thought. Who was Jeff? Had the others all discussed this beforehand without her? Nick turned around as if sensing her confusion.

“We’re gonna pull off for an early dinner, Jess,” he told her, “my cousin lives around here, so I figured I’d stop by and see him as long as we’re driving right by. Used to visit Millard almost every summer growing up. Real shit town. Colton’s up here on Main and 3rd cooks a decent steak, though. You’ll like it.”


Colton’s could easily have been mistaken for a renovated Sizzler or an Olive Garden. With its maroon, vinyl-upholstered booths and wood-paneled walls, the restaurant had a slightly old-fashioned but otherwise completely non-descript feel.  Jessica sat across from Dylan and Matt, waiting anxiously for Shannon to return from the bathroom.

After they had pulled up to the restaurant and piled out of the car, stretching out their trip stiffness, Nick had counted out a handful of twenties (the same ones, Jessica assumed, that he had collected from the men at the truck stop in exchange for letting them touch her breasts) and thrust them over to Shannon for the meal. Then, as an apparent afterthought, he had reached back into the car and handed Shannon Jessica’s pledge paddle.

“Just so we’re clear,” he had said to Jessica, “Shannon’s in charge of you until I get back. Do what she says or you know what will happens, right?”

“Yes sir,” Jessica had finally responded when it became clear that the question was not rhetorical.

To Jessica’s embarrassment, therefore, Shannon had taken the paddle with her when they had entered the restaurant, leaving Nick in the parking lot on his phone. The entrance had turned out to be a false start, since the hostess had refused to seat them. While she had given Shannon’s wooden implement merely a half-curious, half-disapproving look, she had been unable to abide the provocative condition of Jessica’s braless cleavage.

“I’m sorry, Honey,” she had said with a critical cock of her eyebrows, “ I know that’s probably how you college girls dress these days, but this is a family restaurant, and we got a dress code.”

Of course, Shannon had played it off like the fashion choice had been Jessica’s and had sent Jessica back to the car in shame to put on her bra. This, of course, had necessitated asking for her underwear back from Nick, who, to her surprise, put up no argument, apparently too engrossed in his phone conversation to bother to humiliate her further.

Jessica had grabbed her bra off the dashboard, and, as discreetly as she could, ducked down in the passenger’s seat to quickly change her top.

Breasts newly resecured, she had braved the hostess’s judgmental looks and reached the table where Dylan and Matt were waiting for her, Shannon apparently having slipped off to the ladies’ room.

When Shannon returned, she appeared reenergized and immediately flagged the waitress down, demanding a vodka tonic. When the drink arrived, Shannon immediately pushed them to order. Shannon ordered a steak, medium-rare for herself, but, when the waitress turned to Jessica, Shannon cut her off.

“She’ll be sharing with me. Don’t want you porking out, Rushie. Not when you’ve still got so much modeling to do.”

Jessica hadn’t eaten since that morning, and, though she had been too distracted to take much note until now, she suddenly realized how hungry she was. She hoped that Shannon was serious about letting her eat some of her meal and wouldn’t simply starve her.

The food arrived surprisingly quickly, just enough time for Shannon to knock back her cocktail and order another. The waitress set down a plate in front of Shannon with a large juicy-looking cut of steak surrounded by green beans and mashed potatoes. Jessica stared enviously as everyone else began digging in while she could only stare at the empty space in front of her.

Finally, after Shannon had apparently eaten her fill, she turned to Jessica.

“Aw, is little Jessica hungy?” she cooed in a baby-talk voice, “Ok, open wide for num nums”

Shannon cut off a small piece of meat, speared it with her fork, and thrust it towards Jessica’s face. Jessica stared at it for a moment, considering reaching for the fork, but Shannon’s game was clear. She wanted to humiliate Jessica by feeding her like a baby. Unsure what else to do and enticed by the greasy morsel hovering in front of her nose, Jessica finally opened her mouth, wrapped her lips around Shannon’s fork and pulled the meat off. Dylan snickered and pulled out the camcorder.

“Well? All done?” said Shannon.

The tiny bite of steak had only increased the rumbling in Jessica’s stomach. She gave the food on Shannon’s plate a desperate, sideways look and shook her head.

“Well, ask the right way and you might get a little more.”

Jessica cleared her throat.

“May I have some more?” she asked under her breath, “Please? Ma’am?”

Shannon smiled and began cutting another piece. Piece by piece, she inserted bites of steak directly into Jessica’s mouth while Jessica’s hands rested helplessly on the seat beside her. Dylan kept the camera trained diligently on Jessica’s face as she chewed and swallowed and pliantly accepted another offering.

As Jessica’s feeding continued, Shannon began toying with her, pulling the fork away at the last minute so that Jessica’s mouth closed around empty air, moving the meat suddenly so as to dab the sides of Jessica’s lips with grease. Eventually, the area around Jessica’s mouth became spotted all around with meat juice, some of it running in drips down to her chin. It was at this point that Shannon, running low on steak, moved on to the mashed potatoes

Dipping a spoon into the white mush, Shannon measured out a heaping scoop and sent it careening towards Jessica’s face. It was a huge mouthful, and Jessica, no longer famished, was reluctant to open her mouth. Yet, she knew that refusing would surely make the situation worse. Unenthusiastically, she parted her lips and allowed the spoon inside, trying her best to suck off the entire helping of potatoes.

Before Jessica had had a chance to process that bite, Shannon had scooped up another load and was shoving it in her face. Jessica tried her best to chew and swallow quickly, but Shannon was pushing the spoon insistently against her lips. Jessica tried to take a bite, despite her mouth still being partially full. It was a messy bite, and globs of potato clung to her lips.

Jessica began to reach for a napkin but Shannon told her harshly to keep her hands where they were. Suddenly, another spoonful was knocking against her lips. Jessica tried desperately to clear her mouth to make way, but Shannon, appearing to grow impatient, kept jabbing the spoon towards Jessica’s lips, smearing mashed potato all around in the process.

When Shannon scooped up yet another mound, there was no pretense at all. She simply began wiping the spoon on Jessica’s cheeks and chin, sticking dollops of white goop to wherever they would stick on the coed’s pretty young face. For good measure, Shannon smeared some potato on Jessica’s nose and dabbed some on her eyebrow, then leaned back giggling to admire her artwork. It was probably the most happy Jessica had seen her since the trip began. Meanwhile, of course, Dylan continued to film and Matt watched with a nervous grin on his face.

Jessica’s head dipped in indignity, and, as it did, a large chunk of mashed potato dropped from her cheek and fell unceremoniously directly into her cleavage, which, due to the missing blouse button, remained exposed.

Suddenly, just as Jessica was considering whether to ask Shannon for permission to wipe her face off, Nick arrived. He was accompanied by two men, both around Nick’s age or perhaps slightly older, both with crew cuts, both noticeably muscled. Nick stopped in surprise when he saw Jessica’s face, then smiled broadly. Jessica looked up helplessly and Nick and the two strange men, conscious of the comical image she must cut, with her face caked in beef grease and mashed potatoes .

“What happened here, Jess?” asked Nick.

“Dumb bitch is the sloppiest eater I’ve ever seen,” cackled Shannon, and, for good measure, flicked a spoonful of potatoes towards Jessica, which splattered on her neck and rolled down to join the rest of the mush that had oozed into her cleavage.

“Well, sorry she’s such a mess, guys, but this is Jessica, the chick I was telling you about. Jess, this is my cousin Jeff and this is his pal Alberto.”

Jessica swallowed hard and managed a meek “hi.”

“Jeff and Alberto served in Afghanistan together,” Nick continued. “Alberto here actually just got back a couple weeks ago from . . . Faro?”

“Farah,” said Alberto.

“Farah,” Nick corrected. “Wild, huh? Anyway, there’s a VFW hall here in Millard they hang out at sometimes, and they’ve invited us to stop by for a couple of drinks before we hit the road again. How’s that sound?”

Before anyone could answer, the waitress stepped up beside the three men to check on the table. Seeing Jessica’s food-splattered face, she stopped short.

“Why don’t I just get you kids the check? . . .”

The Initiation: Chapter 6 – The Truck Stop

Jessica watched her bra slide across the dashboard as the car rounded a bend in the highway. She blushed anew, unable to believe that Nick would just place it up there in front of the windshield for all the world to see. Having such a private object taken out of her control and then displayed in such a public way felt deeply violating.

Once they got to the cabin she’d feel less vulnerable, Jessica told herself. She’d be reunited with the rest of the pledges, be less the sole object of humiliation. And whatever embarrassing rituals the Theta initiation had in store, Jessica was sure that Eliza and the other older girls would keep things under control.

Here in this car, though, driving further and further out into the middle of nowhere, alone with Shannon and Nick and his two leering henchmen, Jessica had never felt so helpless. How far could things go? Nick had threatened to pull her pants down and spank her naked bottom. Would he really do that? Would Jessica let him? It was unimaginable, but what choice would she have?

Jessica could still feel the sting on her ass from the paddling she had received. For the last hour, she had kept her eyes down, hoping to be ignored, and, for the most part, it had worked. She could still sense the pervy stares of Dylan and Matt on her large boobs, which still hung braless inside her damaged blouse and bounced around freely whenever the car hit a bump. But Nick kept his eyes mostly on the empty landscape passing by his window.

When Nick instructed Shannon to stop at the truck stop up ahead, Jessica was grateful. She had needed to pee for a while now but hadn’t wanted to draw any attention to herself by mentioning it. Shannon pulled off at the highway exit that Nick indicated and drove up to one of the eight gas pumps that fronted the truck stop’s modestly-sized convenience store. J.T.’s PIT STOP it said in white block letters over the door.

“I need to use the bathroom,” Jessica said to no one in particular as Shannon shut the Volvo’s engine off, and Matt rolled out of the car to man the pump. She was about to slide over the seat that Matt had vacated when Nick turned around to look at her.

“Well, then you’d better ask permission, hadn’t you?” he said.

“Can I go use the bathroom?” Jessica mumbled.

“’May I,’” Nick corrected.

“And address him as ‘Sir,’” Shannon added, rummaging through her purse,  “where’s your god damn respect?”

Jessica took a deep breath.

“May I go use the bathroom . . . Sir?”

Dylan snickered.

“Go ahead, Jess,” Nick said, grinning, “wouldn’t want you to piss yourself.”

Before exiting the car, Jessica looked down at her blouse. It was a trashy sight. Her nipples stuck out visibly against the thin material, and, with the missing button, she was displaying a provocative amount of cleavage. She considered asking Nick for her bra back, but, realizing that she would have to change in front of everyone and knowing it was probably futile anyway, she decided she would just have to enter the store braless.

The parking lot that wrapped around the convenience store was empty but for a single blue pickup truck, and Jessica did a doubletake as she passed it on her way inside. She remembered the similar vehicle that she had seen drive by from her position bent over the hood of the Volvo. Could it be the same one?

Her fears were confirmed the moment she stepped inside the convenience store. Standing in front of the register, counting out change, was a heavyset man in his early thirties. Jessica recognized him immediately. He had driven by while Nick was paddling Jessica’s ass by the side of the road and had made brief eye contact with her while she was enduring her degrading punishment. When Jessica walked through the door, he looked up and his eyes widened.

Jessica stopped in her tracks. She wanted to run from the store.

The cashier must have noticed her distress. “Help you with something, Miss?” he said.

The cashier was in his early twenties and sporting a scraggly blonde goatee and a black NASCAR cap. His eyes drifted down to Jessica’s boobs, which threatened to spill out of her damaged blouse at any time. Jessica blushed under the stares of the two men.

“Um . . . bathroom?” she asked.

“Right back that way,” said the cashier.

Jessica hurried off in the direction the cashier had indicated, trying to ignore the stares that followed her every step of the way.

The bathroom was not as clean as she might have liked, but It provided the relief Jessica sought. She emerged a few minutes later, hoping the man from the blue pickup would be gone and preparing to blow past the cashier as quickly as possible. Instead, Jessica saw to her consternation that Nick had entered the store and was leaning on the counter, conversing with both the cashier and the portly pickup driver.

When they saw Jessica, their conversation stopped abruptly.

“Hey, Jess. You have a good pee?” Nick called out. “Listen, Shannon’s pulling the car around. Why don’t you join the others around the back of the store. I was thinking we’d do a quick photo shoot before we leave. I’ll be out in a second.”

Jessica didn’t like the sound of this at all.

“I was just telling these guys about your modeling , and James here says it’s no problem if we want to snap a few pictures around back. Right, James?”

The cashier shook his head and said that would be no problem at all.

Not knowing what else to say, Jessica silently brushed past the three men and exited the store. The car had indeed moved. Jessica walked around to the back of the truck stop, her heart pounding as she wondered what might be in store.

Next to a large propane tank, Jessica found Dylan and Matt sitting on a pair of picnic tables, decrepit metal and plastic models that had presumably been set up out back to give travelers a place to eat their slim jims in leisure before continuing on their journeys. The two frat boys were fiddling with the setting on their cameras. Shannon leaned against the car several dozen feet away, indulging in another cigarette at a safe distance from the propane tank.

Jessica had a sickening feeling in her stomach, thinking about the “photo shoot” that Nick had mentioned. She was certain that she was about to be forced to expose her breasts again, to allow these boys to take pictures of her flashing her naked boobs against the backdrop of this filthy truck stop.

But what difference did it make, she tried to tell herself. They already had plenty of compromising photos of her. What were a few more? And if she didn’t cooperate . . . No, best not to think about that.

“Good news, gang,” Nick announced himself as he came around the corner.

Jessica turned. A torrent of anxiety flooded through her system. Nick was not alone. Following along self-consciously at his heels were the truck stop cashier and the man with the blue pickup.

“I talked James here into comping our gas if we’d let him sit in on Jessica’s photo shoot,” Nick continued. “Oh, and this is Randal. I didn’t want him to feel left out.”

“Hey, y’all,” said Randal softly, with a cautious look around.

“Now Jessica here had some trouble following instructions earlier this morning. But she’s catching on quick. You’re going follow instructions perfectly for this photo shoot. Right, Jess?”

Jessica looked from Nick to the boys on the picnic tables to the two strangers, and she tried to swallow the knot that had crept its way up her throat.

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Yes what?” Nick corrected her.

For a moment, Jessica didn’t know what he was getting at, but then she corrected herself hurriedly.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Tell these guys what will happen if you’re disobedient or disrespectful,” Nick prodded.

Jessica cast her eyes downward and shook her head silently, as if trying to shake loose a cloud of shame.

“A sp—. . . a s-spanking,” she managed to choke out.

James and Randal gave each other a look of disbelief. Randal began to grin.

“That’s right. A bare bottom spanking. Right in front of everyone. So you’re going to cooperate and strike the poses I tell you, aren’t you?”

Jessica nodded.

“Alright. Let’s get started. Dylan, grab the SLR. Matt, you’re on video. Jessica, I want you against this wall here.”

Jessica backed up against the white concrete wall that Nick had indicated. Matt had fired up one of the camcorders and was panning up and down her body. Dylan immediately began snapping photos. The two men from the truck stop watched from behind them in fascination, and even Shannon rejoined the group to regard Jessica with a cross-armed sneer. They surrounded Jessica in a crude semi-circle, pinning her to the wall with their gazes.

Nick began directing her like a fashion photographer, telling her to adopt poses, which Dylan would then capture on film. Hands on your hips. No, sassier. Ok, now purse your lips. Blow a kiss to the camera. Now, turn around.

Her reactions were awkward and hesitant at first, but Jessica tried her best to comply.

Put your palms flat against the wall. Look back over your shoulder. Smile.

“Smile, Jess!” Nick insisted.

This direction was perhaps the hardest of all for Jessica, but she did her best, twisting her mouth and raising her eyebrows in an expression that she hoped approximated cheerfulness.

That’s good, Jess. Great. Keep smiling. Stick your butt out a little more. Keep looking over your shoulder. Now give me sultry. Purse your lips, raise an eyebrow. Good. Turn around again. I want you to put your hands on your knees. Arch your back. Lean towards the camera. Come on, lean down further. Back straight. Further. Chin up. And let’s see that smile.

Jessica felt her lips trembling with the effort to maintain a smile as she bent forward, causing her blouse to hang loosely beneath her torso and her breasts to spill forward lewdly.

“That’s good, Jess,” Nick coaxed her. “Now straighten up, and I want you to start unbuttoning your shirt. One button at a time.”

There it was. Jessica had known it was coming. Trembling, trying to ignore all the eyes and camera lenses that were trained on her, she reached up and began unbuttoning her blouse. Ashley went through this too, she told herself, and she made it out ok. Just relax and be strong.

When she’d freed the last button, her blouse fell open, and Jessica’s nude breasts came into view. At Nick’s insistence, she pulled the blouse open wider, exposing her ample tits to their fullest.

“Aw shit, now that’s nice,” she heard the cashier say under his breath. “That’s gotta be the nicest tits I ever saw.”

Nick had her go through some of the same poses with her shirt open. She put her hands on her hips. She blew kisses to the camera. She bent forward so that her breasts dangled loosely beneath her. Always smiling. Smiling or pouting seductively.

That’s great, Nick was telling her, now I want you to cup your breasts. Both hands. Go on. Put your hands on the underside of your boobs. No further down, underneath, so we can still see your nipples. That’s it. Now lift them up. More. Hold them up towards the camera, like you’re offering them to us.

Jessica’s false smile slipped briefly as she let out a sob of shame. She could just imagine how degrading these pictures would look.

Keep your right hand on your tit. Sweep your left hand through your hair. Smile. Hold that. Good. Now I want you to take that left hand, slip it inside the front of your jeans.

Jessica hesitated, but, at a stern look from Nick, she complied, sliding her left hand inside the waistband of her jeans as her right hand continued to clutch her boob. To her shame, Nick instructed her to hold that pose. Dylan and Matt continued to record her from all angles, while Nick stepped aside to talk quietly to the two men from the truck stop.

“Ok, good news, Jess,” Nick said when he turned his attention back to the disgraced girl with one hand down the front of her pants and the other on her naked tit. “These guys are gonna kick in a few extra bucks for our road trip. But here’s the thing: they want to cop a quick feel.”

Jessica was stupefied. She began to cover herself and to step backwards, only to realize with horror that she had nowhere to go, pinned as she was against the concrete wall.

“No,” she said. “Please, I’ll take—take some more pictures. But no—no touching . . .”

“Aw, come on, Jess,” replied Nick. “Quit being such a drama queen. It’s just a quick feel. These guys are big admirers of those gorgeous jugs of yours and they just want to, you know, see what they feel like. Just your breasts. I’m not gonna let them finger you or anything.”

Jessica gasped.

“I promise it will be real brief. Then we’ll get going. You’re getting off easy, you know. It’s just these two. When Ashley did this, she got her tits fondled by like fifteen dudes.”

“Please . . .” Jessica said softly, shaking her head.

“Put your hands on top of your head,” Nick insisted, “and stay perfectly still. You move or you make a big fuss or you take your hands off your head even for a moment and you know what the consequences are. I’m through screwing around here.”

She looked around at the audience who surrounded her. Seeing no avenue of escape, she gulped back a sob and placed her shaking hands on top of her head. Nick beckoned for the two men to approach.

The blonde cashier looked back at Nick as if making sure that this was truly ok. Then, haltingly, he reached out a hand and placed it experimentally on Jessica’s nude breast. Jessica shuddered but kept her hands on top of her head.

Growing more bold, the cashier’s touch drifted around the circumference of Jessica’s boob. His caress became a grasp, and he gave her breast a firm squeeze. Then, he grabbed her other breast with his other hand and began to fondle both her tits at once, taking a more and more confident command of her naked breasts.

Jessica winced whenever the cashier gave her boobs a particularly rough squeeze. Looking off to the side, she found herself looking into Matt’s camera, a reminder that every moment of her shameful public groping was being documented. She shut her eyes against the tears she felt welling up.

Eventually, the men traded off, and Randal, the stocky man who’d seen her getting paddled by the side of the road, assumed control of Jessica’s naked tits. Having witnessed the treatment his companion had already given this girl without apparent repercussion, Randal was less timid, grabbing both of Jessica’s breasts immediately and proceeding to manipulate them in opposite, circular motions, exploring them with his fingers as he did so.

“Oh my Lord,” he said to Jessica, causing her to recoil from his terrible breath. “You have got some damn fine titties, Sugar. They real?”

“Well, Jessica?” Nick said. “Answer. Are your tits real? Or have you had some work done?”

Jessica gave a jerky shake of her head, trying not to cry.

“Th-they’re real,” she whispered.

Randal didn’t appear to be listening, as he had moved on to Jessica’s nipples, which puckered out like perfectly proportioned little pink wine corks from her tiny round areoles. Randal caressed them. Then he flicked them. Then he pinched them.

Jessica let out an involuntary squeak of pain and surprise, causing several of her observers to laugh. When was this torment going to end, she wondered helplessly.

Suddenly, a voice made everyone turn their heads.

“Excuse me? Do any of you work here? I just need to—”  A middle-aged woman had just rounded the corner. Trailing behind her was a boy of perhaps twelve or thirteen.

When the woman saw Jessica—standing topless against the wall, an older man fondling her breasts while several onlookers videotaped—she stopped dead. Jessica gasped and covered her chest, pushing away Randal’s exploratory hands in the process.

“Oh!” said the woman in surprise, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I’ll just—Excuse me.”

She roughly grabbed her preteen son and hustled him quickly away, though he managed a wide-eyed gape back at Jessica before disappearing around the corner.

There was a moment of tense silence, punctuated by the sound of an engine starting and a car peeling away.

“Shit,” Matt laughed, “gave that kid something to remember.”

Nick, however, was not laughing. Randal stood aside as the tall frat boy approached Jessica, who was still protecting her chest with folded arms. Nick placed the back of his hand gently against the side of her cheek and gave her a look of concern.

“Aw, Jess, what happened?” he asked. “I thought we were clear on your instructions . . .”

Jessica’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t mean . . . She hadn’t intended to drop her arms! It was an involuntary reaction to that woman’s unexpected intrusion! That wasn’t enough for . . . He wouldn’t . . .

“It looks to me like you need another lesson in obedience,” Nick said. “What do you think, guys? You want to watch how Jessica gets punished when she doesn’t do like she’s told?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” said Randal, nearly salivating. “You gotta give her spanking. You been a bad girl, haven’t ya, Sugar?”

Jessica was nearly quaking.

Nick walked cooly over to the picnic table and sat down.

“Come here, Jessica,” he said.

Jessica stared in disbelief.

“Now!” Nick barked.

Somehow, Jessica forced her frozen legs to move one after another, and she walked stiffly over to the picnic tables, feeling everyone’s eyes on her. She stood in front of Nick. Her eyes were growing watery, clouding her vision.

“Unbutton your jeans,” Nick commanded.

“P-please,” Jessica pleaded, “Not . . .”

“Unbutton your jeans.” Nick said again, “I said you weren’t getting your next spanking over your pants, and I meant it. Now, you cooperate, and this will be over soon. We’ll all leave together for the cabin, and no one will ever see those pictures we just took. Put up a fuss, and we’ll strand you here, and by the time you get back to campus is going to be the most popular site on the Internet. You want that or are you going unbutton your jeans?”

Jessica gulped at Nick’s threat. Then, hands trembling, she reached down and popped open the button of her jeans. Growing impatient, Nick reached over and pushed her hand aside. He grabbed her zipper and pulled it slowly down, revealing the white cotton of her panties. Then, without warning, he grabbed the sides of her jeans and began to nudge them downward. Jessica could do nothing but stare down at Nick in shock as he tugged her jeans down off of her hips, bit by bit exposing her white-panty-clad ass to the group gathered around her. When her jeans were below her ass cheeks, he stopped.

“Over my knee,” Nick commanded.

When Jessica hesitated, Nick reached up to grab her hand and pull her towards him. With his other hand, he guided her across his lap. Jessica fell forward, and she stretched out her arms to steady herself, causing her naked breasts to swing free of her protective stance. Nick continued to bend her over until her full weight was resting on her torso, sprawled out over his thighs.

To maintain her balance, Jessica was forced to rest her outstretched arms but rest them on the asphalt by Nick’s feet. Nick adjusted her position on his lap until her tiptoes barely touched the ground and her ass was the highest point on her body.

Jessica’s father had taken her over his knee to spank her like this, but not since she was six or seven. Behind the hair that had fallen into her face, Jessica wept openly at the humiliation of having Nick force her to pull her pants down, of having him prepare to punish her like a little girl.

Suddenly, the assault began. Nick brought his open palm down hard on Jessica’s panty-clad bottom. Then he did it again and again. The blows stung, the more so since Jessica’s butt was still sore from the paddling it had received on the roadside.

The spanking continued. Jessica kicked her legs out behind her, but her movement was restricted by her jeans, which were bunched up around her thighs. The slaps of Nick’s palm pummeled Jessica’s ass, striking one butt cheek then the other, until suddenly he stopped.

“Ok, Jess,” she heard him say, “It’s time for me to pull your panties down. You ready? Dylan, you zoomed in?”

Jessica let out a wet sob of humiliation, feeling utterly helpless as, to her horror, she felt Nick’s fingers slip under the waistband of her underwear. With a firm tug, Nick slowly peeled Jessica’s white panties down over her bottom.

“Oh shit,” Randal said in appreciation as Jessica’s luscious naked butt cheeks, glowing pink from their punishment, rose to view.

Nick tugged Jessica’s panties down until they rested at the top of her thighs, just above her jeans. He adjusted the stance of his knees, hoisting Jessica’s nude ass more prominently into the air, the highest peak on the pretty feminine form spilling awkwardly over his lap.

Nick gently placed his open palm against her naked bottom in an exploratory caress, appreciating the heat her spanking had generated. Jessica cringed at the uninvited intimacy. That this frat boy had the power to run his hands over whatever private areas of her unclothed body he wished without the slightest input from her, it was almost too much to process.

“Judging from how red Jessica’s ass is getting, I’d say she’s learning her lesson,” Nick said, continuing to gently rub the pink mounds of the shapely female buttocks draped enticingly over his knee. “But I think a few minutes of spanking on the bare will help drive the point home. Don’t you, Jess?”

“No-o . . .” Jessica moaned wretchedly. She heard one of the boys laugh, apparently amused that she had bothered to answer her tormentor’s question.

Just then, she felt the first slap on her naked bottom. Without her panties to mute the blows, the percussive pops of skin striking skin echoed more loudly and brought with them a more acute sting.  Again and again, Nick smacked Jessica’s ass. When she began to squirm, her bottom twisting this way and that in a futile attempt to evade Nick’s hand, Nick held tight to her hip, pinning her firmly down over his knee.

Finally, with two last hard swats, Nick brought the spanking to an end. He eased his grasp on Jessica’s waist and allowed her to stand. Jessica nearly toppled over trying to lift herself off of Nick’s lap, but, with Nick grabbing her hand for support, she was able to right herself.

As soon as she was upright, Jessica grabbed for her panties and began to pull them up, but she was stopped by Nick’s voice.

“Nuh uh uh, Jess . . . Did I tell you to pull your pants back up yet?”

Sniffling, Jessica shook her head and reluctantly relinquished her grasp on her underwear. Instead, her hand drifted in front of her crotch to shield her blonde bush from view, while her other hand flew up to cover her exposed breasts. She lifted her moist eyes to take stock of the many witnesses to her indignity: the cashier, twisting his cap in his hands and gaping at her, Randal, grinning ear to ear, his eyes locked firmly on the region below her waist, Matt and Dylan, both circling around for the best angle to capture her degradation on film, and Shannon, regarding her with something halfway between an amused smirk and a disgusted sneer.

Nick stepped up beside her and gently pushed her hair away from her face. He placed a hand under her chin and stroked the side of her cheek sympathetically with his thumb. He pulled a tissue from his shirt pocket and dabbed at the dampness around her eyes.

“There now, you’re ok. it’s all over,” he cooed reassuringly to her, “You did real good. I think you’re learning discipline after all. Now, just come stand over here, facing the wall, and I want you to think about your lesson.”

Nick took Jessica by the elbow and led her back to the concrete wall where she had been forced to display her breasts. Her jeans still bunched up around her knees and her underwear stretched around her thighs, Jessica moved with an absurd, humiliating waddle as Nick dragged her along. As she shuffled and stumbled towards the wall, her pants and panties slid further down her legs.

Nick positioned her facing the wall and directed her to place her hands on the top of her head.  Jessica’s jeans and panties drifted down to her ankles, resting in sad pools around her sneakers, exposing her long smooth legs from her calves all the way up to her apple-red butt cheeks.

There was a moment of silence in which the men drank in the sight of Jessica’s nude ass, glowing like a neon sign, while Jessica drowned in the suffocating fullness of her humiliation, dominated and exposed, forced to face the corner like a naughty child, her pants pulled down, the consequences of her spanking placed on public display.

“Ok, Jess,” Nick said finally, “are you going to be a good girl for the rest of the trip?”

Jessica swallowed hard, not sure if she could force words from her clenched diaphragm.

“Ye-es . . .” she managed to squeak. Then, desperate for Nick to bring this horrible episode to an end, she added a quiet, “Yes, sir.”

“What have you learned?”

Jessica shut her eyes, momentarily unable to bring herself to give the demeaning answer she knew Nick was seeking. But finally she choked down the disgrace and willed her lips to move.

“Ob. . . bedience,” she said, hanging her head.

“That’s right,” said Nick. “Now ask for permission to pull your pants back up, and then we’ll get going.”

Jessica pressed her hands down against the top of her head and took several deep breaths.

“M-may I pull up my puh . . . my pants, sir?” she stammered.

“Go ahead, Jess,” Nick replied magnanimously. “Next time I just hope you’ll think about your poor fanny before you become so uncooperative.”

Jessica took her hands off her head and grabbed her panties as quickly as she could, yanking them up over her sore behind. The white cotton enveloped her ass, the sudden contact bringing a stinging reminder of the tenderness back there. Nevertheless, she immediately seized her jeans and shimmied them up her legs, wincing as the rough material irritated her bottom still more.

After buttoning her jeans, she reached for her blouse which still hung open. Suddenly, she hesitated. Nick hadn’t said anything about her top. She definitely didn’t want to risk anything that might prolong her ordeal, much less provide an excuse for some new degrading punishment. Cautiously, she looked over her shoulder.

“May I b-button up my shirt . . . sir?”

Nick gave a long, loud laugh and was joined more hesitantly by the other men.

“Sure, Jess. You have my permission,” Nick said.

“Holy smokes, buddy,” Randal said. “You sure got her trained good. Say, you don’t think I could get a copy of some of them pictures, do you?”


The Initiation: Chapter 5 – The Shoulder

Mercifully, Jessica had only had to stand topless by the side of the highway for a few seconds. Moments after Jessica had followed Dylan out the passenger-side door, clutching her large, naked boobs tightly and ducking down whenever a car sped by, Nick had emerged and tossed Jessica her blouse (though not her bra, which he stuffed in his back pocket, leaving it dangling out visibly like a trophy).

Shannon slammed the driver’s-side door and stormed around to face Jessica, who was hurriedly and clumsily attempting to button her blouse up over her naked torso.

“I have had it up to here with your attitude,” Shannon yelled at her, “Nick may have patience for your bullshit, but I don’t. If you don’t start cooperating immediately, you are out. You understand?”

One of Jessica’s buttons broke off as she fumblingly tried to fasten it with her shaking hands. She looked up at Shannon, lower lip trembling.

“We are gonna drive you right back to campus,” Shannon continued. “No! Better yet, we are gonna leave you right here by the side of the road and let you hitch back! Shouldn’t be too hard wearing that trashy top.”

“That’s not gonna be necessary, is it, Jess?” Nick walked up to her and put his arm around her shoulder reassuringly. “You’re just a little shy. I understand. But you just gotta remember. It’s no big deal. I know you can get through this. You don’t want us to turn around, do you?”

Jessica thought about her mother, how disappointed she’d be if Jessica failed to get into Theta Theta Psi just because she couldn’t handle a little hazing. She also thought about what Shannon had said about those pictures getting out if she didn’t follow through with the initiation. She looked at Nick and shook her head.

“I’m sorry,” she told him meekly.

“That’s the spirit,” said Nick. “Ok, so after your punishment, we can get back on the road, and it will be like this little bit of disobedience never happened.”

Jessica’s eyes grew wide.

“Wh-what? No. You mean-. . . It won’t happen again, I promise. I won’t– . . .” Jessica lowered her voice. “I’ll keep my hands down when you tell me . . .”

“Oh, I know you will, Jess,” said Nick, affecting a tone of understanding. “But you have to admit, you were awful uncooperative just now. I think Shannon’s right. You need some discipline.”

Jessica tried desperately to swallow the lump that was rising in her throat.

“I’m gonna need you to bend over the hood of the car,” Nick said casually.

“B-but . . .No, please, I—”

Suddenly, Nick’s demeanor shifted. The playfulness and understanding disappeared, and he grasped her shoulder roughly, looking her sternly right in the eyes.

“Listen to me. We don’t have all day here. If you don’t go bend over the hood of that car like I told you to right now, we are gonna leave you here just like Shannon said. You’ve got five seconds. Do it! Five . . .”

It was the tone of Nick’s voice more than the threat of being left behind that startled Jessica into instant compliance. It was the tone of authority, a tone that she had always been conditioned to obey. It touched deep chords within her psyche. It was the tone her father had used, and the pastor who ran her youth group and . . .

Without having consciously made the decision to do so, Jessica found herself walking over to the long, silver hood of the Volvo and placing her hands on its engine-warmed surface.

“Good job, Jessica,” Nick said soothingly, following her over to the front of the car. “Now bend over. All the way over the hood. Let’s get this over with.”

Jessica glanced over her shoulder. Matt was adjusting something on one of the camcorders. Jessica looked to Nick pleadingly.

“Please. Just . . . no cameras.”

“Sorry, Jess, that’s part of the deal,” Nick replied, “Dylan, grab the hi-def and get some shots from around front.”

Nick placed a hand on Jessica’s shoulder and guided her gently downward, over the hood of the car. Jessica let it happen, too frightened and confused to do anything else. Nick nudged her downward until her breasts, hanging loose behind the thin material of her blouse, made contact with the hot metal.

“Put your arms behind your back,” Nick commanded.

Jessica choked back a sob, but she complied. She took her palms off the car’s hood, causing her breasts to smoosh down against the metal surface as her torso accepted her full weight. Nick guided her arms into a folded position behind her back.

Jessica lifted her chin and looked up and down the highway. It was not a busy stretch of road, but every minute or two a car would pass. She hoped against hope that this humiliating scene in which she was a participant—a busty, braless college student submitting to a public spanking over the hood of a car from a bunch of frat boys—would not attract too much attention from passing motorists.

“Ok, you take your spanking like a good girl, and I’m just going to give you five swats over your jeans . . .” Nick said.

Over her jeans? Jessica’s heart skipped a beat. The thought that Nick would make her pull her pants down had never occurred to her. Especially not out in public like this, by the side of the highway where anyone could see. She rested the side of her face on the car hood and shut her eyes, trying not to think about that horrible scenario. Please, just get it over with, she thought.

Nick left her side briefly to fetch the paddle. When he returned, he placed a hand on Jessica’s lower back, and Jessica felt the flat surface of the paddle being rubbed experimentally up against the seat of her jeans. Jessica gulped and tried to brace herself.

WHACK! Jessica gasped. Even over her jeans, the blow was painful. Instinctively, her hands flew up to clutch at her ass.

“Hands in place, Jess, or this is gonna get a lot worse,” Nick said sternly.

Giving a whimpering nod, Jessica folded her arms once again behind her back. Once more, Nick placed the paddle softly against her ass, gauging his target.

Just before the paddle pulled away for another strike, Jessica became aware of an object hovering just inches from her face. She lifted her chin to look deep into the lens of a video camera that Dylan, leaning over the other side of the hood, was using to record close-ups of her reaction to her punishment. She was just opening her mouth to say something, to lodge some feeble protest perhaps, when . . .

WHACK! The words in Jessica’s throat became an incoherent squeal as Nick sent the paddle crashing into her buttocks. Tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to hide her face from Dylan’s camera.

Just then, she heard a vehicle drive by. Looking up, she was dismayed to see it slow down as it passed. Jessica moaned in shame.

Nick, meanwhile, gave her bottom a couple of soft pats with the paddle. “You getting this?” she heard him say to Matt, and she knew that her posterior was being chronicled in just as much detail as her face.

Another vehicle passed, just as Nick was raising the paddle. To Jessica’s horror, it gave a loud honk, to which Nick replied with a cheer and a wave of the paddle. Jessica looked up to see a blue pickup truck. It, too, slowed, and for a brief second, Jessica made eye contact with the man in the driver’s seat, just before . . .


“Oh!” Jessica gasped, “Oh god . . .” Her hands once more flew towards her burning ass, but, before Nick could rebuke her, she regained composure and returned her arms to their folded position.

“Please . . . No more . . .” she begged.

Ignoring her, Nick pressed down on her back even more firmly and cocked his arm once again.


The burn on Jessica’s bottom was excruciating.

“Are you gonna be a good girl for the rest of the trip?” Nick demanded sharply.

“Yes . . .” Jessica croaked.

“And you’re gonna do what I tell you to? No matter what?”

“Yes . . .”

“Ok. One more,” said Nick.

“Please . . . Don’t . . .”


Jessica cried out again, her yell of pain devolving into a staccato series of sobs. Nick slapped the paddle down beside her on the car with a clank. Jessica’s arms fell to her sides, but she did not raise herself from the hood, determined to get control of herself first.

“There.” Said Nick, “I hope that taught you a lesson. Did that teach you a lesson, Jessica?”

Jessica closed her eyes and nodded silently.

“What was that lesson? One word.”

“O-Obedience . . .” Jessica stammered, still not rising from the hood.

“The next time we have to do this, you’re going to pull your pants and panties down, and I’m going to spank you on your bare bottom. Do you understand that?”

Jessica’s pulse quickened, and her eyelids sprang open in fear. She nodded.

“Good. Let’s go.”

Shannon, who’d been smoking a few feet away, tossed her cigarette onto the asphalt and walked back around the car. She slapped Jessica’s ass as she passed her.

“In back, Rushie. Move.”

As Jessica lifted herself off the hood of the car, Dylan kept the camera trained on her face. “Hey. Hey Jessica, look over here,” he muttered under his breath like a paparazzo. Jessica kept her eyes determinedly downwards. Crossing one arm across her chest and rubbing an aching ass cheek with her other hand, she trudged submissively towards the back of the car.

The Initiation: Chapter 4 – The Road Trip

Friday. The Pledge Week retreat!

Jessica slept poorly that night, replaying the humiliating details of the evening’s ordeal over and over in her head. Being interrogated in her bikini by campus security while other students passed by and laughed. Running down Fraternity Row half naked. Knocking on the Sigma Tau door like some hired stripper. Kissing Nick in front of everyone. And the spanking, being forced to bend over and grab her knees while everyone looked on and Shannon slapped her bikini-clad ass with a paddle! Jessica tossed and turned, burying her head in her pillow to stifle the whimpers of recollected embarrassment.

So preoccupied was she by these memories that she gave little thought to the Pledge Week trip on which she and the rest of her future sisters were scheduled to leave that morning. It was not until her phone buzzed with a text message, shortly past 6:30 a.m., that she even remembered she had yet to pack.

“meet parking lot H for init trip 7:30,” the text said. It was from Shannon.

This was a change. The Theta pledges had previously been told to gather at the sorority house at 9:00 to leave for their retreat to Mt. Greenwood. Was this some sort of test? In any case, the new ETD gave Jessica little time to prepare. She sprang out of bed, and, trying her best not to disturb her roommate, began to change.

As she pulled her sweat pants off, Jessica discreetly inspected her bottom in the mirror. She was sure she still felt some residual soreness from last night’s paddling, but, as there were no obvious marks, perhaps the lingering pain was psychological. After a quick trip to the shower, Jessica selected her outfit: her favorite jeans, a button-up yellow blouse, white panties, and a solid white bra with just a hint of frill running along the top of the cups.

Fully changed, Jessica had just begun to gather her things for the trip when her phone buzzed again.

“And pack that swimsuit,” texted Shannon.

Jessica winced. What torments were in store for her at the Mt. Greenwood cabin?


Jessica approached Parking Lot H expecting to see a gaggle of Thetas and Theta pledges milling around and perhaps a rented University van or two. Instead, the parking lot was oddly quiet.

She was about to turn around, thinking she had the wrong time or place, when she saw Shannon. Shannon was standing by a silver car, shoving a bag into the open trunk. Beside her was a boy. As Jessica walked closer, she recognized the cropped dark hair and tall, athletic build of Nick, his broad shoulders straining the weave of a dark grey cardigan, his elbow resting confidently on roof of the car.

Jessica stopped short, but Nick had spotted her and called out.

“Hey, there she is! Morning, Jess! Hope you’re not feeling too sore this morning!”

Jessica blushed deeply. Still, there didn’t seem to be any cruelty behind Nick’s playful grin, and Jessica wondered if she was maybe taking the incident too seriously. After all, she was in college now. Perhaps she needed to loosen up.

Shannon turned and smiled as well, though her expression could not be described as playful nor entirely without cruelty.

“Glad you decided to show up on time. It would be a shame if we had to start this road trip off with another punishment.”

The car was a mid-90’s Volvo with a long hood and generous trunk space. As she hesitantly approached, Jessica peered in confusion at the open trunk, which clearly contained more luggage than just Shannon’s.

“Where is everyone else?” she asked.

“Everybody’s taking separate cars. Nick’s gonna drive us up to the cabin,” Shannon said. “We’ll meet everyone else there.”

“Nick’s coming?” Jessica asked in confusion. She had thought the Theta initiation was a closed ritual.

“Just for the drive,” Shannon replied, “But this is all part of the test, Rushie. What’s the Theta motto?”

“Dedication, Obedience, Discipline,” Jessica replied.

“That’s right. And Nick’s going to help us test your obedience. I’ve sold him your paddle for the length of the trip, so you better do everything he tells you to, just like it was one of us telling you.”

By way of illustration, Nick pulled Jessica’s paddle out of the back seat of the Volvo, casually resting it on his shoulder like a baseball slugger.

“Sold?” Jessica was taken aback. Was this within the rules? Could non-Thetas wield power over her as well?

“Well, traded,” Shannon said, “Speaking of . . .”

Nick looked slightly annoyed, as if he would rather Shannon not have said anything in front of Jessica, but, after a casual glance over his shoulder, he motioned Shannon into the car and climbed in beside her, closing the door and leaving Jessica to stand awkwardly alone by the open trunk.

After a few seconds, Shannon emerged abruptly, and Jessica thought she heard Nick say sharply under his breath “ . . . other half after we get there.”

“Back in a minute, Rushie,” Shannon said, “Get your bag in the trunk.”

As Shannon hurried off, Nick emerged from the car, Jessica’s paddle still in his hand. Jessica shuffled her feet nervously, unsure of what to say or do. She had never been good at talking to boys, let alone one that had been given unrestricted authority to issue her orders. And, perhaps, it didn’t help that Jessica found Nick undeniably handsome.

Luckily, Nick smiled at her reassuringly.

“Hey, no worries, Jess. This is standard hazing stuff. The Thetas always bring along a couple of guys to give the pledges a hard time. You know that girl Ashley? With the curly hair? I drove up to the cabin with her last year.”

Jessica did know Ashley. She liked her. If Ashley could get through the initiation, so could she. Jessica smiled nervously at Nick and attempted some small talk.

“How long have you and Shannon–?”

Nick gave a sudden laugh, causing Jessica to pause.

“You’re Shannon’s boyfriend, right?”

“Well, yeah, Shannon and I, we have our . . . arrangements. What about you? You have a boyfriend?”

Jessica shook her head.


Jessica looked at Nick wide-eyed, stunned by the directness of the question from this boy she’d just met. Nick laughed.

“Jeez, loosen up, Jess. You’re gonna be asked way more embarrassing questions than that before the weekend’s up.”

“N-no,” Jessica said finally.

Before Nick could follow up, his attention was drawn to the approach of two figures, weaving their way through the parked cars towards the Volvo. It was two boys, both carrying backpacks. After a moment , Jessica recognized one as the pimply kid who had greeted her at the Sig House door the previous night.

“Bout time, guys,” Nick said, “This is Matt and this is Dylan. Guys, meet Jessica, the newest Theta pledge.”

“Oh, I remember,” said the one who had been introduced as Dylan, a slightly overweight boy with pale skin, dark circles under his eyes and a head of shaggy brown hair.

“Yeah, that’s right. You left quite an impression,” Nick said. “You were all the guys around the house could talk about last night.”

Jessica blushed once again, reminded that both these boys had been among the crowd ogling her breasts and cheering as she bent over to receive her punishment.

“Nice to meet you,” she muttered.

“Shan skipped out to powder her nose. We’ll roll out as soon as she’s back,” Nick told his fraternity brothers. “Pop your bags in the trunk, it’s gonna be tight in the car.”

Jessica’s eyes widened. These two were coming too? This was not what she had pictured at all.

Just then, Shannon returned. She seemed weirdly energized and spoke quickly.

“Yeah! Ok, time to get this show on the road, bitches! Nick, keys! I wanna drive!”

Nick shrugged and tossed her the keys.

“Get your ass in the back seat, Rushie! You’re riding bitch between these two!  Let’s go let’s go!”

With that, Shannon jumped into the driver’s seat. Jessica glanced at the boys. Matt gave her a goofy, smiling shrug and stuffed a few rogue strands of blonde hair back under his baseball cap. Dylan sized her up with a hungry smirk that Jessica didn’t like in the least.

Nick opened the door for her, and Jessica slid into the back seat. Matt slid in next to her on one side, Dylan on the other. It was cramped, and Jessica pressed her legs firmly together to keep her thighs from brushing too much against her male co-passengers.

“Blindfold!” Shannon said as soon as the doors were closed.

From the front seat, Nick reached back and handed her a strip of cloth. Jessica took it but merely held it loosely in her hand in puzzlement.

“But . . . why?” she asked.

“Jessica . . .” Nick said with a note of reproach in his voice. “What’s the watchword for this weekend?”

“I don’t  . . .”

“O . . . O . . .” Nick prompted.

“O-Obedience?” said Jessica, causing Dylan to snicker.

“So put the blindfold on. No questions. Just do it.” Nick said.

Jessica nodded, and tied the blindfold on. Not being able to see made her feel all the more vulnerable, sitting here in this strange vehicle, surrounded by these boys she didn’t know. But she swallowed hard and told herself to go with the flow.

She felt the Volvo’s engine start, and Shannon pulled out so suddenly and erratically that Jessica’s self-consciousness was momentarily replaced by fear for her life.


They drove without talking for the first fifteen minutes or so, Jessica in complete darkness and shuddering every time she felt the car accelerate abruptly or make a hard turn that would send her squishing into either Dylan or Matt.

Eventually, they reached what must be the highway and leveled off into a consistent cruising speed. Either Shannon or Nick turned down the radio, which had been blaring, and Nick addressed Jessica.

“So Shannon’s given me this paddle, and I guess I wouldn’t be taking my responsibility seriously if I didn’t use it. So I’m gonna tell you to do some things, ok? And you’re going to do them, right?”

“What things?” Jessica asked automatically.

“Remember what we agreed about questions?” Nick replied. “You need to show your sisters that you understand obedience, and I’m going to help test you, ok? So when I tell you to do something, you’re not going to argue or hesitate. You’re just going to do it. Aren’t you?”

Jessica cleared her throat nervously.

“Y-yes,” she said.

“Cuz here’s how this works. If you don’t cooperate right away, I’m going to have to punish you.”

Punish? Nick seemed so nice, almost protective, Jessica had allowed herself to think that maybe things would go easier for her with him apparently in charge. But clearly he was perfectly on board to humiliate the new Theta pledge. Just go along, Jessica told herself, every girl in this sorority’s gone through this.

“And how do you think you’re going to get punished?” Nick asked. “A spuh . . . spuh . . .”

“A spanking,” Jessica forced herself to say, her voice petering out into a hoarse croak on the second syllable. She felt the knot in her stomach tighten as she imagined herself being spanked by Nick.

“Right! See? You’re catching on. If you don’t follow directions well or give me a lot of grief about it, that’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to spank that cute behind of yours, and, no offense to Shannon, but I’m guessing I can bring a little more force to bear on my swing. Plus, we’d have to pull over to spank you by the side of the road, and then we’d screw up the great time we’re making.”

To her left, Matt chuckled.

“But that’s not gonna happen, cuz you’re going to follow directions to the letter, right?”

Jessica gulped and nodded.

“Ok. So here we go. First things first. Simon saaaaaaays . . . show us your tits.”

The car went silent.

Jessica’s head spun. It was what she had been afraid of but was still somehow unprepared for. She was torn. Never had she imagined that she would be in the position, blindfolded and pinned in among a carful of fraternity boys, being asked to flash her naked breasts. On the other hand, maybe she was being too uptight. Perhaps this was just part of the college experience. Those girls in the Spring Break videos did it all the time . . .

“Quit being such a fucking prude!” demanded Shannon. “These guys have already seen plenty of your boobs.”

“She’s right, Jess. I don’t know what kind of bra you’ve got on, but it can’t be any sexier than that swimsuit you had on last night. Come on,” added Nick. “Just a quick look. Start by unbuttoning that blouse.”

What choice did she have? Demand that Shannon turn the car around? Quit the sorority? Slowly, Jessica unbuckled her seatbelt and reached a trembling hand to the top button of her blouse. She popped it open. She still couldn’t see anything, but she could feel the stares of the three boys following her actions closely.

One by one, Jessica undid the buttons, and, slowly, more and more of her skin came into view. Finally, she freed the final button, just underneath her navel, and the blouse fell open, revealing her elegant torso, bare but for the white cotton bra that clung to her breasts.

“Pull it open more,” instructed Nick.

Jessica pulled the blouse open, pushing it over her breasts, bringing them fully into view. Matt made an audible exhale of breath in appreciation.

“Ok, now pull your bra down,” said Nick.

The tension in the car was palpable as they waited to see if Jessica would comply, giving them a peek at her naked breasts.

“Jessica, pull your bra down,” Nick said again.

Her ingrained respect for authority coming into play once again, Jessica reacted swiftly to the firmness in Nick’s voice. With a shy blush, she grasped the lacy top of her bra cups and eased them tentatively downward. Jessica’s nipples popped into view.

“Further,” Nick said.

Jessica pulled the bra further off of her tits until eventually they spilled out completely. One of her bra straps slid down her shoulder. Jessica felt tears of anxiety welling up behind the blindfold.

“Holy shit,” Matt whispered.

“That’s perfect. You’re doing great, Jess. Just hold that position for a few more seconds,” Nick said.

Jessica tried her best to hold still. She no longer had to hold on to her bra cups, which were now held securely beneath the underside of her boobs, but she continued to clutch them anyway, prepared to cover herself back up the moment Nick allowed her to.

“Ok, how about you just take that shirt off completely, just for a few miles,” said Nick.

Jessica hesitated. What about the other drivers on the highway? What would they think if they saw a girl riding topless in the back of this car full of men? But she bit her lip, telling herself she had come this far, and slid the open blouse over her shoulders. She awkwardly bounced in her seat as she jerked her arms out of the shirt, causing her tits to jiggle tantalizingly. She held the blouse in her lap.

“Give it to me,” said Nick.

Fighting off a sense of nausea at giving Nick control of her clothes, Jessica thrust the blouse out blindly in front of her, her outstretched arm shaking uncontrollably.

“Now the bra,” said Nick.

Jessica reached behind her and unhooked her bra. It slid off, leaving her completely naked from the waist up. Jessica instinctively crossed her arms.

“Good job, Jess. You’re being very cooperative. Now just give me the bra, and then I want you to put your arms down, ok?”

As uncomfortable as she was with letting Nick handle her underthings, Jessica held her bra out in front of her. Nick took it.

“Great. I’ll just keep that safe for you,” said Nick, “Now, I want you to put your hands on the car seat. Palms down on the seat, ok?”

Jessica thought once again about the other drivers on the highway. Beside her, she could feel both Matt and Dylan shift in their seats, as if angling for a better view. After several deep breaths, she lowered her arms, placing her naked tits on full, unobstructed display for her male companions and who-knew-who-else who might be looking through the car windows.

“See, was that so hard, Jess?” Nick said. “Now just keep your hands right there for a few more minutes, then I’ll give you your shirt back, alright?”

Jessica gave an anxious nod and even attempted a little smile, as if handing an upperclass frat boy her bra and riding around topless in the back of his car surrounded by his pals was no big deal.

Just then, she heard an electronic noise to her left that made her head jerk in its direction. She told herself that she had imagined it, but then it came again. A soft, electronic “chu-chk.” The artificial sound of a camera shutter. Panicked, her hands flew up at once to cover herself.

“Aw, what happened, Jess? You were doing so great,” Nick said.

“I-is that . . . ?” Jessica began,  “Are . . . Are you taking pictures?”

“Well,” Nick evaded, “What if we were? You’re saying you don’t want any mementos of your big weekend?”

Jessica shook her head tentatively, not sure if the question was rhetorical.

“Look, I understand. But having photographic evidence is a standard part of the ritual. Isn’t that right, Shan?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah,” Shannon replied, “We’ve got pictures of every girl’s tits. What, you think you’re special, Rushie?”

“It’s not like anyone else is going to see these,” continued Nick, “after all, you don’t see a bunch of topless pics of the other Thetas floating around campus, do you?”

Jessica shook her head uncertainly. That was true, but the idea of anyone taking  such compromising semi-nude photos of her was still inconceivable to her.

“In fact, Shannon’s probably gonna kill me for telling you this,” Nick said in a conspiratorial whisper, “but they delete all the pictures as soon as the initiation’s over. It’s all a big goof, just something to scare the pledges and test their dedication or whatever.”

“God damn it, Nick!” Shannon said, banging her hands on the steering wheel in a theatrical display of anger (though not nearly as much anger as might be expected, Jessica couldn’t help thinking), “You’re giving away all our secrets!”

“But that’s if you become a Theta,” Shannon quickly added, in a hiss directed at Jessica, “If you baby out and we have to take you home, I can’t guarantee where those pictures will end up.”

“So come on, Jess,” Nick coaxed. “Put your hands back on the seat and let us take a few more shots of your boobs. Then I’ll toss you your things back, and you can relax.”

Hardly able to believe what she was doing, Jessica forced herself to put her arms back to her sides and expose her breasts. Immediately, the camera noises began again, and Jessica let out a tiny sigh of shame.

“Hey, just so we get a few shots without the whole kidnap victim vibe, let’s take off the blindfold, huh?” Nick said, “That’s cool, right Shan?”

“Whatever,” Shannon replied.

“Ok. Dylan, help Jess untie that thing. Jess, remember not to move your hands.”

Suddenly, the blindfold was removed, and Jessica blinked hard against the abrupt flood of light. She looked around. Her stomach turned somersaults. It was even worse than she’d imagined. To her right, Dylan was gazing fixedly at her naked breasts, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. In his hands, held at about crotch-level, he had a camcorder that was busily panning up and down Jessica’s body.

In front, turned all the way around in his seat to face her, Nick also had a video camera, a higher-end model than Dylan’s, that was trained on Jessica’s startled face. To her left, Matt fiddled with the settings on a still camera.

Jessica couldn’t help herself. Her hands flew up once again to shield her breasts from the documentation that they were being subjected to from every angle.

“Hey hey hey,” Nick chided, “Hands down, Jess. Hands down.”

Jessica’s head swam.

“Please . . . I . . . I can’t . . .”

No sooner were the words out of Jessica’s mouth than the car swerved without warning. Shannon violently pulled the Volvo over to the highway’s shoulder, braking so suddenly that Jessica was sent flying forward, bare breasts and all, into Nick’s camera.

When the car came to a halt, Jessica was thrown backwards again, and, for a sickening moment, she found herself knocked over into Matt’s lap. In the brief second before she could right herself, she thought she felt the bulge of his erection pressing against her shoulder.

Finally, she managed to get her bearings. Dust kicked up by the Volvo’s sudden stop drifted by the windows in billows. Shannon had swiveled in the driver’s seat and was scowling back at her.

“Out of the car,” she snarled.

The Initiation: Chapter 3 – The Delivery

Jessica received a fleeting stay of sentence when one of Shannon’s henchgirls suggested that Jessica should put on some makeup before her mission.

“This Rushie’s body might be smoking but her face looks like garbage,” the girl had sneered.

In truth, Jessica’s face was pretty with or without makeup, with her petite nose, her striking blue eyes and her naturally full lips. Her cheeks were now bathed in a perpetual rosy glow, due to the continuing humiliation of her situation and moreover the dread of what was to come, but this served merely to complement the natural beauty of her features. But Jessica was not about to argue, as it would delay the moment when she was forced to step outside her dorm room wearing nothing but this skimpy bikini.

Rather than using Jessica’s own paltry cosmetics supply, one of the girls had pulled out her own makeup kit from her handbag. As the girls set to work applying eyeliner and foundation to Jessica’s face and letting Jessica’s hair down from the constraints of the ponytail into which it had been bundled, a part of Jessica even found herself enjoying the attention, forgetting the nature of the girls’ visit and letting her future sisters fawn over her as if this were a regular girls’ night makeover.

After what seemed like only a minute or two, however, the makeover was complete, and the sense of dread crept back into Jessica’s stomach.

“Alright, that’s more presentable,” said Shannon. “Now get the fuck out of here. Time’s wasting.”

Jessica stood up from the bed where she had been sitting during the beautification procedure. She saw that her roommate had turned from her computer screen and was watching her. The mousey, bespectacled girl looked Jessica up and down, and Jessica saw herself through her eyes:  tarted-up like a beauty-pageant contestant, boobs pushed lewdly upwards by her scanty bikini top, her long, smooth legs completely exposed. The girl wrinkled her nose with a look of utter disgust. Jessica opened her mouth as if to say something, but the words were choked back by embarrassment.

Suddenly, the gift basket was thrust once more back into Jessica’s arms, and Shannon was opening the door out into the dorm hallway. One of the other girls placed a hand on Jessica’s shoulder and gave her a not-so-gentle nudge towards the door.

Legs stiff with trepidation, Jessica stumbled awkwardly the doorway, hugging the gift basket to her chest. She paused at the doorway and looked out into the hall. It was empty, and, with a deep breath, Jessica made the intimidating step from the sanctuary of her room and out into public. The three girls followed her out, crowding her further away from her line of retreat and shutting the door behind them. Jessica hesitated. She looked at the girls expectantly.

“Well?” demanded Shannon. “Don’t fucking look at us. You know where to go. We’ll be following behind to make sure you don’t pussy out, but this is a solo mission. Don’t think we’re gonna hold your hand or some shit. Get moving.”

“Move it, Rushie,” said another girl, “the sooner you make your delivery, the sooner it’ll all be done with.”

Jessica’s heart sank. Having the other sorority girls alongside her would at least give some context to why she was wandering around campus late on a Thursday evening in the middle of Fall wearing a bikini. She looked down the hall, and, steeling herself for what she knew lay ahead, started towards the dorm stairwell at as quick a pace as she could manage, while the Thetas lingered behind.

No sooner had she started than a dorm room door was flung open just as Jessica passed. A girl stepped out into the hall and stopped in surprise at seeing Jessica speed-walk by in her revealing getup.

“Hey, Jessica,” the girl called after her in puzzlement, “uh, going for a swim?”

“No. I just- . . .” Jessica stammered over her shoulder, not wanting to break her momentum, “I just- . . . It’s just a . . . thing.”

To her relief, Jessica reached the stairs before her hallmate could call back to her. As Jessica flew down the stairs, she passed one of the boys from the men’s hall downstairs, who stopped his climb and stared. He said nothing, but Jessica could feel his eyes on her, following her nearly naked back and pert, bikini clad ass on its descent. As she rounded the corner to the next flight down, Jessica heard a whispered “whoa” from above. Jessica shook her head in shame, imagining the story he was about to bring back to his friends.

Finally, Jessica reached the bottom of the stairs and exit door leading outside. She paused to calm her nerves before pressing the door’s cold, metallic push bar with her bare torso (her arms being encumbered by her package).

As soon as she eased the door open, the September air greeted her near-nakedness with a chilly slap. Jessica felt her nipples harden into rigid knobs behind the protective shield of the gift basket, and she knew that they must be sticking out flamboyantly against the thin material of the bikini top. She hugged the basket tighter still.

The campus was quiet, but not as empty as Jessica would have liked. Students with their bookbags trudged back to their dorms from the library, here and there a couple strolled arm-in-arm, and, every so often, the more raucous sound of groups of students heading out to a Thursday night party could be heard ricocheting off the brick walls. Jessica hurried along the path towards the north end of campus, trying to keep to the shadows as much as possible.

For a while, Jessica managed to avoid passing too closely by anyone else. She couldn’t help noticing a few students staring from a distance at the half-naked blonde walking briskly over the grass just outside the range of the streetlights that illuminated the main footpath, and at one point a group of boys hanging out by a park bench yelled some “woo!’s” and “yeah!’s” in her direction, making her quicken her pace, but she felt sure at least her face was hidden by the relative darkness.

As she hurried across the uneven turf with her bundle, her firm, ample bottom bobbing rhythmically side to side with her stride, she felt the bikini bottoms begin to creep their way up her butt, the material becoming ever more wedged in her crack, exposing more and more of the white flesh of her ass cheeks to the night air. With her hands full, she could not reach down to adjust them, and, not wanting to stop, she allowed the wedgie to continue its upward climb.

While rounding a corner and looking behind her nervously, Jessica ran headlong into a male student who had just exited one of the academic buildings. Jessica gasped in surprise, and the boy seemed equally startled as he began to take in Jessica’s outfit.

Jessica muttered an almost inaudible “excuse me” and tried to push her way around but the boy stepped to the side, blocking her path momentarily. They performed an awkward little dance for a few seconds, while the boy tried to engage her in conversation, all the while drinking in the sight of her body.

“Hey, I hope that present’s for me . . . What’s your name, huh? . . .  And what’s with the swimsuit?”

“It’s just a . . . thing,” Jessica feebly explained, before finally managing to push her way past.

The boy did not follow her, but Jessica was acutely aware of his eyes on her exposed butt cheeks as they bobbled seductively away.

Jessica had almost reached the north end of campus when she was stopped in her tracks by an authoritative shout.

“Stop right there please, Miss!”

Jessica froze as a narrow beam of light fluttered around the spot where she stood, sending her shadow skipping across the ivy and concrete façade of the Social Sciences building, the side of which Jessica had been hugging closely for cover. Turning to squint in the direction of the light, Jessica saw that she was being approached by a campus security guard, a middle-aged man with a greying moustache and saggy eyes.

She was seized by an urge to simply drop the basket and run, but instead she found herself frozen in place, gaping at the guard as he came closer, his flashlight slowly tracing its way down from her face, to her bare shoulders, to the cellophane-wrapped package clutched tightly against her tits, down to stomach and hips and finally her naked thighs. Her bottom jaw began to tremble.

“Alright, you mind telling me what this is about?” the security guard asked, after caressing her body up and down with his flashlight beam for a few more passes.

“I, uh–. . . it’s just a . . .” Jessica consciously willed herself not to say “thing” but in her nervous state could not think of any other word and so simply trailed off.

“What do you have in there? Is that liquor?” asked the guard, shining his beam through the cellophane and into the basket.  “Are you twenty one, Miss?” he demanded before Jessica could finish stammering and answer.

“Put the basket down on the ground.” The security guard’s tone was stern, but Jessica noticed him wet his lips as he made the demand. “I may need to write you a ticket,” he explained, almost defensively.

Jessica had always exercised a kneejerk obedience to authority figures, and, though reluctant to give up whatever slim modesty the basket provided, she immediately complied, bending forward  to set the basket down beside her. As she straightened back up, she was mortified to see the guard’s flashlight beam dance directly across her breasts. She reflexively crossed her arms and looked up at the guard pleadingly.

“Please, I’m just . . .” she began.

The sound of laughter from just a few feet away made her stop cold. A group of five student, three boys and two girls, were walking past on the path nearby, all grinning at the humiliating scene of this busty blonde Freshman being interrogated in her bikini by campus security, the spotlight of the guard’s beam drawing attention to her state of public exposure. One of the girls whispered something in one of the boy’s ear, making him let out another guffaw. They slowed their walk so that they wouldn’t miss any action. Jessica wanted to crawl beneath the ground.

The guard ignored the audience which his detention of Jessica had attracted and continued to lecture her, even as his gaze wandered downward to where Jessica’s substantial tits, inadequately covered by her crossed forearms, shone beneath the flashlight’s stare like glowing orbs.

The guard was saying something about the school’s strict policy towards underage students carrying alcohol on campus when Jessica was suddenly rescued by the arrival of the Thetas. Shannon walked confidently up behind the guard and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Excuse me, Sir. I think I can explain . . .”

Shannon charmed the security guard out of issuing Jessica a citation, explaining how Jessica was a pledge and the bikini part of Rush Week and promising to escort her sister back to her dorm right away. Finally, he shrugged his shoulders and let Jessica go with a promise not to wander around campus at night without clothes on any more. With one last sweep of Jessica’s body, he switched his flashlight off and moved on.

“If you think we’re really walking you back home, think again,” hissed Shannon, “you’re making this delivery, and no more fuck ups.”


The Thetas followed more closely behind her this time, keeping about ten feet back. Eventually, Jessica came to the street that separated the campus from the residential neighborhood which contained the fraternity houses.

Jessica hurried across the street just as a car turned the corner, bathing her in its headlights. Jessica froze for moment, caught like the proverbial deer. To her alarm, the car let out a long, sustained honk, and a male voice called out to her from the passenger’s side. “Nice!”

Jessica sprinted the rest of the way to the other side and shuffled quickly along the sidewalk, ignoring the catcalls from the vehicle, which had now stopped in the middle of the street. She found herself wishing she had adjusted her bikini bottoms before picking the basket back up after the episode with campus security, since she was now agonizingly conscious of the way her retreating buttocks must look to the boys in the car.

Jessica began to examine the houses as she hurried past and remembered that she wasn’t entirely sure which one belonged to Sigma Tau Phi. She stopped and looked for the Thetas. They were still following, but they also stopped when they saw Jessica’s hesitation rather than closing the distance.

“What the fuck are you stopping for?” Shannon shouted to her.

“I don’t know which one it is!” Jessica called back, her voice rising to a shrill squeak as her desire not to draw attention fought her need to make herself heard.

“Ask that guy for directions!” Shannon shouted, gesturing with the paddle, and the two other girls cackled.

Jessica turned back to see a boy walking along the sidewalk in her direction, smoking a cigarette. Jessica gulped.

The boy politely averted his eyes as he drew closer, apparently content to ignore the bikini-clad girl in his path.

“E-Excuse me,” Jessica stammered. The boy stopped and regarded her. Inevitably, his eyes rested on her face for only a moment before being pulled irresistibly downward toward her bare torso and the flashes of boob peeking out coquettishly from behind the basket.

“Um, I’m looking for Sigma- Sigma Tau Ph-phi?” Jessica squeaked.

The boy took a drag on his cigarette while Jessica shuffled her feet in embarrassment, causing her bare thighs to rub alluringly against one another like a cricket’s.

“Two doors up,” the boy said finally, with an indicative nod.

“Thank you,” Jessica murmured and hurried along. She did not hear the boy move and knew that once again the lively movements of her departing ass were being closely monitored.

Jessica’s legs turned to jelly as she forced herself up the steps to the Sig House porch. She tried to tell herself that it would all be over soon. The noise from the other side of the imposing front door attested to the fact that the Sig House was still buzzing with activity even at this hour. Somehow, she forced herself to reach out and give a timid knock.


Jessica turned to look for the Thetas. The three girls were milling discreetly on the other side of the fence at the far edge of the Sig property. When Shannon saw her looking in her direction, she made a threatening gesture with the paddle. Jessica made a sound halfway between a sigh and a moan and turned to give the door a louder knock.

This time, the door swung open almost immediately. On the other side was a skinny, pimply boy in a baseball hat. He had the bleary-eyed look that Jessica recognized from the potheads at her high school. The dumb grin on his face faded immediately when he saw Jessica; his eyebrows rose up into the brim of his cap, and his jaw went slack.

The two simply stared at one another for a moment before Jessica remembered her instructions.

“Is- Is Nick here?”

“Nick? Uh, yeah. Yeah, Nick’s here.”

The slack-jawed boy didn’t move. He just continued to stare. Jessica squirmed, desperate to deliver her package. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed that the Thetas had been joined by several male observers, who sipped casually from beer bottles while gazing in admiration up at the girl in the tiny bikini, floundering in embarrassment under the porchlight.

“Uh, you want me to like go get him?” the boy finally asked, putting two and two together.

“I just need to give him this,” said Jessica quickly, thrusting the present out in the hopes that leaving the package with the doorman would fulfill her duty.

“Hold on, I’ll get him,” he replied to her disappointment. “Hey Nick!”

The boy disappeared behind the half-open door, but Jessica could hear him calling out to his fraternity brothers.

“Holy shit, dude, you gotta see this chick at the door. Did Nick order a stripper or something? Anyway, she’s fucking stacked. Nick! Door! Tight-ass little bikini, totally hot. I’m serious.”

The door swung open again to reveal a tall, athletic boy with short, jet-black hair and a square jaw covered in a neat glaze of stubble. He looked down coolly at Jessica, the side of his mouth rising into a knowing smirk. Behind him, the gangly stoner and several other frat boys crowded the foyer, craning their necks to get a look.

“Well, what do we have here?” the black-haired boy asked. “I’m guessing a Theta rush? Shan send you?”

Jessica nodded and cleared her throat.

“That’s for me, huh?” said Nick, reaching for the gift basket. Jessica hesitated but finally allowed it to be torn from her arms. As Nick lifted the cover away, Jessica’s bikini-clad tits came fully into view, and there were appreciative murmurs from the frat boys behind Nick. Jessica crossed her arms and turned to go.

“Wait,” said Nick, and there was something commanding in his voice that made Jessica pause. “What’s your name?”

“J-Jessica,” she said.

“Chill out, Jessica,” he said, “We’ve seen plenty of Rush Week stunts. It’s no big deal. You’re not the first girl to knock on our door dressed like you’re heading to the tanning salon.”

“Yeah, but she’s probably got the hottest boobies,” someone said behind him. Jessica flinched.

“Ok. Bye,” Jessica said simply and made to flee the porch as quickly as she could. But no sooner had she turned around than she ran headlong into Shannon barreling up the walk, paddle in hand.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going, Rushie? I don’t think I heard Nick dismiss you yet. That’s just rude!”

Nick leaned in behind her and whispered in her ear conspiratorially, “Don’t worry. She treats all the new girls this way. Just go along, and you’ll be fine.”

Despite everything, Jessica appreciated the kindness in Nick’s reassurances. She tried to calm her nervous breathing as Shannon stormed up the steps.

“You have got to be the most pathetic delivery girl I’ve ever seen!” Shannon snarled, placing her hands on her hips and leaning in towards Jessica threateningly.

Jessica kept her eyes firmly on the ground and tried not to notice that the other Thetas and their three male companions were ambling up the walk in Shannon’s wake. Meanwhile, Nick had taken a step out onto the porch, allowing the Sigs at his shoulder to ooze their way out into the doorway. Increasingly, Jessica was surrounded.

“I did everything you wanted,” Jessica finally mumbled to Shannon, “You said—”

“Do you want to be a Theta?” Shannon interrupted her.

Jessica nodded.

“What is the first word of the Theta Theta Psi motto?”

Jessica’s eyes rose to meet Shannon’s fleetingly before diving back floorwards.


“That’s right. That’s the Theta spirit. The Theta spirit isn’t you do the bare fucking minimum and then scoot off. Your mommy may have gotten you a bid but if you keep up this shitty attitude, there’s no way you’re ever gonna be a Theta. Legacy or no.”

Jessica flushed at the mention of her mother. She would be so disappointed if Jessica was cut from the sorority. It would confirm all the doubts she had ever had about her daughter’s fitness to belong to such an elite society. To her society. Jessica raised her eyes once again to meet Shannon’s. What were they going to make her do now? How far was this night going to go?

“Stand up straight, Rushie,” Shannon ordered, “and hands at your sides.”

Hesitantly, Jessica complied, uncrossing her arms and forcing them rigidly to her sides. As her forearms slid away from her breasts, there was some shuffling among the Sigs at the doorway angling for a better view, and it indeed took all the “determination “ Jessica had not to immediately cover herself again.

Standing at attention with her back straight and her arms at her sides, Jessica’s sumptuous tits seemed to stick straight out, the tightly tied straps of the bikini top hoisting them up even higher than their natural perkiness would have permitted. They rose and fell invitingly with Jessica’s nervous breathing, and she could feel a dozen sets of eyes following them as they bobbed up and down.

“Now you look straight at Nick and you repeat after me . . .” Shannon said.

Jessica pivoted slightly to face Nick, trying with all her might to keep her hands at her sides and to ignore the lewd way her boobs were being thrust out towards this handsome upperclassman.

“’It’s been a pleasure to serve you.’” Shannon modeled for Jessica.

“It’s been a pleasure to, um, serve you.” Jessica repeated meekly.

“It’s been a pleasure to be served by you, Jess,” Nick replied, grinning. Several of the Sigs chuckled and one slapped Nick’s shoulder.

“That’s how a dedicated, disciplined, obedient young lady delivers a package,” said Shannon, “Now give Nick a kiss and you can run back home.”

Jessica turned to look at Shannon to make sure she was serious, but there was no indication that the command was a joke. Instead, Shannon lifted the paddle and made an impatient gesture in Nick’s direction. Some of the bystanders giggled, but most watched expectantly.

Oh god, thought Jessica, better get it over with. She looked at Nick to gauge his reaction. With a grin and a just-go-with-it shrug, Nick bent forward towards Jessica, puckered his lips, and then gave them a playful tap with his forefinger.

In a way, Jessica appreciated Nick giving her this joking nudge. It made it much easier to work up the courage to take a step towards him, and, in front of all these onlookers, to raise herself up on tiptoes and plant a firm—though extremely chaste—kiss on the exaggerated pucker of Nick’s lips.

There were scattered applause and hoots of appreciation, and Jessica even found herself smiling sheepishly until Shannon’s harsh voice cut through the clapping and wiped the smile from Jessica’s face.

“That was bullshit. Bend over.”

What? Jessica turned to look at Shannon uncomprehendingly, genuinely failing to process the words. From one of the Sigs behind Nick came a rising “Ooooooooooo. . .” that Jessica recognized from when one of her classmates would get in trouble in grade school. The mantra was soon picked up by several of the other members of Jessica’s audience. The message was clear: Jessica had done something wrong and was about to be punished.

“What—what do you mean?” Jessica asked, her eyes flitting wildly to the oooo’ing members of the crowd around her, a crowd which appeared to be growing and closing in.

Shannon groaned theatrically.

“Why is every little instruction an ordeal with this bitch?”

Jessica was speechless. She looked at the paddle in Shannon’s hands, wide-eyed. Bend over? Did Shannon intend to paddle her? In front of all these people? Did she really intend to make her bend over right here on this porch and to spank her butt with that wooden paddle? Frantically, Jessica began to grope for some plan of escape, but she found herself frozen in place.

“Did you not hear me? I said Bend. The fuck. Over! Grab your knees. NOW!”

The violence of Shannon’s words frightened Jessica into sudden compliance. Her hands were shaking, but she managed to lift them from her sides and haltingly reach for her knees. Her torso curved gently downwards, following her grasp, causing her breasts to swing forward ever so slightly towards her chin, their pendular momentum constrained to an extent by their triangular blue harnesses.

“Back straight,” said Shannon and pressed down roughly on Jessica’s naked back with a cold hand.

Unsure of what to do except comply, Jessica did her best to straighten out her back as much as her position would allow. She bent her knees slightly and arched her spine, pushing her chest out towards the floor and her butt skywards. The pressure of sticking her ass out like this caused her bikini to creep further up her hips and to wedge itself even more firmly in her ass crack, and Jessica was painfully aware of how flagrantly she was displaying her bare ass cheeks to the frat boys gathered by the doorway.

Through her shame, Jessica heard Shannon say, “Hold that position, Rushie. If you don’t, this is going to last a lot longer and go a lot worse for you.”

Shannon walked around in front of Jessica and brushed the blonde hair out of her face. “Head up,” she demanded, as she pushed Jessica’s chin upwards. Jessica dared a glance at the handful of witnesses gathered on the steps of the porch. The handful of young men who had joined the Thetas were still there, sipping their beers, and now treated to a front row view of Jessica’s cleavage as it dangled in front of the trembling confluence of her hands and knees.

“That was the most half-assed kiss I’ve ever seen,” Shannon was saying, “Nick, how was that kiss?”

“Meh, I’ve had better,” Nick responded, a smirk in his voice. “Sorry, Jess. Just being honest.”

“Your call, then. How many?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Three?”

Shannon grunted derisively and she circled around Jessica.

“You’re damn lucky Nick’s so soft-hearted. Alright. Three swats. They’re gonna be good ones though.”

Jessica’s mouth went dry. Was this really about to happen? She began to straighten up, her mind forming some futile protest, but Shannon immediately halted her with a bark.

“Stay the fuck in position, bitch! Take your three licks like a grown-ass lady and you’ll get off easy. You get out of position or give me a bunch more of your lip, and three’s gonna turn into thirty real quick.”

Jessica gulped. She forced herself to resume the position that Shannon had commanded. Hands on her knees. Chin up, back arched, butt out. She bit her lower lip to stop it from quivering.

“Well, you clearly don’t have shit for dedication,” Shannon said, “so let’s see if we can teach you some discipline. Count these out, Rushie. And after every one, I want you to say ‘Thank you, Ma’am.’ Everybody ready to see this ass get paddled?”

A few cheers went up from the onlookers. Shannon pressed the paddle firmly against Jessica’s ass, gauging her target. She moved it around, almost caressing Jessica’s bottom with the wooden implement, and Jessica shivered as the flat surface pressed down on the pliable mounds of her backside. Then, suddenly, the paddle was pulled away, and Jessica braced herself.

She heard the paddle collide with her body almost before she felt it. There was a resounding SLAP of wood on supple flesh and Jessica rocked forward with the impact. She let out a gasp, more in surprise than pain, but she managed to keep her hands on her knees and to stay in position.

It was only after the paddle was withdrawn, and the cool air once again made contact with her exposed ass cheeks that she felt the sting, a sharp, burning sensation that spread across her bottom. Her eyes watered and her mouth hung open.

“Well?” demanded Shannon after a moment, “How many was that?”

“Wuh-un,” Jessica choked out.

“Aaaaand . . .?” Shannon prompted.

“Th- Thank you. Thank you, Ma’am,” Jessica murmured, keeping her eyes downward, trying to hold back the tears.

SLAP! Shannon brought the paddle down again on Jessica’s butt. This time, Jessica let out a short, involuntary yelp. Two of the boys on the porch steps laughed and clinked their bottles. The pain of the second blow was intense, though the sting was nothing compared to the shame of being forced to submit to this punishment in front of all these strangers.

One more and she could run home, Jessica thought. Run home and hide her head in her pillow.

“T-Two,” Jessica managed, “Thank you, Ma’am.”

Shannon raised the paddle once again and once again sent it careening into Jessica’s vulnerable bottom. SLAP!

Jessica stumbled forward slightly and her tits rocked back and forth from the impact, but she did not take her hands off her knees or try to stand up. If she wanted this to end quickly, she knew, she couldn’t do anything that Shannon might see as disobedience.

“Three. Thank you, Ma’am,” Jessica said softly.

Many of frat boys applauded. Even in the dim porchlight, it was apparent that a rosy glow was rising to Jessica’s ass cheeks, peeking out from behind the skimpy bikini bottoms. Jessica just stood there, bent over, not daring to rise from her humiliating pose until told to do so. She told herself fiercely not to cry.

“Ok, Rushie, now get the hell out of here.”

Jessica stood up, crossed her arms across her chest and pushed her way quickly past the boys on the porch steps, eyes firmly set on the ground.

She marched down the walk of the Sig House, fighting the urge to reach back and rub her still-burning ass. Once she turned the corner, she broke into a run. Sobs of shame began to rise in her throat as she sprinted back towards her dorm, tits bouncing furiously with her stride.

The Initiation Chapter 2 – The Paddle

First Chapter of W.H. Collins’s dark erotic novel “The Initiation.”. All nineteen chapters are available from Amazon and All Romance

Note that this story is intended for mature audiences only and contains extremely graphic depictions of material that many audiences will find disturbing, including spanking and forced nudity. Nothing herein is intended to glorify or condone the horrific experiences which the protagonist endures, and the reader is strictly instructed not to take any prurient interest in this tale of violence and sexual exploitation.

During the course of the next week, Jessica’s paddle passed around between the Theta sisters. The pledges had all written down their cell numbers so that they could be called to duty at any time.

Jessica spent one evening with another pledge wiping down all the counters in the sorority kitchen while several of the upperclassmen looked on, paddles in hand, sipping white wine and barking orders. She was sent to pick up one girl’s dry cleaning, requiring Jessica to bring the massive pile of bagged clothes onto the public bus, since she did not have a car, and causing her to be late for class much to her embarrassment.

Michelle even made good on her foot-massage threat. Jessica was called into the library Wednesday evening, where her pudgy sister ordered her to kneel down beside the carroll where the older girl’s books were stacked. Jessica hesitated, looking around at the crowded library, but, when Michelle pulled the paddle out of her bookbag with the words “Jessica Johnston” clearly visible, Jessica lowered herself to the floor where Michelle was already kicking off her slippers and wriggling her bare toes in anticipation.

Jessica took a fat, slightly pungent foot in both hands and began to knead, as Michelle let out a theatrical sigh. Jessica glanced hesitantly over her shoulder to see who was taking a break from their studies to watch this humiliating scene. Some students seemed to be consciously averting their eyes as if to spare her the shame. A few grinned at her or snickered to their neighbor, but for the most part everyone was aware of the rituals of pledge week and paid her no mind. Just as she was about to turn her attention back to Michelle’s calloused soles, though, she noticed the red-headed boy from her Intro to Econ class, on whom Jessica was developing a preliminary crush, sitting several seats over. They briefly made eye contact. Jessica blushed deeply and ducked her head down.

The worst came Thursday night, however. It was past 10, and Jessica was already in her pajamas, sweat pants and an oversized, old T-Shirt with the logo of an insurance company, when there was a rough pounding on her dorm room door. “What now?” Jessica thought wearily as she sat up in bed and walked slowly to door, glancing over her shoulder at her roommate who was consumed with some task at her computer, a pair of massive, studio-style headphones enveloping both her ears.

Jessica opened the door to find Shannon and two other Thetas.  One of them was carrying what appeared to be a gift basket, a cellophane-wrapped bundle about the size of a bag of groceries. Another was clutching some sort of clothing item at her side, and a turquoise-green strap dangling down conspicuously by her knees. But it was the object in Shannon’s hands on which Jessica’s eyes came to rest: the paddle carved with Jessica’s name.

Shannon regarded her for a moment with a pursed-lipped scowl and twirled the paddle in her open palm. The wooden face spun around and around. JESSICA ♥ JOHNSTON – θθΨ –JESSICA ♥ JOHNSTON – θθΨ – JESSICA ♥ JOHNSTON – θθΨ – JESSICA ♥ JOHNSTON. Finally, she spoke.

“Nice sweats, Rushie. I hope you’re not thinking it’s bedtime yet because we’ve got an important mission for you.”

Jessica just nodded, self-consciously adjusting the waistband of her pants. The two girls standing behind Shannon gave each other a look, and one let out a derisive chuckle.

“Listen up. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday next week, so I thought it would be fun to have one of my little Rushie servants deliver him a surprise present.”

Shannon nodded to the girl with the gift basket who thrust it over to Jessica. Jessica clumsily accepted the package, adjusting her hold as she haltingly tried to figure out how best to grasp the awkwardly shaped mass of cellophane.  Inside, she could make out what looked like a bottle of liquor and some small boxes that might contain chocolate.

“He’s Sigma Tau Phi,” continued Shannon, “so you’ll have to carry this over to the Sig House. Just knock on the door and ask for Nick.”

Jessica couldn’t exactly picture the Sigma Tau Phi fraternity house, but she knew that all the frat houses were located along a single street on the north end of campus, the opposite end of campus from her dormitory. It would be a thirty minute walk at least, she thought, frustrated that she would not be getting to bed for at least another hour. But there was nothing to do except obey. The rules of Rush Week were clear. If she wanted to be a Theta, she had to follow Shannon’s instructions.

“Ok,” Jessica said simply, looking down at the basket cradled in her arms.

“’Ok.’” Shannon imitated her in a mocking, idiot-voice. “’Ok, Ma’am’ I think you mean. But if you think your task is going to be that easy, you’re even more stupid than you look. And you look pretty retarded. See, I thought it would be fun to give those Sig boys a thrill. Me and Teresa were talking earlier about which Rushie I should make my delivery bitch, and I was like, what about that one blonde bimbo? She doesn’t look like she’s ever had one intelligent thought flash through that empty head of hers, but I bet that slutty porn-star body of hers would look great in a bikini.”

The girl at Shannon’s left held up the wad of blue-green material that had been bunched up in her fist. Jessica recognized it now as a swimsuit, apparently a two-piece. But she stared at it uncomprehendingly. What did a bikini have to do with this gift basket she was supposed to deliver to Nick at the Sigma House?

“Every delivery bitch needs a uniform. And we decided this would be more exciting that those brown UPS slacks. I hope you didn’t think you were going out in those grungy sweat pants.”

The three girls barged their way past Jessica and into her dorm room. Jessica backed away dumbfounded. They were going to make her walk across campus in a swimsuit? Knock on the door of a frat house where she didn’t know anybody wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini?

“Let’s go. Chop chop, Rushie. Put that down, and get changed.”

As soon as Jessica set down the gift basket, the swimsuit was stuffed into her hand, and Jessica noted with growing dread how insubstantial it felt. She unwadded it and held the two pieces up separatedly. It was even worse than she thought. Jessica had never owned swimwear like this. The cups of the top were triangular and connected by thin straps, the bottom tapered into tiny strings at the sides, not a thong exactly but clearly not designed to cover very much. It was something out of Sports Illustrated, the sort of immodest, impractical getup worn by girls begging for attention.

Behind her, one of the girls had shut the dorm-room door. Jessica’s roommate looked up briefly at the four sorority girls with a look mild and slightly disdainful curiosity but quickly went back to her computer screen.

“Well?” demanded Shannon. “Let’s get going, Rushie. Get those gross sweat pants off and get into your delivery bitch uniform. I don’t have a lot of patience for bullshit tonight.”

Jessica looked up from the swimsuit to the three girls, her stomach tied in knots. Were they going to just stand there and watch her change? Jessica had always been very shy about dressing in public. Even when she had been on the volleyball team, had always sought out the most sheltered corner of the locker room and timed the order of her dressing to leave as little exposed at a time as she could.

“Let’s go, Rushie!” Shannon shouted exasperated, “Or I’ll have Teresa and Vicky here pull down your pants for you, then I’m gonna paddle your bare ass bright red and send you out to make your delivery buck naked!”

Jessica’s heart quickened, and she began fumbling ineffectually with the swimsuit, her mind momentarily unable to grapple with anything except the terrifying thoughts of having these girls forcibly undress her, of them spanking her with that paddle in front of her roommate, of being sent outside naked. But she tried to remind herself that it was just to scare her. They wouldn’t do any of that. Would they?

Meanwhile, Jessica’s roomate’s attention had been attracted by Shannon’s raised voice. She looked over at them and popped one of the headphones discreetly off one ear. Shannon made eye contact with her.

“Hey you, if your roommate doesn’t start obeying instructions pretty quick. We’re gonna have to bend her over this bed right here and give her a thorough paddling. That’s not gonna disturb you, is it?”

Jessica’s roommate shrugged, clearly scornful of these humiliating hazing rituals but just wanting to keep out of it. “Whatever,” she said and went back to her computer.

Jolted by the sound of the paddle smacking against Shannon’s palm, Jessica quickly but shakily grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Prepared for bed, Jessica had not been wearing a bra, and her naked breasts, dragged upward by the motion of the shirt, bounced back down when the material was pulled free and jiggled momentarily before finding their equilibrium. Jessica, feeling the eyes of the three Thetas on her body, immediately reached up to shield herself with her free forearm. As she turned to toss her shirt down on her bed, she heard one of the girls grunt with a tone of gruding appreciation.

“Wow, you gotta admit, those are some nice boobs,” she muttered to her sister.

“Seriously. Did you see that bounce? Buh-dong-dong. Totally hot,” said the other.

There wasn’t much malice in the comments, but Jessica still blushed to hear her body discussed that way. She tried to focus on getting changed as quickly as possible. She grabbed the bikini top and slid it under her protective forearm, centering the triangles over her nipples and holding them in place while her free hand guided the straps over her shoulders. She faltered, and the top went momentarily slack, causing her right breast to pop obscenely into view.

“Aw, little Rushie can’t quite dress herself,” Shannon taunted, “Let me do it, or we’ll be here all night.”

Shannon stepped behind Jessica and took over. She reached around and grabbed Jessica’s exposed breast, more roughly than necessary, and stuffed it inside the bikini. Jessica let out a short gasp at the sudden, unexpected invasion but otherwise said nothing. Shannon pulled back on the strings, causing Jessica’s breasts to lift and pushing them together ever so slightly. Shannon pulled even tighter, and Jessica’s cleavage swelled, her spherical breasts hoisted up at a gravity-defying-angle by the taut blue-green material. Once Shannon had pulled the bikini top as tight as she could, she tied it off and stepped back.

Jessica caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror hanging from the inside of the dorm-room door. Her boobs spilled out on either side of their small, triangular harnesses, and Jessica even noted that the underside of her breasts were visible, bulging out from underneath the turquoise cradles that kept them suspended above their natural resting points. She couldn’t go outside wearing this. She just couldn’t.

At the sound of another slap of the paddle against Shannon’s palm, Jessica tore herself away from the mirror. The three girls were all looking at her expectantly. She looked down at the bikini bottoms lying next to her shirt on the bed. Suddenly, she regretted the decision to do her top first, since she now realized how exposed she was about to be once she took off her sweat pants. But it was too late now. She glanced briefly at her roommate to see if she was looking. Thankfully, she wasn’t. One less audience member, at least. Avoiding any eye contact, Jessica slipped her thumbs inside the waistband of her sweats and pulled them downwards, past her panty-clad crotch, over her white thighs and all the way down to the floor, where she had to bend down to ease the elastic over her ankles. She stood back up, acutely aware of how naked she was. With a deep breath, she grabbed her panties and began to peel those too down her legs.

Jessica turned slightly to the side as she slid her panties down, so that her bush would not be front and center towards the three girls who continued to stare at her with unapologetic directness. When her panties fell past her knees, she straightened up and covered her crotch with her hand, allowing her underwear to fall to the ground. Kicking the panties off, she grabbed for the bikini bottom as quickly as she could, nearly tripping over herself as she stepped into the leg holes and yanked it up over her naked crotch and ass.

It was as tight as the top. Almost certainly not her size. She had to tug to get the material high enough on her waist just to cover up her ass crack and the tops of her pubes, the latter of which she was horrified to see were still visible peeking out from behind the turquoise bikini bottom. Jessica tried to discreetly stuff the blonde hairs back down inside as best she could.

Again, she risked a glance towards the mirror. She was prepared for what she would see, but it was still disorienting to see herself in such a revealing bathing suit, so far from a beach and surrounded by these other fully clothed women. She looked like she should be preparing for a modeling shoot or about to don a sash for a beauty pageant swimsuit competition. Instead, she knew, she was about to be forced to travel across a college campus and knock on a frat house door.

Shannon let out a low whistle and began to walk slowly around behind Jessica, ostentatiously evaluating her body.

“Yeah, those Sigs are gonna hit the roof when they get a look at this slut,” Shannon said.

Slut? Jessica recoiled at the word. Yes, that’s what she would look like, showing up at the doorstep of this house full of boys practically naked. She felt her face flush at the thought. They wouldn’t make her do that, would they? They were just faking her out, right?

“Alright, delivery bitch, grab that basket and get your ass over to the Sig House.”

The Initiation: Chapter 1 – The Pledge

First Chapter of W.H. Collins’s dark erotic novel “The Initiation.”. All nineteen chapters are available from Amazon and All Romance

Note that this story is intended for mature audiences only and contains extremely graphic depictions of material that many audiences will find disturbing, including spanking and forced nudity. Nothing herein is intended to glorify or condone the horrific experiences which the protagonist endures, and the reader is strictly instructed not to take any prurient interest in this tale of violence and sexual exploitation.

Jessica had grown up her whole life hearing about Theta Theta Psi. Her mom had been in the sorority back when she was an Art History major at the University, and half the glasses in the family’s cupboard were etched with those two strange little o’s and the forky thing. The same Greek letters were on the throw pillows on the living room couch, and on the key chain dangling from their station wagon’s rearview mirror, and on the oversized yellow hoodie that Jessica used to snuggle up in all through junior high while reading her detective novels.

The times when Jessica remembered seeing her Mom most happy—the only times she remembered seeing her Mom truly happy after Jessica’s father left—were when she would return from a girl’s night out hanging out with her Theta friends.

From a very young age, Jessica’s mom had made it known how much it would mean to her if her daughter was able to join the same sorority. For a time, it seemed to her mother like an impossible dream. Puberty found Jessica a shy, passive girl. Not Theta material. She had friends, but was not popular. She chose volleyball and cross-country over cheerleading. To her mother’s chagrin, she spent the night of her 8th grade dance alone in her room reading Agatha Christie.

Yet, as school turned from middle to high, Jessica blossomed despite herself. Her skin cleared up, her long, blonde hair became less greasy and more wavy and lustrous, and her trim, athletic build was complemented by the arrival of more womanly characteristics. She developed her mother’s leggy figure, her fit runner’s thighs rising into a full, pert bottom, and her breasts expanded into perky, round D-cups which seemed even larger than they were against the canvas of her comparatively slim frame. Though envied by many of the other girls at school, the size of her breasts was a source of anxiety for Jessica. They made sports difficult, bobbing up and down as she ran around the track and squeezing together awkwardly as she straightened her arms for a bump on the volleyball court. Worse, her ample bosom (as her mother’s romance novels would have put it) and her body more generally attracted attention from boys that Jessica did not always welcome.

It was for this reason as much as any other that she had begun dating Derek late in her Junior year. Derek was an all-district running back, and when he was around no one dared flirt with her, much less make the crass comments that every so often she’d be allowed to overhear (Once, she had opened her locker to find an anonymous note stuffed inside. “How much to fuck those tits?” was all it said). And Derek was also a nice guy. He hardly ever pressured her to go further physically than she was comfortable, and it wasn’t until shortly before graduation that she’d finally decided to have sex with him, allowing him to unbutton her jeans and slide them down her legs as she lay on her back on top of the pale blue comforter of her childhood bedroom. Losing her virginity turned out to be quick (Derek’s stamina was apparently confined to the football field) and less painful than she’d imagined, and she was happy to have gotten it out of the way before she left for the University in the fall. When they broke up three months later, though, Jessica wasn’t heartbroken.

Her mother, of course, was overjoyed that Jessica would be attending her alma mater, and there had been no question about what which sorority’s events Jessica should attend when Rush Week had rolled around. “Being a legacy is very important to getting a bid in Theta Theta Psi, but it’s not the only thing,” her mother had told her during a phone call after Jessica’s first week of classes. “This is the most selective sorority on campus. You have to show them that you have the Theta spirit. Get out and impress those girls, Jess!” Jessica’s mom still worried that the other girls would find Jessica too quiet and introverted to invite into the sorority. Jessica’s beauty was undeniable, but this could work both ways in the ruthless female politics of the Greek system. If her daughter was rejected, how could she show her face at Theta Theta Psi reunions? This pressure, in turn, had affected Jessica, who had made every effort attend all the Theta rush events, putting her best face forward at every one and paying an unusual amount of attention to appearance.

So when Jessica received the square pink envelope in her campus mailbox that meant a Theta bid, she was relieved and excited. She immediately called her mom, who was predictably ecstatic.

“Oh, I’m so proud of you, honey. I hope you realize what a huge honor this is. Now, you just need to make it through pledge week and the initiation and then you’ll be part of the Theta Theta Psi family for life! You don’t know how amazing it is, to know you have so many sisters you can always count on.”

Jessica basked in her mother’s approval, but she felt a momentary queasiness at the mention of “initiation.” She had heard oblique references to how the sorority initiated its pledges, passed amid smirking looks by the older sisters during Theta events and circulated through her Freshman dorm as third-hand rumor. She asked her mother what the initiation involved.

“Oh, Sweetheart, you know I can’t tell you! The sisterhood’s secrets are never spoken of with outsiders, and you’re not a Theta yet. I’m sure the rituals have changed since my day anyway. Just do everything you’re told and don’t make a big fuss. Remember all your sisters have been through the same thing. It’s part of the bond you share.”


Officium Obsequium Obtemperatio. That is our sisterhood’s motto. Remember it. You will be tested.”

Pledge week began with a formal dinner in the enormous dining hall of the sorority house. Jessica was seated next to the other eight pledges who had received bids that semester. Presiding over the occasion was Theta Theta Psi’s President Eliza Hernandez and its Treasurer Shannon Fletcher, both seniors. Jessica was frightened by Shannon, who, with her straight black hair and haughty scowl, looked and acted just a little bit like an evil queen from a Disney movie. What’s more, Shannon seemed to have taken a dislike to Jessica during Rush Week, making snide, belittling remarks whenever Jessica dared to speak.

After dinner, Eliza had addressed the group. Her speech had begun by telling the pledges, much as Jessica’s mother had, what an honor it was to be selected for Theta Theta Psi. She had given a history of the sorority and extolled the virtues of lifelong sisterhood. She had then moved on to explaining what to expect during pledge week, how they would all leave for the sorority’s cabin in Mt. Greenwood on Friday, where the final initiation ceremony would take place.

In the meantime, though, Eliza made clear that the new girls’ hazing would begin immediately.

Officium Obsequium Obtemperatio. Does anyone know what that means?” she asked.

The pledge sitting two seats down spoke up hesitantly: “Um, like Duty . . . Servility? Submission?”

“I see we’ve got a budding Classics major in our midst, Sisters, but not quite. What does our motto mean, Ladies?”

“Dedication. Obedience. Discipline,” the entire room seemed to chant out in unison.

The pledge pursed her lips as if she might quibble with this translation but said nothing.

“Remember those words,” Eliza continued, “When you walk out of here tonight, you will officially be Theta Theta Psi pledges. If you prove yourselves worthy, by this time next week you be welcomed into the sisterhood. But for the time being, you are nothing. I want you to look around at your fellow Rushies. In all likelihood one or two of you will not have what it takes to join us. For the next week, we’ll be watching you and testing you. You belong to us.”

“You’re our slaaaaves…” hissed one of the older girls in a tone of mock spookiness. It was a chubby, brassy girl named Michelle that Jessica recognized from several of the Rush Week functions. Several of the pledges giggled nervously.

“Sister, please pass out the paddles,” Eliza said.

Shannon reached into a cardboard box behind the podium and pulled out an armful of wooden objects. Walking around to the far side of the table, she deposited one in front of each of the new girls. Jessica’s paddle hit the table in front of her with a loud CLACK!, and Jessica leaned forward to examine it.

It was identical to the Theta Theta Psi paddle she had always seen by her mother’s bedside growing up. It was short as sorority paddles went, no more than about two-and-a-half feet in length, more ping pong paddle than boat paddle really, but made from thick, solid wood and with a sturdy, rounded handle. Jessica felt a mix of confusing emotions looking at it. On the one hand, she was proud to be given this tangible symbol of her belonging, one that connected her not only to her future sisters but also through tradition to her mother.

On the other hand, as she looked at the paddle, thoughts came to her that had never occurred looking at the similar object by her mother’s bedside. What was the paddle used for? Was it just symbolism, tradition? Or were they actually going to use that on her as part of the initiation?  Jessica had seen enough movies to know what that might involve. Would she really be spanked with that paddle? Would she be forced to bend over in front of everybody while one of these other girls smacked her in the ass with it? How far would it go? Would they do it hard? Would she be blindfolded? Would they—the thought sent the butterflies in Jessica’s stomach swirling—Would they make her take her clothes off? Stand there naked in front of them while they spanked her bare bottom with this paddle?

To quiet her nerves, Jessica tried to focus on the craftsmanship of the paddle. On one side was carved the sorority’s Greek letters, lacquered in crimson. Gingerly, she reached out and turned it over. On the other side, was carved her name: Jessica Johnston. Between the two words was a heart.

Suddenly a hand reached out and slapped the paddle back down onto the table with another resounding CLACK!

“Did we tell you you could touch it, Pledgie?” Shannon peered down sneeringly at her. “You bitches better learn some respect if you’re gonna survive Hell Week.”

“These paddles all have your names on them . . .” Eliza said from her podium.

“I definitely got a paddle with your name on it,” one of the girls cracked, making an exaggerated batting motion accompanied by a “Whizzzz. . . Smack!” sound effect that made a few of the other girls chuckle.

“These paddles all have your names on them,” Eliza continued, ignoring the interruption, “but they are not yours. Not yet. We will be keeping custody of these paddles until after the initiation ceremony. Until that time, whoever holds this paddle, you are to obey unquestioningly. You will do whatever they say. Run their errands. Carry their books. Mop their floors . . .”

“Clean my toilet!” one of the girls yelled out.

“Massage my feet!” shouted Michelle.

“Jam things in your cunt for my entertainment!” chimed in Shannon.

Many of the girls laughed. Eliza looked at Shannon disapprovingly at first, but after a moment even she shook her head and smiled at the Treasurer’s outrageousness.

Jessica took a deep breath and looked at symbols etched on her paddle’s face, making a silent promise to herself to stick things out no matter what.