The Initiation: Chapter 16 – The Cabin

Sixteenth Chapter of W.H. Collins’s dark erotic novel “The Initiation.”. All nineteen chapters are available from Amazon and All Romance

Note that this story is intended for mature audiences only and contains extremely graphic depictions of material that many audiences will find disturbing, including spanking and forced nudity. Nothing herein is intended to glorify or condone the horrific experiences which the protagonist endures, and the reader is strictly instructed not to take any prurient interest in this tale of violence and sexual exploitation.

The road after the turnoff was full of curves. Jessica, still topless, had a difficult time maintaining her balance as she hugged her naked breasts between crossed forearms. Every sharp turn threatened to spill her into either Nick or Shannon’s lap.

The trees grew thicker and the pavement less well maintained. Jessica’s feelings of trepidation mounted. What would they do to her once they got to whatever isolated spot in the woods they were taking her to? With no one around to call to for help, with nowhere to run away, what would they force her to do?

“How are those nipples feeling, Jess? Still sore?” Nick asked as the Volvo rounded another switchback, causing Jessica’s nude torso to press into him.

Jessica said nothing as she attempted to reposition herself.

“Remember how you need to answer me when I ask a question, Jess. I hope you’re not backsliding on the lessons you’ve learned. Otherwise tonight’s gonna go a lot rougher for you than it needs to.”

Jessica gulped. She should have known better than to treat Nick’s degrading questions as rhetorical.

“I’ll try again. How do your nipples feel, Jessica?” Nick insisted.

In truth, Jessica could still feel the bite of the nipple clamps on her tender pink nipples. But she shrugged and answered in as few words as she thought she could get away with.

“Ok, sir,” she muttered.

“We’re getting pretty close to the cabin. You want your top back?”

Jessica nodded. “Yes, sir,” she replied.

She looked up, but Nick just raised his eyebrows expectantly.

“May I put—please put my top back on, sir?” she found herself asking.

Nick reached into the paper bag at his feet and handed Jessica the crumpled up white blouse. He reached in again and grabbed the lacey red bra, holding it up questioningly. Jessica winced, but realized she would have to ask for her bra back specifically.

“Can I have my . . . my b-bra, sir?” she choked out.

Smirking, Nick handed her the bra, and Jessica hurriedly reclothed herself, trying to ignore Dylan’s hungry gaze, following her every movement from the front seat.


The cabin was nice, not at all the dilapidated rape shack that Jessica’s mind had conjured during the slow journey up the dirt road that led to it. It was an elegant, two-story building with large glass windows and a wide, well-maintained porch that wrapped around the corner.

On a patch of grass a few yards from the porch, there was a black sedan parked ominously. Obviously, the cabin was occupied. This was confirmed as soon as the Volvo’s engines shut off, and Jessica became aware of a low thumping reverberating from the direction of the cabin, the sound of an echoing bass line from an unheard hip hop track.

“Here we are,” Nick said.

He leaned over and reattached the leash to Jessica’s collar before swinging open the car door and leading her out into the picturesque little clearing among the trees where the cabin sat. Jessica looked around her. The trees’ leaves were just beginning to turn orange and yellow, and there was a stream burbling somewhere nearby. But the scene’s natural beauty only emphasized to Jessica her predicament, how isolated she was. Stuck here in the middle of the woods, she felt like the heroine in a horror movie.

Caught up in her surroundings, Jessica wasn’t paying attention when Nick slung the leash over his shoulder and started heading for the cabin. She nearly toppled over as the leash went taut and her collar yanked suddenly at her neck, causing a surprised “gerrrkh!” to squeeze out from her throat. But with a stumbling 180-degree twirl, arms akimbo to maintain her balance, she managed to right herself and stagger after her master towards the cabin.

The beat of the bass grew louder as they approached, and, by the time they were heading up the porch steps, Jessica could make out the song’s higher channels, including the rapper’s emphatic and angry flow. “Shake that ass. Come on, bitch, shake that ass” was all Jessica could make out.

Nick did not bother knocking, pulling open the cabin’s screen door and pushing in its wooden one before leading Jessica by her leash inside.

The cabin’s interior seemed expensively furnished, with leather couches and glass tables. A living room covered by a thick, furry beige rug gave way to a kitchen area with a large countertop island, upon which were arranged an array of liquor bottles. A haze of smoke hung around the kitchen, and there were three men standing around the island, all of whom turned to look as Nick and Jessica entered, followed by Shannon and finally Matt and Dylan dragging the luggage.

Their eyes, of course, rested on Jessica. However, if they were taken aback to see her being led around on a dog leash, they did not appear to show it. One of them, an square-jawed man probably in his early thirties with a carefully trimmed goatee and wearing a suit jacket and gold chain over a tight grey T-shirt and jeans, handed what looked like a cigar to his companion, a large and muscular but baby-faced man, and approached Nick.

“Niiikolai . . . You are earlier than we expected, my man.”

The man had the faintest trace of an accent. He strode up to them and embraced Nick before releasing him in order to give Jessica a thorough look up and down her body.

“Oh my goodness. This is the one, is it? She is stunning . . . Those tits, they’re real?”

“That’s what she says,” replied Nick. “Feel natural enough to me, too. And we’ve all had plenty of chances to test them out this weekend. Isn’t that right, Jess?”

“Yes, sir,” Jessica murmured, folding her arms in front of her.

The man raised his eyebrows in appreciation.

“And so respectful! Weeeeell, my darling, you certainly will be the . . . belle of the ball tonight?”

“What time are people gonna start arriving?” asked Nick.

“Not for another hour maybe. We have plenty of time to catch up, Kolya, and to get to know your . . . friends. Come in come in and have a drink. We are fully stocked.”

They followed him towards the kitchen where introductions were made, at least between the men and the frat boys. No one addressed Jessica, who stood towards the side of the room like a non-person. She did learn that Nick’s acquaintance went by Staz, that the big man smoking the cigar (which, Jessica detected from the odor, must be stuffed with marijuana) was known as Skinny Pasha and that the man leaning against the stovetop in the dark hoody with Asian features and an elaborate tattoo running up his neck, was named Kentucky Vlad.

Staz had begun pouring drinks when Nick stopped him.

“Let Jessica here handle all that, man,” he said, “it’ll be good for her training. Right, Jess?”

“Yes, sir,” Jessica muttered reflexively.

Staz seemed to like the idea and led the group back to the couches in the living room, leaving Jessica with seven drink orders and some basic directions on where to find the glasses and ice. Nick unhooked the leash from Jessica’s collar and gave her cheek a little pat.

“Hope you got all that, Jess. If the service is bad, I’m gonna have to punish you in front of these guys. Understand?”

Jessica flinched. When Nick turned to join the others, she hurriedly began fixing drinks. Fortunately, the requests weren’t complicated. Nick and the three men from the cabin had all ordered vodka (neat for Kentucky Vlad, rocks for everyone else), beers for Matt and Dylan, and Shannon had demanded a “dirty” vodka martini, presumably simply to make Jessica’s job more complicated.

When Jessica entered the living room with the first set of vodkas, everyone was seated around the leather couches. Staz had out a switchblade which he was busily scraping against the cover of a hardback book, arranging some small piles of white powder into delicate little lines. Jessica had never seen cocaine in real life, but she recognized the ritual from movies.

She couldn’t hear the group’s conversation over the hip hop blaring from the stereo until she got closer. When she did, she heard Nick finishing telling Staz something like “ . . . think we can start the bidding at 500 . . .” before cutting himself off at Jessica’s approach.

Jessica tried to hand Nick one of the vodkas, but Nick directed her towards Staz and Skinny Pasha.

“No no no. Serve my boy Staz here first.”

“Yes, sir,” answered Jessica, nodding nervously.

As she was setting the drinks down, Staz passed the book with the cocaine over to Shannon who snorted up a line. As Jessica turned to hurry back to the kitchen, Shannon shouted to her.

“Where the fuck’s my martini, skank? You’re gonna be sorry if I don’t have a drink in my hand quick!”

Though Shannon was clearly no longer in charge, Jessica had never stopped being frightened of her, and the ferocity of her demands sent Jessica scuttling back to the bar all the quicker with a panicky “yes, ma’am.” Deciding that she had better serve Shannon next, Jessica pulled a martini glass out of the cabinet and then examined the selection of liquids. A vodka martini must have vodka in it . . . but what else? Luckily, the green bottle of vermouth sitting right next to the vodka was illustrated with a cartoon martini glass, complete with olive.

Praying that what she was doing was correct, Jessica filled the glass with half vodka and half vermouth, grabbed a green olive from a nearby bowl and plopped it in. Holding the drink up and trying desperately not to spill, she scuttled back into the living room to deliver it to Shannon.

Before Jessica could even turn back, though, Shannon took a sip and nearly spit it out.

“What the fuck is this? Nick, try this. Does this taste like a dirty martini to you?”

Nick gamely took a sip and blanched.

“Well, it’s warm for one thing . . .” he said.

“I ought to paddle that ass raw, you stupid slut,” Shannon hissed. “Nick, where’s the paddle. This dumb Rushie bitch needs some punishment.”

To Jessica’s surprise, Nick didn’t immediately seize the opportunity to force her into another spanking. Instead, he leaned back in the couch and regarded Shannon.

“Well, I don’t know that it’s Jessica’s fault she doesn’t know how to make a martini. Tell you what, I got a better idea. What if she makes it up to you? Seems like you two have had a lot of sexual tension this whole trip that could use some relief. What do you say? You want to help Jessica put on a little show for our hosts?”

Shannon seemed undecided, glancing around furtively at the men in the room. Her leg was bouncing furiously. Jessica, meanwhile, was frozen in place by what was being suggested.

“You ever been with another girl, Jess?”

Jessica’s mouth was dry but she knew Nick expected an answer.

“N-no, sir.”

“Really? Never experimented? Fingering your friend in the bunks at camp or anything? Well, it’s no big deal. Shannon’ll show you how. Come on, Shan. You can have a bump afterwards. Right, Staz?”

“Of course, Kolya,” responded Staz, taking a line of cocaine himself, “there is nothing I like more than a little lezzie action.”

Shannon gauged the situation for another moment before jumping to her feet.

“Fine! You ready to let these pervs watch you lick my pussy, Rushie?”

Jessica didn’t know what to say. She had never even considered having sex with another woman. She found the idea disgusting. Before she could object or think of some way to delay, however, Shannon stepped in close to her and grabbed her roughly around the hips, pulling her up against her own body.

Before Jessica knew what was happening, Shannon leaned in and planted her lips on Jessica’s, giving her a long, passionate kiss that startled Jessica so thoroughly that she barely struggled. Staz and several of the other men whooped and applauded.

Shannon released Jessica and gave her a light shove.

“Down on your knees, whore. You’re going to service me just like to serviced those two men in the back of the porn shop.”

Jessica’s legs were trembling. She looked towards Nick, with a perverse hope of rescue.

“Obedience, Jess,” said Nick calmly.

“I said get down on your fucking knees,” repeated Shannon.

Jessica felt as if the wind had been knocked out of her. Shaking, she lowered herself down to the soft off-white rug. With an ambiguous look towards Nick, Shannon deftly unbuttoned her pants and lowered them to the ground. She kicked them off and then pulled down her black panties, revealing a closely-cropped strip of straight, dark public hair. She threw her panties down next to her pants and then sat back down, naked from the waist down, on the couch next to Nick.

“Let’s go. Crawl the fuck over here and get that whore mouth to work.”

From her spot on the ground, in front of the television and surrounded on all sides by the seated men, Jessica felt very much on stage. She looked discreetly around the room. Most of the men had leaned forward expectantly in their seats. Matt, she noticed, had the video camera out, and Dylan was rummaging in his bag for the SLR.

Blushing furiously but with no escape presenting itself, Jessica rose up on her hands and knees and crawled towards Shannon who, at Jessica’s subservient approach, slouched down in her seat opened up her legs, offering up access to the older girl’s naked snatch.

When her head found itself between Shannon’s knees, Jessica paused, unsure of how to proceed. She looked up at Shannon’s vagina, which lay inches from her face. Despite its proximity, the thought of putting her mouth on it, of sticking her tongue between its folds, seemed inconceivable.

“Well, what’s the hold up?” Shannon demanded, reaching down and grabbing a handful of Jessica’s hair.

“Ahhhh!” Jessica yelped.

Shannon grabbed another handful of blonde hair with her other hand and pulled harder, yanking Jessica’s head back and forth with such violence that it banged against Shannon’s knees.

“Oh! Oh god!” Jessica squealed.

Finally, Shannon jerked Jessica’s head closer to her pussy, causing Jessica’s arms to stumble-crawl closer to the couch.

“Aahhhg—mmmmmph!” Jessica cried as her squeal of pain was muffled by her face colliding with the soft flesh of Shannon’s cunt.

“Let’s go! Lick it bitch. Get me off.”

Hesitantly, her face buried deep between Shannon’s legs, Jessica stuck her tongue out. She felt it make contact with Shannon’s pussy lips. Repressing a convulsion of disgust, she began to move it haltingly around. Shannon gave the back of her head a smack.

“Jesus, you’re fucking useless. Lick it! Move your head! And get your lips into it.”

Slowly, Jessica eased into it. She stuck her tongue out more fully and licked upwards along Shannon’s slit, mixing her saliva with Shannon’s sweat and pussy juices, which Jessica was beginning to taste tartly on her palette. She could never have guessed at the Theta Theta Psi pledge dinner the week before that she would find herself here: on her knees, moving her head up and down, lapping at the dark-haired sorority treasurer’s naked crotch.

Shannon continued to press and guide the blonde head between her legs, and Jessica’s tongue worked itself further and further inside Shannon’s cunt. As Shannon grew wetter, Jessica involuntarily began to work her lips into the task, slurping messily at Shannon’s pussy in order to take in breath. Apparently, the performance pleased Shannon, who finally released Jessica’s hair from her grasp and leaned back into the couch.

“I think she’s really starting to enjoy her first taste of pussy,” said someone in a Russian accent. Jessica tried to ignore the men watching and just continue the mechanical working of her tongue and mouth in the hopes of bringing this humiliating ordeal to a conclusion.

Shannon let out a soft “ohh . . .” The sound was so out of character that Jessica was momentarily confused and paused in her slurping rhythm, but Shannon immediately reached down and gave the back of her head a sharp slap with a harsh “What?” So, fearfully, Jessica resumed eating Shannon out.

Shannon began to squirm in her seat, and Jessica had to follow the erratic movements of Shannon’s crotch with her head in order to keep running her tongue up and down its damp folds. Shannon began to grind into Jessica’s face, thrusting her pussy so firmly against Jessica’s mouth that she was worried she might not be able to breathe. At one point, Shannon’s thighs closed around Jessica’s head and squeezed her ears, causing Jessica to momentarily panic at the feeling of suffocation before she was released.

Gradually, the acute shame of her position—bent down on all fours in front the couch, face buried between Shannon’s bare legs, everyone watching her pleasure another woman with her tongue—was joined by physical discomfort. Her arms and back ached, and her tongue and jaw were becoming increasingly exhausted.

Just when Jessica was beginning to think she wouldn’t be able to keep up the taxing, submissive performance much longer, Shannon let out a low moan and her lower body shuddered. Jessica slowed her lapping and glanced up at the older girl, trying to get a feel for whether she should continue. To Jessica’s relief, Shannon inched up higher in her seat, pulling her cunt away from Jessica’s mouth.

Jessica remained in place on all fours, looking up at Shannon for her next instruction. All around her mouth was smeared with saliva and Shannon’s juices, which began to drip down her chin.

“Wow, I think you’ve found a new talent, Jess,” said Nick. “What do you think, Shan? How was it?”

“mmmnnnot bad I guess . . .” Shannon half-sighed, seeming to suppress a shiver. Shakily, she rose to her feet, bumping Jessica’s face with her knee in the process, and grabbed her black panties, pulling them up her legs and over her shapely ass.

“Stand up, Jessica,” said Nick.

Jessica raised herself off the rug, subtly wiping a forearm across her face to clear off some of fluids that clung to it. She stood facing the six men but could not bring herself to make eye contact with any of them after what they’d just watched her do.

“That was some champion carpet munching,” Nick said. “Now it’s your turn . . .”

Jessica’s stomach dropped, but, before she could do anything, Shannon, who had just retrieved her pants, shoved her way past Jessica.

“Wait! What the fuck, Nick? If you think I’m gonna put my face anywhere near this bitch’s dirty snatch, you’re out of your mind . . .”

“Shannon, Jesus, calm down . . .” sighed Nick.

Staz proffered up the book with a fresh line of coke measured out. Tossing her pants down on the couch, Shannon stalked over to Staz, panty-clad hips swaying in defiance, and snorted it up before whirling around to face Jessica.

“Ok, cunt, take off your god damn pants,” she ordered, a slightly crazed look in her eyes.

Jessica backed away from her a step. Her mouth hung open as if to protest, but no words came out.

“Obedience, Jessica . . .” corroborated nick in an authoritative tone. “You’re going to enjoy this. I promise. Let’s start by having you put your hands on your head.”

Jessica gulped and hesitated, but a quick glance at the look in Nick’s eyes convinced her not to make him repeat his command. She nodded quickly, eyes back down to the floor, croaking out a quiet “yes, sir.” Shaking, she put her hands on your head.

“Jessica’s sometimes a little slow to figure out instructions,” said Nick, turning to their Russian hosts. “It’s cute. But we’ll be here all day waiting for her. She needs someone to pull her shorts down for her. Pasha, you want to help her out? Jess, you stay right where you are.”

Jessica shook her head forlornly but did not move or protest. Skinny Pasha, for his part, grinned broadly and set down his drink. Rising from the sofa with a nimbleness surprising for a man his size, he approached Jessica, looming over the girl whose head barely reached his chest.

“Shame beautiful girl like you only like pussy,” he purred down at her, as, to Jessica’s horror, he explored the fly of her pants with the tips of his fingers. “You ever ready for real man, you talk to Skinny Pasha, eh?”

Then, without warning, the big man popped the button of her shorts and roughly slid the zipper down to its crux. Circling around and crouching behind her, he then tugged her shorts, revealing the red thong underneath. Pausing ever so briefly to admire the sight of red elastic rising boldly from between Jessica’s ass cheeks, he proceeded to slip his hands beneath the waistband of the underwear and slowly peel it downward until, slipping it past her knees, he allowed the thong to fall to her ankles where it joined her crumpled pants.

Pasha rose to his feet and took a step backwards. Jessica stood in place, her hands on her head, her pants around her ankles and her blouse barely concealing her shaved pussy from the room full of men surrounding her.

“Thanks for your help, Pasha,” said Nick. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind, would you pull that chair front and center?”

Not taking his eyes off the blonde Freshman standing in terrified attention, stripped from the waist down, the large man grabbed the puffy leather armchair that Nick had indicated and dragged it to the center of the room, right next to Jessica. He then returned to his seat next to Staz.

“Ok, Jessica, you’re going to bend over that chair,” instructed Nick. “And unless you want some more help, you’ll be quick about it.”

As dismayed as Jessica was at the thought of once more bending over and offering up her naked bottom to whatever new torment Nick and Shannon had in mind, the last thing she wanted was for that giant or one of these other goons to grab her and force her over the chair. So, choking out another “yes, sir,” Jessica lowered her hands and scooted around to face the chair with as much grace as her clothing-constrained ankles would allow.

Jessica leaned across the chair’s padded arm and grabbed the other, far arm, letting her torso fall down into the deep seat. Following her upper body’s downward slope, the tail of her blouse gradually eased its way up her lower back, bringing her naked bottom into full display.

One of the men, Staz it sounded like, sucked in at his teeth. “Oh my goodness, that ass! God damn it is a thing of beauty, yes?”

Jessica heard Shannon stride up behind her and she flinched as she felt Shannon’s cold hand reach out and touch her nude bottom.

“Jesus, this is getting you so hot right now, isn’t it?” Shannon said, letting her palm drift down the curvature of Jessica’s butt cheek towards her thigh. “You just love hoisting your ass in air in front of all these guys . . .”

Shannon’s fingers dove between Jessica’s legs, gently stroking the hairless lips of Jessica’s vagina. Involuntarily, Jessica tensed at the invasion, letting out a surprised “Nng!,” her thighs clenching shut, nearly trapping Shannon’s hand.

Shannon responded by slapping Jessica’s ass sharply with her other hand.

“Hey! The fuck was that? Spread your legs, slut . . .” Shannon scolded her.

Roughly, Shannon reached down and tore Jessica’s shorts and panties off of her ankles, freeing her legs to open wider. Biting her lip to hold back tears, Jessica tentatively obeyed Shannon’s harsh nudging and widened her stance, exposing more of her sensitive sex to the cruel sorority girl’s advances.

Shannon’s hand came down forcefully on the small of Jessica’s back, pinning her down over the chair arm. At the same time, Shannon’s other hand went straight between Jessica’s open legs, cupping her crotch firmly from pubis to taint, as if scooping it up. She kept her hand in that position for a moment, grinding her palm against Jessica’s womanhood as if savoring the thoroughness of her domination. Then, her hand slid upwards as her fingers began to stroke Jessica’s exposed pussy.

The physical intensity of the violation rolled up Jessica’s spine in shuddering waves, causing a tiny moan of shame to escape her lips. She wanted desperately to shield herself from the invasion, to wriggle away from Shannon’s touch. But she was completely helpless. She had no choice but to maintain the humiliating position she had been commanded to assume. Instead, she simply buried her face in the seat cushion, letting her sorority sister have her way with her vulnerable pussy.

“Keep your head up, Jessica. Face forward . . .” she heard Nick call to her.

Reluctantly, Jessica lifted her head. Once again, she found herself staring into a camera lens, as Dylan bobbled the camcorder in front of her, recording her every reaction to her degradation. Jessica’s eyes welled up with tears.

“Did I hear a ‘yes, sir’?” Nick asked.

“Y-yes . . . S-suuuuhhh-irrr . . .” Jessica moaned quietly, just as Shannon’s middle finger began rubbing aggressively against her clit.

“Hey, Shan,” came Nick’s voice again, “Take a look through the bag of goodies we picked up from Red Hott. There ought to be a nice purple vibrator I think the two of you would have some fun with. Should be a bottle of lube in there too.”

Jessica’s eyes went wide. She had seen a vibrator once, when she was twelve. It had belonged to her friend Samantha’s mom, and Samantha had led her conspiratorially to the sock drawer where it was hidden to inspect the forbidden object. But Jessica had certainly never used one herself. The idea frightened her, sticking a whirring mechanical device next to her private areas.

Shannon withdrew her hand from Jessica’s crotch and walked away.

There was a crinkling sound of a paper bag being jostled that wrung Jessica’s stomach in knots. The fact that she could not see what was going on behind her heightened the horrible sense of dread. Then, a scarier sound made Jessica’s heart skip. From just behind her vulnerable naked ass and spread thighs, there came a low bzzzzzzzzzzzz.

When the cold, vibrating plastic made contact with Jessica’s pussy, she gasped in shock. The sensation was entirely foreign. Shannon pressed the vibrator, which felt to be about the size of a hot dog, firmly down against Jessica’s clit and moved it around slowly in concentric circles. Jessica’s mouth widened into a large, silent “oh” and her body tensed and rocked forward over the chair, causing an appreciative reaction from the men on the couches.

As the buzzing emanating from her loins brought her closer and closer to losing control, Jessica’s thighs began to shake violently and her body began to squirm around involuntarily like an epileptic. Though she tried to keep silent, lest any sound she make be mistaken for a cry of pleasure, the intense feelings spasming up from where the vibrator rubbed against her clitoris seemed to push bursts of air past her vocal chords, forcing her pursed lips apart.

“Wuuhhh-ahhh . . .” she grunted. “Unnnghh-ohh-ah-ah . . .”

The climax came upon her suddenly, her entire body tensing with the force of the involuntary orgasm, her fingers eating into the leather of the puffy armrest. Her soft grunts rose in pitch and volume to a sustained “Ohhhh-ahhhhhhh!”

Thankfully, mercifully, upon this highly visible and audible display of release, Shannon withdrew the vibrator. The buzzing stopped. Jessica’s muscles slowly began to relax, interrupted only by momentary aftershocks from the orgasm that would every so often ripple through her body.

She gulped in air, unable to believe what had just happened. She had never experienced a physical sensation like that before. With mounting shame, she realized she had just allowed herself to cum in front of a roomful of strange men, bent over a chair while another woman assaulted her pussy from behind with a sex toy, all to her apparent enjoyment.

Breathing heavily, she waited to be given permission to close her legs, to rise from her degrading position and cover herself. But instead, she heard a wet “splrrt” from where Shannon was standing. Suddenly, Shannon’s hand was back between Jessica’s legs, and this time it was smearing some sort of moist, slippery substance all over her crotch.

Shannon’s fingers spread the lubrication all over the surface of Jessica’s snatch. Then, to Jessica’s dismay, the fingers nudged their way between Jessica’s plump shaved labia and gradually eased upwards, penetrating further and further inside her vagina.

Jessica had barely registered this new invasion when Shannon’s fingers pulled out of her pussy with a wet slurp and were replaced with the plastic head of the vibrator. Jessica’s eyes opened wide in alarm and she looked back over her shoulder to see Shannon preparing to shove the rigid purple shaft up inside her.

“N-no . . . please . . .” she panted meekly, “please don-oh-ooooooohhh!”

Jessica’s protests were cut short as Shannon forced the unyielding plastic phallus deep inside her. It was a modestly-sized vibrator and, thanks to the lubrication, its glide was relatively smooth, but Jessica’s tight, nearly-virgin pussy still greeted the sudden incursion with shock and discomfort.

Her jaw hung open and her fingers dug deep into the armrest as, in speechless horror, she felt Shannon slide the sex toy out and then thrust it firmly back in. Suddenly, there was no other way to describe what was happening to her: she was being fucked.

Shannon slid the vibrator in and out of Jessica’s pussy with increasing speed, sending her body rocking violently against the chair. Jessica simply closed her eyes tight and began to pray for the violation to come to an end. Then, Shannon flipped a switch and vibrator came to life once again, filling Jessica’s loins with its intense whirring.

This time, the device’s vibrations came from deep inside her, causing a different but no less intense sensation. Shannon continued to fuck her from behind with the buzzing purple wand, and, suddenly, Jessica was losing control again. Thighs shaking wildly, stomach clenching, she found herself rising towards a second humiliating orgasm.

“Oh g-god . . .” she heard herself say.

The climax was more sustained this time, assaulting Jessica’s body for what seemed like minutes. Then, Shannon’s thrusts slowed, and finally, she slipped the vibrator out of Jessica’s now-sopping-wet pussy, switching it off as she did so.

There was a smattering of applause from the men on the couch.

Jessica was left completely spent, draped like a damp dishrag over the armchair, barely able to think let alone move or speak. She was just beginning to register, with mounting shame and disgust, the sensation of liquid, a mix of lube and her own sex juices, trickling out of her vagina and down her inner thigh, when suddenly, there was a knock on the cabin door.

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