The Initiation: Chapter 15 – Road Games

Fifteenth Chapter of W.H. Collins’s dark erotic novel “The Initiation.”. All nineteen chapters are available from Amazon and All Romance

Note that this story is intended for mature audiences only and contains extremely graphic depictions of material that many audiences will find disturbing, including spanking and forced nudity. Nothing herein is intended to glorify or condone the horrific experiences which the protagonist endures, and the reader is strictly instructed not to take any prurient interest in this tale of violence and sexual exploitation.

When they were outside the store, Dylan dropped Jessica’s elbow and, with a smirking look to Matt, fastened the leash to her collar.

“Walkies?” he taunted her.

Matt glanced around the parking lot. He looked nervous to Jessica. Maybe, she thought, the scene in the back of the sex shop had finally crossed the line for one of the boys. Maybe he was beginning to get worried about being complicit in forcing an 18-year-old girl to suck two strangers’ penises and where that might land him.

The thought momentarily soothed Jessica, until she realized what telling on the boys would mean. Everyone at school would know. For the rest of her life, she’d be the girl who did those things. And all those pictures and videos would get out, pictures and video that now included her running her tongue up and down an older man’s cock, her shorts and underwear pulled down around her ankles, exposing a bottom blistered red from her spanking.

Her mental turmoil was cut short by a sharp yank on her leash. Apparently, Dylan did not share Matt’s qualms. The sight of Jessica’s mouth being raped seemed to only have increased his boldness as he roughly tugged at the dog collar around her neck.

The three of them started walking back to the car, with Jessica marching submissively behind, led by her tether like a dog. As they walked past the various storefronts located next to Red Hott Video, she tried to keep her eyes down, praying that nobody was looking.

As they crossed out into the parking lot, several yards from their vehicle, a big gray SUV drove by in front of them and slowed. The driver’s side window rolled down to reveal a middle-aged guy in a crew-cut and sunglasses. He looked at them with puzzlement.

“What is this, some kind of sorority initiation?” he asked.

“You got it, man,” Dylan told him.

“Wow. I don’t know what frat you’re in, but I want to join,” he said, looking Jessica over and letting out a little whistle. “Paddle her once for me.”

“Oh, we will,” Dylan assured him as the SUV drove off.

They led Jessica to the car, where Shannon was rummaging through the trunk. As they approached, Jessica saw her place a pinky to her nose and sniff before turning around.

“That was quick,” she said. “Where’s Nick?”

“He’s picking up a few things,” said Matt. “He know you’re . . . uh . . . going through his bag?”

“None of your fucking business, dickwad,” Shannon responded sharply before turning to Jessica, perhaps to change the subject.

“What happened in there, Rushie?” she asked her mockingly. “You let that big Indian guy stick it in you?”

“Nah,” said Dylan, still holding Jessica’s leash, “she sucked him off instead. That skinny guy too. Looked to me like she really got into it.”

“I knew it,” hissed Shannon. “I knew you were a little whore when I first saw you. How’d that cock taste, you fucking skank. You like that?”

Jessica tried to ignore her, examining the pavement by the Volvo’s rear tire.

“Hey, she asked you a question,” Dylan joined in, tugging at Jessica’s collar. “How was that cock you sucked?”

Jessica kept silent, her lip beginning to tremble slightly. Matt leaned nervously up against the car while Shannon stepped closer and gave Jessica a shove, sending her staggering towards Dylan,

Dylan grabbed her around the waist and held her tightly. His crotch pressed against Jessica’s hip, and she could feel his erection. Shannon approached and clutched Jessica’s chin roughly, squeezing her cheeks together and forcing her lips apart in an almost comical pucker.

“You snobby little cocktease… Think you’re better, don’t you?…” she hissed.

Dylan took this opportunity to run his hands up Jessica’s body, resting a hand on her right breast and giving it an eager feel. Shannon, meanwhile, dropped Jessica’s face and made a grab for the front of Jessica’s shorts, violently loosening the fly.

It was only when she felt the button of her pants pop open and the waistline slacken that Jessica began to mount any sort of struggle, suddenly fearful of where this was heading. She tried to reach down and block Shannon’s hands, but Shannon grabbed her wrist, and Dylan pinned her other arm, digging his erection deeper into her side in the process.

“Um, guys, I don’t know if Nick . . .” Matt was saying.

“Nick’s not the boss of me,” replied Shannon, “I bet you’re still all wet, aren’t you, you Rushie slut?”

With that, she gave Jessica’s shorts and underwear a harsh yank, pulling them down beneath her shaved pussy.

Shannon traced her fingernail down from Jessica’s bellybutton to the top of her slit. Then, to Jessica’s mounting horror, she dug her hand down between Jessica’s legs, giving her crotch a full-handed grope. Jessica let out a frightened squeal of protest.

Just as Shannon was beginning to dominate Jessica’s womanhood more aggressively, rubbing her fingers back and forth across the helpless girl’s plump pussy lips, Nick arrived, carrying a large paper shopping bag.

“Well, hey, what’s going on here?”

Shannon turned. Dylan reluctantly broke away and tried to act cool. Jessica managed to hobble a few steps and desperately pull her shorts back up.

“We thought I’d soften her up a bit before the drive, Nick.” said Dylan. “She seemed like she needed a little attention.”

“Is that right?” asked Nick. “Well, if you’ll recall, I promised Jess here I’d keep things under control if she continued to cooperate, and it doesn’t help when you start trying to get in her pants the minute I turn my back.”

“Hey, I was just–” Dylan tried to argue.

“Jesus, get your fucking dick under wraps.”

Nick turned to regard Shannon.

“You been partying out here without me, Shan?”

Shannon shrugged.

“Well, I’ll give you that last bump on credit. We can discuss how you’re going to pay for it when we get to the cabin.”

Cabin? Jessica scanned the faces of her tormentors in confusion. She had thought they weren’t going to the Theta cabin.

“Matt, you’ve got the wheel. Dylan shotgun. Jess, you’ll be sitting between me and Shan for the next leg. Let’s roll.”


Jessica felt a perverse sense of gratitude towards Nick for stopping the quickly escalating situation in the parking lot, and she began to feel a sense of hopefulness at the idea that they might be heading towards the Mt Greenwood cabin after all to join up with the other girls. Perhaps her torments had reached their peak, she allowed herself to think. Perhaps the end was in sight.

Her relief was short-lived. The car was out on the open highway, rolling along at a comfortable speed, when the demands started.

“Boy, nothing more boring than long car trips…” Nick mused. “Let’s play a road game, huh?”

Nick put a hand on her knee, and Jessica knew that something bad was coming.

“How about, every white car, Jessica gets her nipples pinched?”

Jessica involuntarily crossed her arms and looked down at the floor.

“Sound fun? Ok, Jess, first let’s have you open up your blouse.”

Nick didn’t even wait for Jessica to help. He reached over and began popping open the buttons of her white Walmart blouse. Almost by instinct, she started to interfere.

“Hands at your sides, Jess. Obedience.”

Jessica put her hands down on the car seat on either side of her. Shannon began to help with the buttons, popping open Jessica’s shirt until Nick could pull the blouse apart and expose Jessica’s huge breasts, covered only by the lacey red bra that Nick had bought for her. They were heaving up and down in trepidation. Jessica did her best to control her breathing, but she found that she was too nervous.

“Ok. Take it off, Jess.”

It was difficult from where she was sitting and with her seatbelt fastened around her waist, but Jessica tried awkwardly to take off the blouse. Nick helped slip it off her arms.

She looked out the window. They were out of town now, nothing but farms on either side of the highway, but any passing drivers could easily look through the windows and see Jessica riding topless with a car full of men.

“Bra too. Lean forward, Jess.”

Jessica leaned forward, and Nick unhooked her bra. As she leaned back, it slipped over her shoulders. She tried to clutch it to her chest for a few more moments, but Nick tore it away and placed it at his feet with her blouse and the shopping bag.

“Good. Now keep your arms at your sides.”

Jessica made brief eye contact with Dylan, who was twisted around in his seat, looking at her with fascination and hunger.

They drove for several minutes, and Jessica fought to keep her arms at her side as instructed, her naked boobs on flagrant display. The boys continued to stare, but nothing happened. Finally, they approached a huge diesel truck with a blue cab. Matt got into the passing lane.

“Hey, Jess, why don’t you flash your tits at this trucker as we pass. It’ll make his day.”

Matt pulled even with the cab. She felt Nick’s hand on her nude back, nudging her to lean over Shannon closer to the window.

“Lean up really close to window and jiggle them around for him,” Nick instructed.

Jessica shuddered but offered no resistance as Nick guided her torso closer to the window. She looked up to see a dark-skinned man with a moustache in the driver’s seat of the truck, looking down at her in surprise.

“Jiggle, Jessica,” repeated Nick.

Nick guided Jessica’s shoulders, and her breasts bounced around beneath her, wobbling a few inches over Shannon’s lap. The truck driver grinned in astonishment.


The truck’s air horn bellowed its appreciation, and the boys all laughed. Matt picked up speed, and they drove on. Jessica sat back in her seat and bit her lip, telling herself to just hang on.

As they drove on, they encountered a glut of cars, half a dozen or so vehicles keeping a tight single file. Matt signaled his way over into the passing lane.

“White car!” Nick announced as they passed by an old white Ford Escort. “Get ready, Jessica.”

Nick reached over and grabbed Jessica’s left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He squeezed down on it and gave it a few tugs. Jessica closed her eyes and tried to remain motionless.

“There’s another one,” said Dylan, pointing at a white SUV two cars in front of the Escort.

Shannon fixed her with a long, cruel look before leaning over to pinch her right nipple. This time it was far more painful. Shannon squeezed down with all his might and twisted the nipple around clockwise. Jessica let out a gasp. From the front seat, Dylan snickered.

“How about that truck?” asked Matt.

At the head of this particular line of cars was a small pickup truck with gardening tools in the bed. Its paint was peeling badly, and its color was more rust than anything else.

“Yeah, that used to be white,” Nick replied, “That counts.”

Both Shannon and Nick grabbed the nipple that was closest and began to squeeze. Jessica was already sore, and this fresh assault was unbearable.

“Ah! Please… Ow!” she pleaded, her arms shaking from the pain and the effort to keep them at her sides.

Matt shifted back into the lane ahead of the truck. Meanwhile, Nick and Shannon continued to manipulate Jessica’s nipples. Shannon pinched and tugged, forcing Jessica’s left breast to follow the erratic path through which he guided the nipple. Nick began to gently roll her right nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“Heads up on the left,” said Dylan, grinning back at Jessica’s obvious humiliation.

The white Escort that they had passed before was now coming up quickly on their left side. Nick looked over without taking his hand off Jessica’s tit. Jessica also turned her head to look at the car.

As it approached, she could see that the small compact was full, with at least four passengers. As the Escort pulled alongside them, she could see that they were young, probably college students, two men and two women. The man in the front passenger’s seat was pointing at Nick’s car, and all four were peering in excitedly.

“Looks like you have an audience, Jessica,” said Nick.

Jessica wanted to die from shame. What must these people think of her, riding topless in the back of this car, letting two boys fondle her nipples while driving down a busy highway?

“It is a white car, though,” Nick continued, “I think it counts.”

With that, he leaned over and put his mouth over her nipple. After sucking experimentally on it for a few moments, he bit down, mashing the tender flesh between his incisors. Jessica let out a yelp.

One of the boys from the Escort was leaning out the window now.

“Yeah! Party on!” she heard him yell. The white car then peeled away ahead of them.

Before she even had time to be embarrassed about her compromising display, however, she was distracted by Shannon who had followed Nick’s lead and was now sinking his own teeth into her right nipple.

The pain was too great, and, in her surprise, Jessica unconsciously reached up to push Shannon away.

“What the fuck?” snarled Shannon.

“Naughty, naughty, Jessica,” admonished Nick, “You have to keep control of those arms of yours, otherwise we might have to use these again.”

Reaching into the paper sack at his feet, Nick produced the same set of handcuffs that had recently pinned Jessica’s wrists behind her back as she was forcibly given her first taste of semen. She could still feel the bite of the metal rings, and Jessica imagined she would do just about anything to avoid feeling that helpless again.

“Now, put your hands on the car seat and keep them there, Jessica.”

Jessica sniffled and complied as Nick reached back into large paper sack. After shuffling briefly through its contents, he produced what appeared to be thin metal chain.

“Nipple clamps, Jessica,” Nick explained, seeing the frightened look of apprehension on her face, “Hold very still.”

Nick manipulated the tiny rubber jaws and stretched them wide around Jessica’s left nipple. Gingerly, he released his grip, and the first clamp bit down on her already sensitive tit.

The pain was excruciating. Jessica’s breath came in violent gasps as she fought desperately to keep her arms at her sides. She closed her eyes and tried to settle herself.

Just as she began to get used to the sharp throbbing on her left side, however, Nick reached across her torso and affixed the right clamp.

“Unnnngh…” Jessica gasped.

It was as if she had jumped into ice cold water. Her body panted with the effort to master the pain as her watering eyes spilled over and dripped onto the chain that lay draped across her stomach, connecting her two nipples.

“Just take a deep breath, Jessica. You’re okay,” Nick assured her, “We’re going to play a new road game, alright? I’ll take the nipple clamps off if you can name me five different things you might call your vagina. Ready? Go.”

The pain clouded Jessica’s mind. What was Nick even asking her to do?

“Wh… What?” she panted. “B-but I…”

“It’s not a hard game, Jessica. Just give me five names for your vagina. ‘My pussy?’ ‘My snatch?’ Whatever.”

Jessica’s nipples were beginning to numb. She gulped and began to stammer.

“Muh- My… My… Puh…P-Puh…”

“Jesus, Jessica. We’ve all seen it. And you can’t even say it?”

Jessica reddened. She closed her eyes and steeled her nerves.

“My pussy…” she whispered.

“Good, Jessica. That’s one.”

“Muh… My snatch.”

Oh god. Jessica couldn’t believe what she had just said. She wanted to die.

“I gave you those two, Jessica. But I’ll let you have them because you said them with such conviction. Number three?”

Jessica’s mind was blank. She couldn’t think of anything but getting these horrible little metal things off her nipples, getting out of this car, and getting home to safety.


Several moments passed. Jessica looked up to see Jack leering back at her. In the rearview mirror, Matt’s eyes were staring as well.

“Muh-my… uh… my cunt,” spit Jessica at last, using a word she’d never before uttered.

“Your cunt. Very good. Two more. Be quick.”

But Jessica couldn’t be quick. Being forced to say these dirty words out loud was torment for her, almost as much as the stinging pain that burned her nipples. She couldn’t come up with another filthy way of describing her privates.

“M-My privates?” Jessica managed to say in a burst of inspiration.

Shannon laughed. Jessica looked away in humiliation.

“Okay, that counts,” said Nick, “one more.”

Many moments of agonizing silence passed before Nick began to prod her.

“Come on, Jessica. We’re getting impatient.”

Without warning, he reached over to the chain and gave it a succession of quick tugs. Jessica yelped in agony.

“One more, Jessica! What else do you call that thing between your legs?”

“Muh-my, uh… Muh-my, uh… uh… m-my…” she said, beginning to stammer uncontrollably.

“How about your fuckhole, Jessica? Say it. ‘My dirty fuckhole.’”

Jessica looked up and made eye contact with him, her huge bloodshot eyes looking at him in surprise.

“Muh-my… my…” she began, looking down again in utter humiliation, “my dirty f-fuckhole.”

The boys laughed again. Shannon started to clap.

“See? That wasn’t so hard,” said Nick, taking off the clamps and letting Jessica’s nipples slowly reclaim their former shape and color. Jessica gasped. The pain of the blood rushing back was even more painful than the pinching.

“Exit 284,” said Matt from the front seat.

“Did you hear that Jessica?” asked Nick, staring at her with an insufferable grin, “I’d say we’ve only got another 30 minutes or so to go. Now doesn’t the time pass so much faster in the car with a couple road games to keep you occupied?”

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